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  1. please pray for my sin
  2. Prayers for God to take over this difficult situation
  3. Please pray that my health gets better
  4. Pastor and wife killed in northern Nigeria
  5. Pleaseeee Pray for exam...
  6. Christian man dies, three injured after attack in India
  7. New prayer bulletin: Churches raided
  8. Oh Lord, please provide a new job for me
  9. hurting family
  10. Please pray for salvation for neighbor....
  11. Sister's wedding tomorrow
  12. Ermergency prayer for my son right now
  13. INDIA Christians Attacked by Hindu Extremists VOM Contacts
  14. NIGERIA Pastor and Wife Killed Compass Direct News
  15. IRAN Christian Teen Arrested Farsi Christian News Network
  16. Christians killed by Muslim youths in Jos, Nigeria
  17. Is anyone awake to pray for me right now
  18. Need a Turnaround in the Oil spiill disaster off LA coast.
  19. urgent: prayer needed for Laura's mom
  20. Please pray with me on this
  21. Prayers for Me and My Family - Please
  22. Prayers for Bob...
  23. Please Help Prayer for my brother.
  24. IMPORTANT Cousins baby very sick
  25. National Day of Prayer today
  26. Please pray for my health problem
  27. Bomb attack kills one, injures many in Iraq
  28. Our Team is going on a big outreach onto the streets of London tonight at round
  29. Prayers for my mother's husband and his family in regards to his mother
  30. Massive Headache
  31. Please pray for my niece
  32. IRAQ - Christians warned to leave Iraq - VOM contacts.
  33. Freedom from demonization and bondage
  34. Abby again
  35. Please Help feel so "bored"
  36. IMPORTANT Lots of Prayers needed this week specially for my cousins baby!
  37. Prayers against severe weather for us please for this afternoon
  38. Discussion Would Like a Prayer Partner and Pen Pal
  39. Please pray for Sandy and her grandson, Michael
  40. IMPORTANT A lady at church needs prayers
  41. Please pray..series of attacks in China on young school children.
  42. My job interview is tomorrow, Thursday, at 3:00
  43. IMPORTANT Prayer for health and uplifting of attitude
  44. Pre wedding fights
  45. Prayers for courage and motivation
  46. Prayer for coming change
  47. Desperate for Prayers today
  48. Prayer for all the saints
  49. Prayers for Mary...
  50. Prayer for direction
  51. If anyone is out there this late - prayer for broken toe
  52. Elderly Aunt Severe Dementia/Alzheimers - Please Pray for Guidance for Our Family
  53. I'm so devastated I can't even think straight
  54. IMPORTANT In doesn't stop - SOHW
  55. IMPORTANT Please pray for 8 year old twin Ellie with cancer
  56. My mother in law
  57. My brother Wayne just diagnosed with cancer
  58. for clear Guidance tomorrow (19 hours time)
  59. Prayer for Lupus Support Group
  60. please keep my family in your prayers
  61. Prayer for Carlos
  62. Please Help Our Neighbour`s Son
  63. Prayer for Mission Trip/Guidance
  64. Back injuries causing reoccuring headache....
  65. A woman from my church has cancer.....
  66. Prayer For Our Servicemen
  67. Parenting
  68. Depressed and Feeling Hopeless
  69. Need prayer for financial situation
  70. Please Pray
  71. prayer for me and my daughter
  72. IMPORTANT Faith
  73. Please Pray for My Baby!
  74. IMPORTANT Tornado warning
  75. Prayer for my son
  76. I don't want to lose it all
  77. Friend with breast cancer
  78. Minor accident
  79. A little prayer for my mom..son...
  80. Please Help Urgent - Prayer needed for the Mighty Sword family member
  81. Prayers..strong thunderstorms on the way here..and I am alone
  82. IMPORTANT Facing eviction and discontinuation of studies
  83. I'm not good at this, but I need prayer for me.
  84. A new Church
  85. Prayers badly needed.
  86. My aunt is in the hospital!! =O
  87. My dad and myself
  88. Two dead
  89. Burst blood vessels on right eye
  90. Im scared
  91. Biker hit by car
  92. Friend Diagnosed with Acute Leukemia
  93. Prayer for our daughter
  94. pray it dont rain in Omaha on sunday the 13th and mon. the 14th of june 2010
  95. friend mandy who is a single mom of two who is jobless/homeless
  96. Dr. Tabb's Family
  97. Please pray for my neice, Janetta
  98. Please continue to pray for me
  99. 16 dead and dozens missing in Arkansas flood
  100. Prayer regarding some decisions I must make.
  101. Prayer for flood victims
  102. Please Help Please don't hate me just pray for me please
  103. Motorcycle accident
  104. My father-in-law passed away, asking for prayers
  105. Court case tomorrow
  106. Pray for my friend Shelby
  107. IMPORTANT 3 year old...
  108. i need a quick prayer
  109. Just need a little 'lifting up' prayer please
  110. Inactive Friends
  111. Please Pray For Grace
  112. tornado victims
  113. Church
  114. Prayer for marriage/support
  115. Please pray for my financial situation
  116. Please pray for me
  117. My son is going to be baptized soon..
  118. Prayer for my brother.
  119. Please continue to pray for our financial situation
  120. My aunt died today
  121. I want to get pregnant!
  122. Mom has cancer...
  123. I posted in wrong thread - have doctor appointment in about an hour
  124. Blood Pressure issue
  125. Going with son to doctor
  126. Please pray for Cindy
  127. Need Prayer dont know what else to call this.
  128. Prayer request
  129. Job Seeking
  130. My grandma is getting took off life support
  131. Peaks and valleys
  132. Praise report on prayers for cat, Angel.
  133. IMPORTANT My Nephew!
  134. IMPORTANT A freind is in the hospital
  135. Please pray for my daughter
  136. Evangelistic outreach in L.A.
  137. My daughter needs prayer
  138. I'm scared......
  139. Not feeling well
  140. Guy has cancer...
  141. Prayers
  142. Prayer needed in a testing time
  143. Please pray for my back
  144. I'm leaving...
  145. AMBER Alert for Alisa Maier - Louisiana, MO on 07-05-2010
  146. Really feel I'm backsliding
  147. Bible Forum
  148. Friend undergoing back surgery today
  149. I just cannot do this anymore! Please pray
  150. Im about to give up on praying..
  151. an update -as to my eyes
  152. Urgent Prayer for little girl
  153. Please pray for an elderly man in our church..
  154. In so much pain, please pray for me
  155. AMBER Alert in EAST TENNESSEE seven month old baby boy
  156. Prayer For Friend and Church family member
  157. Suicide Stronghold in a Community/Friend on the Edge
  158. Self-Control
  159. Answered Prayer!
  160. Opening my Husband's Heart to the Word of Christ
  161. Praise & Pray for my co-worker, Blake
  162. Missing Kitty
  163. financial deliverance, pregnancy, healing
  164. By the blood of Jesus
  165. My daughter
  166. Please Help Help
  167. I think I am getting sick
  168. IMPORTANT A church team to Haiti
  169. Two guys need prayer
  170. say a prayer for me?
  171. My friend Bob
  172. Prayers for my Friends family
  173. Please pray for my daughter
  174. Margaret has gone to a hospice
  175. I'm tired of living in fear
  176. Prayers for my son, a little scratch on his eye..
  177. Prayer for new ministry
  178. I've had a bad stomach ache all day
  179. Lunch with the pastor tomorrow
  180. My kids and all in this situation
  181. Sam Bish: little boy in last stages of cancer
  182. Prayer coverage... this is a good situation
  183. Pray for Steelerbabe today
  184. Cat having surgery this morning - could have complications with anesthesia
  185. Please pray for my health
  186. Prayer for a lost soul.
  187. I have bronchitis and I think I am getting even sicker
  188. My grandpa is in the hospital
  189. Moving Saturday
  190. Prayer request for a brother
  191. I feel miserable..hormone problems
  192. Jobs
  193. demon possessed
  194. Little girl and family urgently needs prayer.
  195. kidney stones?
  196. Gentleman with Lung Cancer
  197. I have officially decided to quit smoking, please pray that I am successful
  198. various requests
  199. Prayers for my daughter and husband.
  200. 6 teenagers drown in Shreveport
  201. I have my first appointment with a Rheumatologist today
  202. Just a little thing, but big to me...
  203. Prayer For Family
  204. Please Help someone is missing, I don't know what to do
  205. husband, relationship, & brother-in-law
  206. Prayers for my back
  207. Prayers for Elizabeth
  208. Prayer for sleep
  209. Please pray for an elderly man in our church..again
  210. Pray for my faith
  211. Prayer for upcoming trip
  212. Ear Infection
  213. My Dad
  214. Struggles
  215. Prayer For Health/Finances
  216. Quick prayer request.
  217. Prayer for health!
  218. Please Help Need Prayer For My 12 Month Old Daughter
  219. My nephew needs prayer.
  220. want to share something
  221. So Sick
  222. Please, Pray for my Little Sister.
  223. need prayers for grandson
  224. Prayer needed
  225. Prayers needed
  226. Praise for movie night, Youth 'all nighter' prayer & for ladies prayer breakfast
  227. please pray!
  228. My Dad
  229. Prayer for the loss of a friends baby
  230. IMPORTANT Need prayer for my relationship with my two sons
  231. Missing church member
  232. I'm this close to being evicted.
  233. Prayer Request for My Husband
  235. friend / co-worker
  236. Provision
  237. A couple requests
  238. IMPORTANT A teenage mother is VERY sick
  239. Marriage in difficulties
  240. treatment program
  241. It's not very often that calls get to me...
  242. IMPORTANT A newborn baby is Very sick
  243. breaking down
  244. Horrific crash
  245. IMPORTANT My aunt is dying ..... please pray for God to be merciful.
  246. Why does it always pour down at one time?!
  247. IMPORTANT North Carolina
  248. Please Help when confession is insincere
  249. For my father
  250. Prayer for someone who possibly has colon cancer