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  1. Posting rules for the prayerforum
  2. Announcement for Prayer Forum
  3. Prayerthread for husbands/wives who are non-believers
  4. Prayerthread for chronically ill members
  5. A Prayer
  6. Rule regarding posting links
  7. Prayer for Zimbabwe
  8. Please help-moved to "Prayer" forum
  9. Thank you for your prayers!
  10. David Duchovny prayer thread
  11. protection and wisdom
  12. little prayer for me please..I'm sick
  13. Prayers for healing
  14. Friends in need of prayer.
  15. Kidney Stones
  16. Upcoming school year
  17. I admit I am not the best prayer warrior
  18. Pray for Amy and Family
  19. Prayers for my marriage
  20. My Brother in Law
  21. My Son
  22. Need some prayer =)
  23. Please Help Prayer Partners Needed Please...
  24. Convicted to ask for prayer
  25. I'm in misery...
  26. Prayer request for home and family
  27. IMPORTANT Need Prayer...
  28. Needing some prayers
  29. My brother, and my guinea pig
  30. Need prayer
  31. Prayer and asking for forgivness..
  32. IMPORTANT Thank you Jesus for Project Peter
  33. Please Help need prayer please
  34. Daughter and grandson homeless
  35. Stress!
  36. Prayer for the family
  37. various requests
  38. finals, God's direction
  39. sponsors
  40. healing & operation
  41. pray for my friend Leigh who will be giving birth in a few w
  42. Prayer for the Fundamentalists at my University
  43. Please pray for my marriage
  44. Thanking Jesus for Listening..
  45. need some prayers
  46. Please pray for this girl....
  47. Prayers for a family in Fargo, ND
  48. Please pray for my life
  49. Prayer for a Friend
  50. Please pray for Annie's Healing
  51. Depression
  52. Prayers for strenght and energy please!
  53. Needing to make a huge decision
  54. Prayers for a guy that seems to have the world against him
  55. Scared
  56. Me and my husband need prayers for our hurting bodies3
  57. Pray for friend's sister in law
  58. Character vs Circumstances
  59. Migraines
  60. UPDATE Thanks for the prayer requests
  61. Need somemore help with something
  62. Bloodwork came back..not so good
  63. Seminary next week.
  64. Meeting seeker for coffee.
  65. Thanking you for simple blessing Lord.
  66. Lastly - my family
  67. eldest son and wife's brother
  68. Please pray for our Dog.
  69. How Long??
  70. help!!!!!
  71. Prayers for my dad
  72. Please pray for my finances...
  73. Never forget!!
  74. Say a prayer please
  75. friend Aaron and his girlfriend Candy's salvation
  76. hurricanes on the Gulf coast
  77. IMPORTANT Please pray for our brothers and sisters in Iran
  78. Hurricane "Ike"
  79. 2 year old daughter
  80. friend badly hurt in a horrible car accident...
  81. friend's dad has prostate cancer
  82. Please Help A reposting....
  83. A small request
  84. For My Cousin
  85. Prayer for those hurting
  86. Friends in need of a home and a job
  87. Need Advice: Pray for my wife...
  88. IMPORTANT Please Pray with me for our Friend Ashley here
  89. Please Help Please Pray for Lorie & I..
  90. Pray for persecuted christians in Orissa (India)
  91. Hurricane Ike
  92. Please Pray for My Employment Situation
  93. Please pray for guidance
  94. Ugh- I have mono!
  95. Prayer for cdo
  96. Please Help Please pray for me, I need help!
  97. favour
  98. Please Help Pray for my Friend's Dad
  99. Please pray
  100. Please pray for Mikail...
  101. A special prayer...
  102. pray for Bill Maher
  103. for those who might be falling away from faith
  104. building finance & land compensation
  105. job prosperity
  106. Prayer Needed Hurting Hearts
  107. I beg of all of you who can read this
  108. Friend's mom's death
  109. Prayer for me
  110. Several prayer requests
  111. prayers please
  112. Prayer needed I guess..............
  113. if you wouldn't mind praying... rock bottom
  114. work and business
  115. Going through a rough Patch.
  116. Talking Out Loud..
  117. Please Help Please pray for me!
  118. Please Help Prayers Please
  119. Wedding
  120. Please, please pray!
  121. I'm really down in my spirit right now
  122. In Everything
  123. Some new prayer requests
  124. Bum Knee
  125. Young lad/knee surgery
  126. Praise and prayer
  127. Please pray for the children and families that saw a terrible accident today
  128. Prayers for my Grandfather, Please
  129. Mum's Home
  130. Prayers for all injured athletes.........
  131. Please Help Money Issues
  132. Prayers needed, big time.
  133. Small groups
  134. need a job
  135. Persecuted Christians - 10
  136. Trusting God is not logic
  137. Would you pray for my brother
  138. Prayer for a sticky situation
  139. My Mom..
  140. pray for my friend Mandy (a single mother of two)
  141. prayer for my brother Ron
  142. Pray for a guy at my church
  143. various requests
  144. Please pray for wisdom and faithfulness.
  145. Please pray for Amanda
  146. But sometimes it's both.....prayer and Praise
  147. Prayer warrior had a stroke
  148. A Prayer-Oct 7 2008
  149. Praying for a soul-mate
  150. Please pray for my brother.
  151. Please Help Oppertunity...please pray
  152. Grieved
  153. A guy at church is having surgery
  154. Prayer for restricted nations..............
  155. Please Pray for MsMai
  156. Please Pray for Marion & The ALS Society
  157. Please pray for Blommetjie
  158. IMPORTANT Pray for India
  159. Need Advice: Prayer for my Faith
  160. Please Help Praying for my mom
  161. Please pray for an accident victim
  162. Please Pray for Patience
  163. Prayers Needed
  164. Prayer request for a suicide
  165. My Shattered Heart
  166. pray for orissa,banglore& manglore(India)
  167. Met a guy
  168. Mediation and Mother Issues
  169. Thanx For the Prayers / Look Inside
  170. Help please
  171. Please Help Prayer Request
  172. Prayer For Our Church
  173. Uncle's Dad
  174. Upcoming Exams at School
  175. Prayer for my ministry
  176. pray for Zuhdi Jasser
  177. Please Help We need some prayers this week!
  178. urgent kidney operation;renovations;financial deliverance
  179. IMPORTANT Please Pray for our Ashley..
  180. Prayer once again
  181. Prayers please for my hurting hand
  182. Prayer for a loved one
  183. husbands calling
  184. Wow your prayer were heard! So I am asking for another one
  185. Prayer that I prayed on 15 Oct 08
  186. Please pray for my suffering mother..
  187. Prayer for my wife
  188. IMPORTANT My Unsaved Cousin Broke His Neck
  189. Prayer! Prayer! Prayer!
  190. Still sick, please pray....
  191. Prayer For Each Soul Here Who has Posted a Need
  192. My Grandson's first wheelchair
  193. Our Protection
  194. Prayer for Residents Encounter Christ
  195. Please Pray For My Brother
  196. IMPORTANT demons
  197. Please Help I ask for prayer for my mother-Who is a pagan
  198. Christian martyr... pray for the people she witnessed to.
  199. Please pray for this old widow.
  200. Job Opportunity
  201. old habit trying to come back
  202. My daughter
  203. family relationship & friends freedom
  204. Prayer for two of my sons
  205. Prayers for Tammy
  206. It is Written for my healing...
  207. Troubles my fiance is having...
  208. Prayer for the Lord's Prayer Warriors Here at this Ministry
  209. bankrupt your company latley?
  210. pray for strength.
  211. Prayer for our brothers and sisters being persecuted
  212. Please Help Please agree with me to find a job
  213. Prayers for Military Wife
  214. Prayers for Military Wife
  215. friends Dawn and Shayla both need prayers
  216. The Persecuted Church of Christ
  217. Pray for Ireland's anti abortion laws not to be destroyed by Europe
  218. Prayer for 2nd job
  219. Favour, sponsors & calling
  220. Studies,work,interviews
  221. home completion, relationship & new home
  222. family gathering & courtcase
  223. In need of prayer for
  224. Cartoons...
  225. Cancer has returned.
  226. Broken arm...
  227. Friend/church member,church staff member in wreck early today...
  228. I'm not sure if I'm doing this the right way...
  229. Boyfriend
  230. prayer request
  231. For job
  232. please pray for
  233. friend Jennifer G needs prayers
  234. Needing some Prayers
  235. Please Help please pray!
  236. Dismissed for honouring God.
  237. Beat up :(
  238. Relationship!...plus unsaved family, church, and future issues
  239. Pray for my husband
  240. dad's courtcase
  241. I could use some advice ...
  242. Job for my friend
  243. USA's Next President and our Nation
  244. Let Your Fresh Anointing Fall.
  245. Please pray for my son..he has the stomach flu
  246. Prayer request for a dear friend
  247. friend Amy is not feeling well
  248. Need Prayer Breakthrough Thank You
  249. Please Lord ...
  250. Daughter has Lime's disease