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  1. Re: Hello my name is Jimmie
  2. God's Provision On Our Road Trip.
  3. Need Advice: No One Believes My Testimony
  4. Change of plans
  5. Christian Testimony question??
  6. I don't think I have a Testimony?
  7. Information What doesn't kill you makes you stronger!!( Thank you Lord!!)
  8. My Testimony from Catholcism to Christianity?
  9. Updated Testimony-
  10. Testimonies of others
  11. Life is much better since knowing Jesus!!!
  12. Help with giving my testimony
  13. God finding me, my testimony.
  14. I got scammed - thank God!
  15. Lay Down Your Life For Mine.
  16. It's my life!
  17. My testimony
  18. Just a Testimony to II Timothy 3:16, 17.
  19. Joni
  20. From 50? years a Catholic to no Religion
  21. "I got this"
  22. I did not choose you,
  23. Getting Back On My Feet
  24. My trip tp Texas
  25. Information Coming Out of Freemasonry
  26. Saved at last.
  27. Information The Great Physician and the Musician With a Medical Condition
  28. A Supernatural Experience wiyh Jesus
  29. A Supernatural Experience with Jesus (update)
  30. My path towards finding the truth.
  32. Thank God for being supernatural
  33. My Testimony at 16 years old
  34. The Unemployment encounter
  35. Matt 26:41 My Spirit is Willing but My Flesh is Weak
  36. What is "the Seeker" seeking?
  37. Because He Lives
  38. Please Help Praise be to the Lord! that he delivered us once more!
  40. Baby Christian with one foot in the world
  41. God is always on time
  42. The day I met John the biker
  43. Turning frowns upside down
  44. Sleeping on the sidewalk
  45. Have car will travel
  46. Two spirits, one space
  47. Two spirits, one space : Expansion pack
  48. Lock and un-lock
  49. Aviyah's Testimony!
  50. Hazelnut is not a fruit of the spirit.
  51. Wisdom IS a fruit of the spirit
  52. Lost and Found
  53. A tale of two tongues
  54. My testimony
  55. An Act Of Forgiveness
  56. The Testimony of How I Got Saved
  57. The White Towel
  58. A Walk through the Wilderness
  59. Asked to give testimony in front of church
  60. “The lake of fire” had always made me indescribably thirsty for "the water of life."
  61. My Testimony, baptized with the Holy Ghost.
  62. Our Awesome God still Gives Visions to His Children.
  63. Affirmations and answered prayers.
  64. God showed me I was on broad road that leads to hell
  65. Is it too late to repent? Hebrews 10:26-31
  66. Transformation Romans 12:2
  67. How I Met The God Of The Bible
  68. There Are No Atheist In Foxholes!
  69. Testimony, or lack thereof
  70. Introduction and testimonies
  71. From Jehovah to Jesus in 50 years.
  72. Testimony of Jonitus (long)
  73. Testimony of James Roberts
  74. Devil At The Door
  75. My testimony (GP)
  76. A message from God/testimony
  77. My True Testimony: Parts 1 and 2
  78. God's gift to me is my Gift to Jesus
  79. Discussion God spoke to me from above
  80. It Will Get Better
  81. My Season of Loneliness and Isolation
  82. Bad Christian
  83. Going to a Methodist church now instead of the Jehovah's witnesses one...so happy!
  84. My testimony and then some more
  85. Leave church - wilderness years - back to church - to house church
  86. How I got Saved !
  87. A Mother's prayers
  88. Short version testimony
  89. Three chariots of praise
  90. Saved by divine interruption
  91. God is Always Good
  92. An 'epiphanous' encounter.
  93. The time I was most afraid to give my testimony was someone who needed it the most
  94. Chastisement & Chasten my testimony
  95. All the Glory to God - New Harvest field
  96. What's bad about good news?
  97. The Gate Guard said - God Bless
  98. God shows us of things to come.
  99. Just in time
  100. Joanna's field
  101. Praising God for Healing
  102. From Atheist to Christian to Vicar!!!
  103. The room
  104. Opportunity to talk about God
  105. The Spiritiuality of Premonitions
  106. IMPORTANT My vision of Jesus
  107. Telekinesis
  108. Saved Just In Time
  109. James and the empty wine bottle
  110. Relief
  111. Wasp sting
  112. When is a $29.00 phone case more valuable than a $629.00 guitar amp?
  113. I wasted 7 years of my life due to madness and rage.
  114. God will answer all questions
  115. The Rut and the Big Hill
  116. In light of the recent abortion discussion, read this for encouragement....
  117. My testimony of deliverance.
  118. ONE of the foundations of my faith - My story