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  1. Please Read: A Matter of Life or Death
  2. From darkness to light, via light and darkness
  3. IMPORTANT Lakeland Florida Movement
  4. And here's mine!!
  5. My Story...
  6. My testimony
  7. In the gutter looking down on others
  8. Information Whatever is of God...
  9. I stopped resisting...
  10. My wrestling match with Satan
  11. My Path Toward Eternity
  12. Been here since Feb. Time to share.
  13. My Testimony--Comming back from the occult
  14. My testimony
  15. Im back and finally committed to the right God (ex-occultist)
  16. Lukewarm Christian no more
  17. The Grass Really Wasn't Greener...
  18. Pretending to know God, until I got to know God
  19. A story my story (testimony)
  20. Cancer Survivor
  21. The Long Trek Home
  22. Freedom from Sexual Sin - a vicious cycle
  23. From Wicca to Christ
  24. My cancer was a blessing in disguise
  25. Deathly Afraid - my way to Jesus
  26. My testimony - If God can forgive me, He can forgive ANYONE!!!!
  27. Walking the fence no more
  28. Love is not a Fight - My Testimony
  29. 25 Years in the New Age Movement
  30. your opinions please.
  31. Walking the line
  32. A question about my video testimony
  33. "Head"
  34. Through my letter...
  35. Hell, things that will not be there.
  36. Testimony
  37. Oh, What a time!
  38. Davey Falcus - Gangland To God - Christian Testimony
  39. Her testimony/My testimony
  40. My Testimony - an Autobiography
  41. Lord Jesus Is Alive
  42. I think its time
  43. How I overcame my nicotine addiction.
  44. A Hard Rain
  45. I have to do this again.
  46. Personal Testimony Concerning Unconditional "Election"
  47. Saved at the tender age of 12
  48. From Islam to Christ
  49. My salvation verse, John 16:24.....testimony moved from C&E.
  50. ...Then it hit me like a falling acorn.... My Experience With God
  51. Quite a long testimony
  52. Was I truly saved at age 10?
  53. A simple question...
  54. Agoraphobic, best person to visit people!
  55. (My testimony) Becoming A Christian In My Shoes
  56. Where to now, Lord?
  57. My Salvation Testimony
  58. Testimony of a Lost Soul Reclaimed by the King
  59. One Road To Freedom
  60. coming home
  61. How I fell in love with Jesus
  62. Learning not to Hate.
  63. My True Best Friend
  64. Thought I'd share
  65. Sharing My Journey Through and Out of Depression
  66. Howdy Ya'll - My Testimony
  67. A Mans Testimony from Virginia (Excellent Read)
  68. Jesus found me
  69. Prayer works,,,and you get a bonus
  70. Testimony of prayer and faith
  71. I have no "moment'
  72. My name is Dena
  73. Our Father Loves Us
  74. Testimony
  75. Testimony of comfort
  76. Could Have Been the Worst Four Years of My Life
  77. Following apologetics back to faith
  78. C.L.I.F.F.'s conversion
  79. My Long Overdue Testimony
  80. My testimony
  81. My name is Tyler..
  82. My lost wallet
  83. My name is Graham
  84. Took awhile God finally got my attention..My testimony
  85. Returning to Christ from paganism--my testimony
  86. Loving My King - Christ my LORD! :)
  87. Testimony coming
  88. My Testimony(From Athiest to a Christ Loving Christian)
  89. Shine's Testimony
  90. The Day I Was Touched By Jesus
  91. Curiousity and Kat: A Journey to find Jesus
  92. If the Son has set you free, you are free indeed!
  93. The Lord has been here all along
  94. My "Boring" Testimony
  95. Discussion Really Strange.
  96. A Little About Me
  97. testimonie of healing
  98. My story.
  99. Something about Laish
  100. My decision
  101. testimony
  102. My Testimony
  103. Introducing Myself
  104. The Song of My Deliverance
  105. There is joy in salvation
  106. Gave my testimony today
  107. my testimony
  108. Never leave
  109. I prayed for years for my dh's salvation--God not only saved him, He saved me, too! :
  110. Our church is experiencing revival
  111. Hi all
  112. His Lovely Story in My Life
  113. What's your secret, Heather?
  114. It is time to wake up!
  115. Voices From The Edge Of Eternity
  116. My testimony is LONG - not for the feint of heart LOL!
  117. My Testimony and search for the truth
  118. Alcohol, Methamphetamine, prison........then God
  119. Where I'm Comming From
  120. Guess where I'm going this weekend?
  121. My testimony
  122. Jesus Christ & High School (complete in 2 parts)
  123. Saved!
  124. ldona: a work in progress
  125. My Testimony
  126. My Testimony
  127. My Salvation Experience
  128. Campmeeting
  129. A MUST-Read Testimony. You will be blessed.
  130. What do you think ?
  131. John's story
  132. My Testimony
  133. awesome testimony of God's grace
  134. Victory
  135. Putting my faith in the right place
  136. I am a changed person!!!!
  137. the Lord will lead us
  138. Praise King Jesus!
  139. added to my profile
  140. Testimony
  141. God works in strange ways!!
  142. I need prayer
  143. Help With My Real Life Story,(mooved from BC)
  144. From wretchedguy to belovedguy
  145. The Awakening by Friedrich Zuendel
  146. Writing Testimonies
  147. A Jaded Believer
  148. He Saved Me and keeps Me, Empowered Me and Uses Me
  149. Wolfenden testimony
  150. My story
  151. Ordinary Life, Extraordinary Blessings
  152. History Channel Made Me Christian?!
  153. Things Happen for a reason.
  154. one to remember
  155. Demonic Attacks
  156. The Number Of The Beast: 666
  157. How I met Jesus: My Personal Testimony
  158. My Church Camp testimony.
  159. Testimony of a sorcerer saved by Lord Jesus
  160. My testimony
  161. God is in control
  162. Avatar movie
  163. My Testimony
  164. God Said "Go Back and Clean the Toilets"
  165. Healed from cancer
  166. I Can See Clearly Now
  167. Healed from cancer conclusion
  168. Really amazing video about testimonies...
  169. Every Reason to be Grateful
  170. The Dream that Led me to God
  171. Honestly I was Just @ work
  172. Information Honeymoon prayer
  173. Holla Guys n Gals and my short version testimony
  174. I saw someone take a tract today, and really wonder
  175. Mental illness healed
  176. To Him
  177. Atheists, Hindus, Buddhists, Muslims got me thinking, then God took my life back.
  178. Information My testimony..
  179. My home from The Master
  180. The "Angel" Car
  181. Information I Am Second
  182. A Dream
  183. God Never Let's Go
  184. Miracle Healing Last Year!
  185. Broken marriage, broken home, broken heart....
  186. A missed opportunity
  187. Job 2:10
  188. My Testimony
  189. My Testimony
  190. Information Introducing Wm. Pinard
  191. My Testimony
  192. BECAUSE HE LIVES---MY NEW BIRTH --- March 27, 2007
  193. My New Testimony
  194. Testimony I posted in another thread
  195. God protects woman threatened by gun by her sharing the gospel with him.
  196. Great testimony from Gianna Jessen
  197. Why I am still here...
  198. God ministered to me yesterday
  199. More than a football game...
  200. Praise God for All My Blessings!
  201. My testimony :)
  202. Remember the Lord's touch?
  203. 99 Baloons, a wonderful testomony....
  204. God saved 5 lives
  205. Miracle Healing Last Week!
  206. my every day walk with God
  207. My Explanation of God... And the Kingdom.
  208. Accidental Shooting: Weird Miraculous Intervention
  209. :))))) Me...
  210. God bringing a couple together
  211. I have tried doing this before, but I hope to finish it this time.
  212. God's Love
  213. Saved from Homosexuality
  214. Information ministry!!
  215. Information Missioning
  216. Coming out of the Darkness
  217. Just thought I'd share my Testimony.
  218. My Testimony: I praise God for all that He has done!
  219. IMPORTANT A Message to Harold Camping's Followers
  220. touching testimonies
  221. Amazed by grace
  222. Healing from the demonic
  223. christian testimonies
  224. My testimony
  225. Dont do it. Ever.
  226. Andrew's testimony
  227. Honored
  228. 180 degree turn on abortion--fantastic!
  229. The Holy Spirit was convicting me of my sin
  230. I lost the race, and won everlasting life
  231. Defeating Pornography
  232. Believers should get their pilots license!
  233. For He will command His angels concerning you!!
  234. while interceding in prayer this ...
  235. Running from Jesus to Jesus
  236. My experience in the ministry
  237. Slapped by god. Hearing blasphemy in my thoughts
  238. My Personal Testimony-moved from Intro
  239. My experience in the ministry
  240. My sexual sins quenched the Holy Spirit. Will He come back?
  241. Prayer Patrol Testimony
  242. My Personal Testimony
  243. IMPORTANT It\s all about Jesus
  244. Want to share my testimony on being saved.
  245. Darren, Bible Ladies, and The Woman at the Well.
  246. Information My greatest thrill
  247. God will not give you more than you can handle.
  248. Mother's Day testimony
  249. My testimony reallly glorifies the Lord God Almighty!
  250. God provides and is faithful even when we choose to roam in the wilderness for a bit!