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  1. IMPORTANT FRANCE: 2 Islamists attack Catholic Church; Priest Killed; Hostage Seriously Wounded
  2. Release International Prayer alert 7/26/2016
  3. Voice of the Martyrs Prayer Requests 7/29/2016
  4. Pray for persecuted Vietnamese
  5. Open Doors Prayer Request 7/30/2016
  6. VOICE OF THE MARTYRS CANADA: Persecution and Prayer Alerts July 21 & 28, 2016
  7. Open Doors Prayer Request 7/30/2016
  8. Release International Prayer Request 8/2/2016
  9. Release Internatioinal Prayer Alert 8/3/2016
  10. Chinese Pastor Teaches us about discipleship from behind bars.
  11. Voice of the Martyrs Prayer Requests 8/5/2016
  12. Pray to keep these Churches standing, please.
  13. NIGERIA, EGYPT, MIDDLE EAST: Persecution and Prayer Alert, August 4, 2016
  14. Open Doors Prayer Request
  15. SIS Proclaims Mindanao Official State of ISIS
  16. Vietnamese Christian homes stonned.
  17. Voice of the Martyrs prayer requests 8//12/2016
  18. Please pray re new attack on Nigerian Communities
  19. 2nd Anniversary of Iraqui Displacement.
  20. Witnessing in the presence of Jihadists
  21. More government persecution of Chinese Churches
  22. Algerian brohter in jail for fasebook post.
  23. Open Doors Prayer Alert 8/18/2016
  24. Voice of the Martyrs prayer requests 8/17/2017
  25. Egyptian Refugees have only one hope.
  26. Voice of the Martyrs prayer requests 8/19/2016
  27. IMPORTANT SUDAN: Pastors and Student Could Receive Death Sentences Tomorrow (Aug 21)
  28. Violent attacks in the Democratic Republic of the Congo
  29. Release Intrnatinal Prayer Alert 8/23/2016
  30. Czech Missionary and filmmaker on trial....
  31. Voice of the Martyrs Prayer Requests 8/25/2016
  32. Ethiopian Protesters Target Churches
  33. Algerian Christian Sentenced On Blasphemy
  34. Pray for justice for Algerian Christian!
  35. Arch Deacon and 2 other pastors killed in South Sudan.
  36. Chinese brother Zhang Kai need our prayers!
  37. Tajikistan sister needs our prayers.
  38. Voice of the Martyrs Prayer Requests 9/2/2015
  39. Iranian Christian seized on day out.
  40. Indonesian Churches Face Electiion
  41. Indonesian Churches Face Electiion Concerns
  42. VOICE OF THE MARTYRS CANADA: Persecution and Prayer Alerts Aug. 11 – Sept. 1, 2016
  43. White House hearing case of
  44. Attack near Peshawar, Pakistan.
  45. Attacks Rock Tanzanian University
  46. Voice of the Martyrs Prayer Requests 9/9/2016
  47. SUDAN, KAZAKHSTAN, SRI LANKA: Persecution and Prayer Alert, September 8, 2016
  48. A father's fight for his daughter's honor
  49. Bombing kills 14 in Phillipines
  50. Church school seized in Sudan as teachers branded "rebels".
  51. Algerian Christians appeal blasphemy chargess.
  52. Church elder's brutal murder leave children orphaned.
  53. Open Door's Prayer Requests 9/16/2016
  54. Pray for Deborah who lost all her family to Boko Haram.
  55. Czhech citizen may face death for act of compassion .
  56. Pray for Chiapas Christians
  57. Pray for Phillipines Church after deadly blast.
  58. Voice of the Martyrs Prayer Requests 9/23/2016
  59. Please pray for 26 left dead by Seleka rebels.
  60. Ethiopian Habiba persecuted for turning to the Savior.
  61. Pray for Petr Jesek, wrongfully imprisoned.
  62. Lahore bomb survivors still in gresat need.
  63. Voice of the Martyrs prayer requests 9/30/2016
  64. Eight killed as terrorists seize Chibok villages.
  65. Tensions rise among Christians in Jordan.
  66. Camping Undercover
  67. VOICE OF THE MARTYRS CANADA: Persecution and Prayer Alerts Sept. 15 – Sept. 29, 2016
  68. Mexico, a light at the end of the tunnel...Part 1
  69. Prisoner of Faith Alert, Release Internatioina 10/3/2016
  70. Churches across China ordered to rerfform.
  71. Voice of the Martyrs Prayer Requests 10/7/2016
  72. Christians in Uzbekistan face persecution for having Bible.
  73. Family in Kenya under attack again....
  74. Mexico, a light at the end of the tunnel, part 2.
  75. Desperate need of prayer in Nigeria and Sudan.
  76. Asia Bibi update.
  77. PAKISTAN: Asia Bibli Supreme Court Hearing Adjourned Indefinitely
  78. Royhingya Christian Homes Destroyed by Muslims
  79. South Sudanese seeking peace.
  80. Asa Bibi Case Adjourned After Judge Steps Down.
  81. NIGERIA: 21 Chibok School Girls Freed by Boko Haram
  82. Voiced of the Martyrs Prayer Requests 10/14/2016
  83. Hurricanes wreck havoc in Caribbean
  84. Family behind bars needs prayers.
  85. God using pain for His kingdome in Mexico.
  86. Militants kill 40 to 'rid Kaduna of Christianity'
  87. Pray for released Chibok girls, and others....
  88. No place to lay a deceased Christian's body to rest...
  89. Trial of 2 Sudanese pastors reconvenes...
  90. Proposal to empower Shariah law in Malaysia.
  91. Pray Habbiba will be reunited with her family.
  92. Azur severely beaten for his faith....
  93. Deceased Woman's Body Dissappears in Kyrgyzstan.
  94. VOICE OF THE MARTYRS CANADA: Persecution and Prayer Alerts Oct. 6 – Oct. 27, 2016
  95. IDOP and 12 hours of prayer in Egypt.
  96. Benham Irani released from prison, and more news....
  97. Please pray for life of brother in Kenya.
  98. Please pray for Clar and Diaz, and their family.
  99. What would you do if your child were accused of blasphemy?
  100. Suicide bombing in Nigeria.
  101. Militans occupy Somali.
  102. Attack by rebel forces in Aleppo.
  103. Imprisoned twice in 2 years.
  104. Voice of the Martyrs Prayer Alerts
  105. Children suffering for their faith....
  106. Namrata healed from scars caused by radical Moslems.
  107. Teenagers on the run afrer conversion.
  108. Pray for imprisoned pastor, distribution of Bible, girl resisting Zapatista parents..
  109. Media roundup in Central Asia
  110. Anotheer Chibok school girl has escaped.
  111. VOICE OF THE MARTYRS CANADA: Persecution and Prayer Alerts Nov. 3 & Nov.10, 2016
  112. Aleppo Churches take in misplaced Moslem famiies.
  113. Donald's and Melania's #1 Prayer Requests.
  114. 4 Year Old Killed In Bomb Attack.
  115. Accused Sudanese prepare for hearing.
  116. Christmas care packs for children, assassination attempt, return to Church...
  117. INDIA, CHINA, IRAQ: Persecution and Prayer Alert, Nov 17, 2016 (VOMC)
  118. New North Korean Prison found for political dissenters.
  119. Pray for Chinese Churches facing increased persecution.
  120. Voice of the Martyrs Prayer Requests 11/25/2016
  121. NIGERIA, INDONESIA, SUDAN: Persecution and Prayer Alert, November 24, 2016 (VOMC)
  122. Pray for Jakarta's Christian Governor, and for Cuba
  123. One released, one evicted, prolonged state of emergency for others.
  124. Prankster's call puts Christian behind bars for two years.
  125. Pray for Egyptian Christians.
  126. Please pray for 17 year old Sara, pregnant by kipnappers.
  127. Three years in Eritrean Prison
  128. Maryam punished for ‘late’ return to prison in Iran.
  129. Open Doors Prayer Requests 12/9/2016
  130. Voice of the Martyrs Prayer Requests 12/9/2016
  131. KAZAKHSTAN, LIBERIA, CHINA: Persecution and Prayer Alert, December 1, 2016
  132. PAKISTAN, ALGERIA, IRAN: Persecution and Prayer Alert, December 8, 2016 (VOMC)
  133. Uzbekistan Targets Christian Literature,
  134. IMPORTANT EGYPT: At least 26 dead in Bomb Blast in Coptic Chapel near Cathedral in Cairo
  135. Former Muslim Persecuted in Bahrain
  136. Pray for victims of Egyptian bombing.
  137. Christians accused of challenging Islam, Christians mourn bombing victims in Cario
  138. Ugandan mother and son beaten for leaving Islam.
  139. Pray for legislatioin in Malaysia re Sharia law.
  140. 8 Christians cleared of proselytizing charges, young convert fears for his life
  141. EGYPT, TURKEY, UZBEKISTAN: Persecution and Prayer Alert, December 15, 2016 (VOMC)
  142. Pray for American student, Otto, jailed on false pretenses in North Korea.
  143. Mother and son in Uganda beaten for becoming Christians.
  144. Some prisoners freed, some spending
  145. Praise our Heavenly Father, 8 Neapli Christians cleared of "proselytizing" charges.
  146. Pray for Vietnamese Pastor, Christmas in India, attack on Christian school children.
  147. Pray for wife of imprisoned lawyer, Church members threatened, Pastor in Turkey.
  148. Pray for couple evangelizing in Iran, and for Christians in the Sudan and Aleppo.
  149. Homeless single mum Peniniah needs your prayers.
  150. Prisoners of Faith Alert - January 2017 Your prayers made a real difference Accor
  151. Prisoners of Faith Alert - January 2017
  152. Bibles to Palestinian Church, Pray for Brunei Sultan, Ahmed's faith....
  153. Pastor's home raided, Czech trial coming to close, evangelism of rural Chinese
  154. "I will never hide!"
  155. Chinese Church Protesters Met With Fists
  156. UK: Richard Page, Sacked judge Suspended by NHS; Hearing Today (Jan 12)
  157. Man walks into Church in Khartoum and starts demolishing it!
  158. Columbian government, Iraqui refugees, kidnapped nursing home worker...
  159. Chinese Christian lawyer too traumatized to enter his home.
  160. PAKISTAN: Pakistani Senate Committee on Human Rights to Debate Blasphemy Laws
  161. 5 Christians sentenced to prison, childrfen receiving illustrated Bibles.
  162. EGYPT, INDIA, MIDDLE EAST: Persecution and Prayer Alert, January 5, 2017 (VOMC)
  163. CHINA, UGANDA, SUDAN: Persecution and Prayer Alert, January 12, 2017 (VOMC)
  164. IRAN, YEMEN, NEPAL: Persecution and Prayer Alert, January 19, 2017 (VOMC)
  165. Catch 22 for Azerbaijani Pastor....
  166. Pakistan - Kidnap fears for missing Pastor
  167. Pray for Christians in Aleppo and Mosul.
  168. Some ministering to Assyrians, pastor arrested, Church leader threatened.....
  169. EGYPT, PAKISTAN, SRI LANKA: Persecution and Prayer Alert, January 26, 2017 (VOMC)
  170. Christian sentenced to life for act of compassion....
  171. Voice of the Martyrs Prayer Requests 2/3/2017
  172. Pray for Pastor's release from prison in Turkey
  173. Open Doors Prayer Requests 2/6/2017
  174. 70 year old Christian arrested for "blasphemous" comments.
  175. Pray for Petr to be sustained in prison...
  176. Guzal stands firm, 3 prisoners released, 2 pastors fined, miracle escape from N.Korea
  177. 2 new Chriistians, women charged for Bible study, 1 imprisoned for sharing his faith
  178. Iranian Christians wait to see if they will be whipped.
  179. Pray for Pastor Haile
  180. Pray for Bartu's family, who mourn him.
  181. Appeal in Sudan, Agmal and Gurya
  182. Beaten for converting to Christianity, Church in Syria, Widow of Martyred Pastor
  183. Violence in CAR leaves Pastor dead.
  184. TURKEY, UGANDA, IRAN: Persecution and Prayer Alert, February 2, 2017 (VOMC)
  185. SUDAN, EGYPT, ETHIOPIA: Persecution and Prayer Alert, February 9, 2017 (VOMC)
  186. CHINA, PAKISTAN, SYRIA: Persecution and Prayer Alert, February 16, 2017 (VOMC)
  187. Abduction prayers for Malaysian Christians
  188. Serving a 15 year sentence in China for witnessing to Muslims....
  189. Egyptian jjihadistspost video calling for more terrorist deaths.
  190. Evicted from village, Pastors ordered to join Chinese movement, 3 children kidnapped
  191. SUDAN: Christian Aid Worker Petr Jasek Released; Two Others Still Held
  192. Arrested in Tajikistan, Missing inn Malaysia, Kidnapped in Mali
  193. Christians fleeing in Iraq, syria, elsewhere....
  194. Kamel killed by Islamists, Mary learning the Bible, 4 Families deported...
  195. Reward for abducted Pastor, Lahore attacks leave 10 dead, Peter Jasek pardoned...
  196. EGYPT, IRAN, NIGERIA: Persecution and Prayer Alert, February 23, 2017 (VOMC)
  197. INDIA, EGYPT, NEPAL: Persecution and Prayer Alert, March 2, 2017 (VOMC)
  198. Pray for Egyptian family.
  199. Attacked at Christmas. Family tried to kill him. Attacked at Kaduna.
  200. Indonesian childrens faith tested. 3 Papuans left dead. Bomb detonated near school.
  201. PAKISTAN, MALAYSIA, SUDAN: Persecution and Prayer Alert, March 9, 2017 (VOMC)
  202. From baptism to detention in Iran.
  203. Pastor in prison, food and jobs scarce for in Alleppo, Evangelism in Persian New Year
  204. EGYPT, VIETNAM, INDIA: Persecution and Prayer Alert, March 16, 2017 (VOMC)
  205. Prayer for abductedd pastor, bombed children healing slowly, deaf believer beaten...
  206. Civil war in Yemen...
  207. Intimidation and threats, embattled Tajik churches, childlren's school closed.
  208. Christians attacked at Festival, Pastor Raymond abducted, village attack victims.
  209. INDONESIA, SRI LANKA, WEST BANK: Persecution and Prayer Alert, March 23, 2017 (VOMC)
  210. #1 in Christian persecution, North Korea
  211. Indian police look on as Christians beaten.
  212. Church burned, disabled Christian, Pastor cannot find work...
  213. Yogi aggressively trying to make India all Hindu.
  214. Hard pressed on every side... Imprisoned Iranian Christian's health declilnes...
  215. #2 in Christian Persecution, Somalia
  216. 3 years in an Eritrean Prison looked back on as a blessing.
  217. Pray for pastors in Libya.
  218. Violence in S. Kaduna, Displaced Iraqis, EU calls to free 2 Sudanese
  219. Muslims oppose Indonesian Church, Family rejects Azibo, digital Bible distribution...
  220. Sudanese man pays with his life for defending Christian woman.
  221. North Korean Christians
  222. #3 in Christian persecution, Afghanistan
  223. Church in Egypt
  224. EGYPT: At Least 45 Killed in 2 Bomb Attacks on Coptic Palm Sunday Celebrations
  225. SYRIA, NIGERIA, EUROPE: Persecution and Prayer Alert, March 30 2017 (VOMC)
  226. Stabbed at Church, Mob assaults Pastor, injured after refusing to deny Jesus
  227. Pray for Rasima and Fadia, Pastor ill in prison,
  228. #4 in Christian Persecution, Pakistan
  229. IRAN, ERITREA, CHINA: Persecution and Prayer Alert, April 6, 2017 (VOMC)
  230. Wife of sick, imprisoned Chinese Pastro pleads for prayers...
  231. Increased Radicalizationh in Dagestan. Kidnapped Pastor. Flood hist S.E.Ache.
  232. Sri Lankan Pastor Under Pressure
  233. Hmong Christians expelled.Tehran Pastor facing charges. Bible distribution in Mali.
  234. #5 in Christian persecution, Sudan
  235. SUDAN, CHINA, PRAISE REPORT: Persecution and Prayer Alert, April 20, 2017 (VOMC)
  236. EGYPT, INDIA, MEXICO: Persecution and Prayer Alert, April 13, 2017 (VOMC)
  237. Asian Pastors Arrested. Jakarta's non Muslim Governor persecution. Pakistean terror.
  238. Pastor Isahar threatened. Saleh's Muslim women witness. Kamea & children, new life.
  239. #6 in Christian Persecution, Syria
  240. Tajik Pastor arrested for having Christian literature and songs.
  241. She would "rather deie than forsake Jesus."
  242. Worsening persecution in Central Asia. Tajikistan increases social media surveilance.
  243. Mona's family loses home. Chinese Pastor arrested. Former Muslim follows Christ.
  244. #6 in Christian persecution, Syria
  245. NIGERIA: 82 Chibok Girls Released by Boko Haram in Prisoner Exchange
  246. Persecution of Christians and Jews in the Arab peninsula.
  247. Believers' home in Israel attacked.
  248. Not Ashamed
  249. Uncertain future for Uzbekistan
  250. The Dangers of Being Baptized