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  1. Your prayers answered. Sudanese prisoners released.
  2. Raids on Churches in Kazakhstan. Pastor arrested in Asia.
  3. Expelled by family. Pastors held w/o trial. Arrested for sharing the Gospel.
  4. Another Christian persecuted by Pakistan's blasphemy laws.
  5. PAKISTAN, SUDAN, MIDDLE EAST, Persecution and Prayer Alert, May 4, 2017 (VOMC)
  6. TAJIKISTAN, ETHIOPIA, NIGER: Persecution and Prayer Alert, May 11, 2017 (VOMC)
  7. #7 in Christian persecution, Iraq
  8. Prisoners of Faith Alert 5/2017
  9. Chinese Christian couple pushed off wall during a protest about their Church.
  10. Church planter threatened. Pray for Radio Gospel. Messianic Jews targeted in Israel
  11. Good news in Children's Home. Believers beaten in Viet Nam.
  12. Asian Pastors arrested and treated cruely. Persecution in India soars.
  13. #8 in Christian persecution, Iran
  14. Attack from Moro Liberation Front on Christians in the Phillipines.
  15. Christians in Kenya fear imminent attack. Please pray.
  16. Christians kidnapped by terrorists in Philippines.
  17. Li just out of Prison. Murdered Pastors's widow. Altan cannot attend Church.
  18. EGYPT: Bus Carrying Coptic Christians Attacked; At Least 26 Dead & Many Injured
  19. Egyptian visitors on way to Monastery attacked on bus by gunman.
  20. Please pray for deaf Pastor in Central Asia and about Cholera outbrerak in Yemen.
  21. #9 in Christian persecution, Yemen.
  22. INDONESIA, INDIA & SUDAN: Persecution and Prayer Alert, May 18, 2017 (VOMC)
  23. YEMEN, NIGERIA & NORTH KOREA: Persecution and Prayer Alert, May 25, 2017 (VOMC)
  24. Preaching and Combat in the midst of Islamic terrorists.
  25. Twelve children among Christians rounded up in Eritrea Eritrean security officers hav
  26. Kidnapped and terroirized, Receiving threats. Kidnapped. Family of murder victim.
  27. #10 in Christian Persseuction, Eritrea
  28. Philippiinos under attack by Isis. Turkmen teacher told to renounce her faith.
  29. 100 of searching for Pastor Koh
  30. Chinese Christian lawyer faces life sentence for defending human rights.
  31. PHILIPPINES, KENYA & IRAN: Persecution and Prayer Alert, June 1 2017 (VOMC)
  32. AFGHANISTAN, EGYPT & CHINA: Persecution and Prayer Alert, June 8, 2017 (VOMC)
  33. Islamists close Churches. Buddhist persecution. Eritrean Christians arrested.
  34. #11 in Christian Persecution, Lybia
  35. A day in the life of a Qatari Christian.
  36. Open Doors Prayer Reuests 6/12/2017
  37. 3 Christian women kidnapped in Cario.
  38. Open Doors Prayer Requests 6/15/2017
  39. Voice of the Martyrs Prayer Requests 6/16/2017
  40. Christian teacher shot dead in front of Kenyan students.
  41. INDIA, ERITREA & IRAN: Persecution and Prayer Alert, June 15, 2017
  42. #12 in Christian persecution, Nigeria.
  43. Persecuted Indian Christians denied water in extreme heat.
  44. Open Doors Prayer Requests
  45. Diana recovering from Muslim attack, 6 yr. old freed from Islamic state, Isis kills 2
  46. #13 in Christian Persecution, Maldives
  47. Eritrean children left without parents as arrests continue...
  48. Attacked by Hindu militants. 45 Christians arrested in Adi Quala. Freed from prison.
  49. Pastor persecuted. Family expellled from village. Mother forgives child's murderers.
  50. #14 in Christian persecution, Saudi Arabia
  51. Cyber ‘blasphemy’ fear for Pakistan’s Christians
  52. Indian Christians beaten and have their Church closed down.
  53. Laotian Bible student imprisoned.
  54. Shocking prison sentence for our Iranian brothers.
  55. Kicked out of his home by son. Tortured in Prison. Muslim leaders abuse Christians.
  56. Former Muslim stands firm for Jesus. Court hearing for believers. Pastor threatened.
  57. #15 in Christian Persecution, India
  58. Tabitha's family needs prayer. Rebecca expelled from home. Mr. Lee arrested & beaten.
  59. Christians sentenced in Iran and Tajikistan. IS member arrested in Papua, Indonesia.
  60. #16 in Christian persecution, Uzbekistan
  61. KENYA, CHINA & IRAQ: Persecution and Prayer Alert, June 22, 2017 (VOMC)
  62. SOMALIA, ERITREA & PHILIPPINES: Persecution and Prayer Alert, June 29, 2017 (VOMC)
  63. VIETNAM, EGYPT & COLOMBIA: Persecution and Prayer Alert, July 6 2017 (VOMC)
  64. IRAN, MYANMAR (Burma), KAZAKHSTAN: Persecution and Prayer Alert, July 13, 2017 (VOMC)
  65. Sanga in surgery after attack. Released from prison. 2 Christians get long sentences.
  66. Pastor jailed after singing too loudly at Church.
  67. Children's Camp Searched. Worsening flood in Bangladesh. Mexican legal assistance.
  68. #17 in Christian persecution, Viet Nam
  69. Egyptian Christians on high alert after bomb threat.
  70. PAKISTAN, INDIA & ALGERIA: Persecution and Prayer Alert, July 20, 2017 (VOMC)
  71. Open Doors Update on Phillipino partners.
  72. Pastor Martyred. 5 Families pressured. Christians under threat of attack.
  73. Christian children's holiday camps stopped in China.
  74. Seige continues between Phillipine
  75. Central Asian Missionaries Arrested. Church robbed in Kyrgyzstan.
  76. #18 in Christian persecution, Kenya
  77. MALI, CHINA & PHILIP PARKS: Persecution and Prayer Alert, July 27, 2017 (VOMC)
  78. Iranian released from prison.
  79. Imprisoned Pastor. 2 believeres homeless. Elizabath prays for daughter's return.
  80. Kenta election. Venezuela calls for prayer. Kyrgyzsyan Church threats.
  81. #19 in Christian persecution, Turkmenistan
  82. Christian soldier beaten to death on Egyptian base.
  83. The people of Guam are being perseccuted with bomb threats, as are we in the USA.
  84. Pre Teen converts Muslim mother. Open Doors widow. Mission workers surveilled.
  85. Murdered pastor's widow. 2 flee home after death threats. Impreisoned for songs.
  86. #20 in Christian persecution, Quatar
  87. Eritrean Prisoner of Faith.
  88. "Your mosrt honorable judge, I am ready to lay down my life."
  89. Eritrean mother of 3 dies in prison for her faith.
  90. Pastor falsely accused. Pastor helps trafficked women. 17 year old held in secret.
  91. #21 in Christian persecution, Egypt.
  92. Persecution and Prayer Alerts, August 3, 10 & 17, 2017 (VOMC)
  93. Christians targeted in Uganda. Rural Ethiopian Church's worship facing restriction.
  94. Pastor Killed in Renewed Violence in CAR.
  95. Searching for new home. Church has constant threats. Growing Islamic presence.
  96. ERITREA, PAKISTAN, NIGERIA: Persecution and Prayer Alert, August 24, 2017 (VOMC)
  97. Saudi Arabian regulations. Christians amid Jihadists. India to deport refugees.
  98. #22 in Christian Persecution, Ethiopia
  99. Kidnapped Pastor in Malaysia
  100. Iranian brother Ebrahim on hunger strike iin Iranian jail.
  101. Bible burned. Divorced and cast out fo rher faith. Agape Children's Home.
  102. Christians recovering from bombing. Family homeless. Children barred from Church.
  103. #23 in Christian persecution, Palestinian territories.
  104. Christiians possessions taken. Hindu extremist attack. Pastor accused of spying.
  105. Church raiided. Secret faith. Pressure in Nigeria. University attacked.
  106. #24 in Christian persecution, Laos
  107. Kenyans murdered in beds even after observing curfew.
  108. Jailed. Rejected by family. Uneployed after colleagues attack.
  109. Traumatized. Troubles multiply. Secret faith tested. Severe pressure in Nigeria.
  110. #25 in Christian Persecution, Brunei
  111. Fleeing violence in Myanmar. Brutal attacks ikn Kenya. Hamida's fragile safety.
  112. PHILIPPINES, KENYA, CHINA: Persecution and Prayer Alert, August 31, 2017 (VOMC)
  113. INDIA, CAMEROON, VIETNAM: Persecution and Prayer Alert, September 7, 2017 (VOMC)
  114. Murdered by classmates. Christian hiding from family. Killed showing Jesus film.
  115. Sister in Tajikistan brutally beaten for following the Savior.
  116. Christian teenager in Pakistan attacked, tortured and arrested.
  117. #26 in Christian Persecution, Bangladesh
  118. Encounters Christ in dreams. Botched decapitation. Appeal fails.
  119. Pastor unjustly iprisoned on blasphemy charge.
  120. Found Christ fighting Isis. Expelled from their town. Remains in prison.
  121. Church attacked by mob. Denied a classroom. Vietnamese Churches still serve.
  122. Eighteen year old suffers brutal sexual assulat - but policce don't investigate.
  123. #24 in Christian persecutioin, Laos
  124. IRAN, TANZANIA, CANADA (EVENT): Persecution and Prayer Alert, Sept. 21 2017 (VOMC)
  125. CHINA, PAKISTAN, AFGHANISTAN: Persecution and Prayer Alert, Sept. 28, 2017 (VOMC)
  126. 3 Families flee Isis. Shop destroyed by Muslims. Closing of Christian School.
  127. Pastor's dilemma. Worship interupted by man with ax. Chriistian politician accused.
  128. #25 in Christian persecution, Brunei
  129. NEPAL, KAZAKHSTAN, KENYA: Persecution and Prayer Alert, Oct. 5, 2017 (VOMC)
  130. Call for Prisoners of Faith in Eritrea
  131. American brother Andrew Brunson is still behind bars.
  132. Good news! Trump works successfully to free American hostages in Pakistan.
  133. Pastor's Family Attacked. Village leaders learn Christianity. School concern.
  134. #26 in Christian persecution, Bangladesh
  135. KENYA, SUDAN, CANADA: Persecution and Prayer Alert, Oct. 12, 2017 (VOMC)
  136. Sharing Jesus in refugee camp. Imprisoned for blashphemy. Freed from prison.
  137. 5 Bible verse based prayers for North Koreans.
  138. Eritrean mother of 3 dies in desert prison.
  139. General Prisoners of Faith Information.
  140. #27 in Christian persecution, Jordan
  141. UGANDA, MALI, YEMEN: Persecution and Prayer Alert, Oct. 19, 2017 (VOMC)
  142. More Sudan church leaders arrested.
  143. Hope for Iraq. Niger daughter kidnapped. Hope in Sudan.
  144. 6 Christians freed from prison. Pressured to renounce faith. Building new Church.
  145. #29 in Christian perseuction, Tunisia.
  146. Open Doors 11/1/2017
  147. House Church Pressured. Imprisoned since 2012. Imprisoned and harrassed.
  148. Christians in India banned from worshipping together.
  149. #30 in Christian persecution, Bhutan
  150. NIGER, AFGHANISTAN, ALGERIA: Persecution and Prayer Alert, Oct. 26, 2017 (VOMC)
  151. CHINA, IRAN: EGYPT: Persecution and Prayer Alert, Nov. 2, 2017 (VOMC)
  152. Trump in China - "Press for religious freedom, Mr. President."
  153. Devestated home. Trusting for courage. Prayers for Iraqi Christians.
  154. Receiving Christian literature. Kids in detention camps. Pastor's Church closed.
  155. #31 in Chrstian persecution, Malaysia
  156. Christian in prison, away from family, for 11 years!
  157. Open Doors prayer alerts 11/15/2017
  158. 4 men rerleased. Widowed by Isamists. Sickiening smoke problem for VOM & Pakistanis
  159. Pray for Zafar in Pakistani prison for false blasphemy charges.
  160. #32 in Christian persecution, Mali
  161. Muslims coing to Christ. Modern day Apostle. Perseveance in the storm.
  162. Arrested students & parens. Held in unknown place. Beaten for not divorcing.
  163. IRAQ, NIGERIA: Persecution and Prayer Alert, Nov. 9 2017 (VOMC)
  164. TAJIKISTAN, BURMA (MYANMAR), KAZAKHSTAN: Persecution and Prayer Alert, Nov. 16, 2017
  165. INDIA, ERITREA, NORTH KOREA: Persecution and Prayer Alert, Nov. 23, 2017 (VOMC)
  166. #33 in Christian persecution, Tanzania
  167. Eritrean prisoners.
  168. Persecution turns to joy for Indian Christians.
  169. Church life after Isis. 15 prayers for Iraq. Concerns for Chinese Christians.
  170. Couple kicked out of village. Learning about Jesus in China. New Christian convert.
  171. UGANDA, ALGERIA, SRI LANKA: Persecution and Prayer Alert, Nov. 28, 2017 (VOMC)
  172. #34 in Christian Persecution, Central African Republic.
  173. Portraits of persecuted Christian children.
  174. False forced conversions accusations. Algerians intimidated. Forced to reject faith.
  175. Indian Pastor and wife beaten up.
  176. CHINA, KENYA, TURKEY: Persecution and Prayer Alert, Dec. 7, 2017 (VOMC)
  177. #35 in Christian persecution Tajikistan
  178. More on Noeh. Persecuted Children.
  179. A new unity. Persecution of Sudanese elders. Pray campaign.
  180. Stolen fathers, broken families.
  181. Persecuted believers in Belarus, Iran, China.
  182. NIGERIA, PAKISTAN, LAOS: Persecution and Prayer Alert, Dec. 14 2017 (VOMC)
  183. #36 in Christian persecution, Nigeria.
  184. Children of persecution: Juan
  185. IMPORTANT PAKISTAN: Suicide attack Methodist Church in Quetta; at least 9 dead
  186. Children of persecution, Nani and Nha Phong
  187. Christian boys and girls targeted for kidnapping and conversion in Egypt.
  188. Children of persecution, Filipinos Andin and Sahabi
  189. Voice of the Martyrs Prayer Requests 12/21/2017
  190. PAKISTAN, NIGERIA, EGYPT: Persecution and Prayer Alert, Dec. 21, 2017 (VOMC)
  191. #37 in Christian persecution Turkey
  192. Children of the Persecuted Church: Sarah, Meeral, 7 girls praying for a miracle.
  193. Tai Tai's family mourns his murder. Irina facies chargers. Wants daughter back.
  194. Children of the persecuted Church, Jen-jen
  195. IMPORTANT EGYPT: 12 dead in attacks on Coptic Christians near Cairo
  196. #38 in Christian persecution, Kuwait
  197. 9 killed, many spared as terrorists attack Church.
  198. IMPORTANT NIGERIA: At Least 16 Dead in Attack Following Midnight Service at New Year BBC, Box
  199. Village evicts families. Pastor's services stopped. Pastor accused of blasphemy.
  200. Vice President Pence to Iraqi Christians: "Help is on the way."
  201. Pray for adequate supplies to get to Iraqi Christians.
  202. #39 in Christian Persecution, China
  203. New Christians in Laos need prayer. Pray for hearts of persecuting village chiefs.
  204. UGANDA, MEXICO, INDIA: Persecution and Prayer Alert, Jan. 4, 2018 (VOMC)
  205. Militants burn Baptist Church in Kyrgyzstan. Altar Bible survives blaze unharmed.
  206. Aliza injured by bomb. 5 arrested at Christmas gathering. Gospel balloons released.
  207. #40 in Christian Perseuction, United Arab Emerates
  208. Communist official threat. Lawyer needs protection. 4 get 3 year prison sentence.
  209. UZBEKISTAN, ALGERIA, EGYPT: Persecution and Prayer Alert, Jan. 11, 2018 (VOMC)
  210. Release International, Prisoners of Faith Alert
  211. Persecuted family prays for you. Killed over a cup of water.
  212. Christian persecuted at school. Church after Islamist attack. Church services halted
  213. 200 Chinese Christians arrested in 'cult' crackdown
  214. #41 in Christiean persecution, Bangladesh
  215. KAZAKHSTAN, BURMA (MYANMAR), KYRGYZSTAN: Persecution and Prayer Alert, Jan. 18, 2018
  216. Opendoorsusa persecution update.
  217. Church destroyed. Recovering from Church attack. Mother & children flee Boko Haram.
  218. New laws threaten Vietnamese Christians.
  219. Pastor has lost hearing. Mounting intolerance in India.
  220. #42 in Christian persecution, Algeria
  221. BURKINA FASO, CHINA, LAOS: Persecution and Prayer Alert, Jan. 25, 2018 (VOMC)
  222. Why there are no Christian children in North Korea.
  223. Pastor's wife imprisoned. Pastor murdered. Church burned.
  224. Egyptian Christian proclaims faith before militants.
  225. Interesting interview between Trump & N. Korean escapees, some former prisoners.
  226. VIETNAM, IRAN, NIGER: Persecution and Prayer Alert, Feb. 1, 2018 (VOMC)
  227. #43 in Christian persecution, China
  228. Meet two women trying to help the Church.
  229. False charges. Recent attacks on Christians. Murdered Burmese Christian.
  230. #44 in Christian peresecution, Sri Lanka
  231. Pastormurdered. North Korea missle threat.
  232. KENYA, CAMEROON, INDONESIA: Persecution and Prayer Alert, Feb. 8, 2018 (VOMC)
  233. Pray for militants's repentance, for Kenyan widow and for government to do its job.
  234. Nawai faces persecution daily. Christian in Vietnam wants to preach to persecutors.
  235. Detained for religion. New believers in Safe House. Husband killed by Islamist.
  236. #45 in Christian persecution, Azerbaijan
  237. INDIA, SUDAN, PAKISTAN: Persecution and Prayer Alert, Feb. 15, 2018 (VOMC)
  238. Coptic Christians hope. Syrian Church resurrecting. The only prayer they knew...
  239. Prayers for the Sudanese
  240. New water well. Fines and restrictions. Man with sword attacks Church members.
  241. #46 in Christian Persecution, Oman
  242. TURKEY, UGANDA, EGYPT: Persecution and Prayer Alert, Feb. 22, 2018 (VOMC)
  243. New hope for jailed Christian governor.
  244. Hindu extremists call for burned Bibles.
  245. New water well needs prayer. Churches faces fines etc. Sword attack in Church.
  246. #47 in Christian persecution, Mauritania
  247. Prayers for Egypt and Pakistan
  248. The lives of believers like Kusum are at stake in India
  249. Three Churches in Egypt shut down.
  250. 4 evangelizers arrested. Churches can't meet in hotels. Churches closed down.