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  1. #48 in Christian persecution, Bahrain.
  2. NIGERIA, GHANA, NORTH KOREA: Persecution and Prayer Alert, Mar. 8, 2018 (VOMC)
  3. Boko Haram survivor forgives. Trafficked teen restored.
  4. Prayers for Iranians.
  5. Church attacked. Church closed. Messianic Jews face threats.
  6. #49 in Christian persecution, Colombia
  7. #49 in Christian persecution, Colombia
  8. China crackdown on Christianity is "like another cultural revolution."
  9. Miracle for Pastor slashed with Machete. Sheikh confesses Christ.
  10. Christians in Zanzibar. Families shunned for their faith. Christian brothers beaten.
  11. #50 in Christian persecution. Djibouti
  12. TURKEY: U.S. Pastor Andrew Brunson Officially Charged; facing up to 35 years in priso
  13. TURKEY: U.S. Pastor Andrew Brunson Officially Charged; facing up to 35 years
  14. Prayers for Eritreans
  15. TURKEY: U.S. Pastor Andrew Brunson Officially Charged; Facing up to 35 years
  16. Palm Sunday in Qaraqosh. N. Korean children see cross as evil. Pastor's trial date.
  17. Persecution after daughter's death. Pray for Bible store. Evicted from village.
  18. #1 in Christian persecution.
  19. Release International Iraq Prayer Alerts.
  20. CHINA, ALGERIA, INDIA: Persecution and Prayer Alert, Mar. 22, 2018 (VOMC)
  21. NIGERIA, PAKISTAN, SOMALIA: Persecution and Prayer Alert, Mar. 29, 2018 (VOMC)
  22. 2 women risk their lives to rebuild the Church.
  23. Christian orphans abducted. Awaiting ruling on prison. Police interrogate 8 year old
  24. Family of four killed in Easter attack.
  25. #2 in Christian persecution, Afghanistan
  26. Information TURKEY UPDATE: Pastor Andrew Brunsonís Trial Date Confirmed as April 16
  27. TURKEY, KAZAKHSTAN, MIDDLE EAST: Persecution and Prayer Alert, April 5, 2018 (VOMC)
  28. Encourage parents of Boko Haram captive. Kidnapped Nigerians. Jailed U.S. Pastor.
  29. KGB threatens Church. Christian village attacks. Former Muslim & evangelist.
  30. Pray for evangelist arrested on false charges.
  31. IMPORTANT TURKEY, REMINDER: Pastor Andrew Brunson's trial begins on Monday, April 16
  32. #3 in Christian persecution, Somalia
  33. #3 in Christian persecution, Somalia
  34. Grandmother killed. Online Bible banned. Christian resists Muslim marriage.
  35. Release International China Prayer Alerts
  36. Pakistani Christians shocked and fearful after 3rd attack.
  37. #4 in Christian persecution, Somalia
  38. #4 in Christian persecution, Sudan
  39. U.
  40. U.S. Pastor Brunson moved from "nightmare" prison.
  41. Persecuted family stays in village. Pastor's trial delayed. 2 Christians killed.
  42. Open Doors Prayer Force Alerts.
  43. Release International Prayer Shields for Nigeria and India.
  44. #5 in Christian Persecution, Pakistan
  45. NORTHERN IRELAND, UK: Asher's Bakery Case before UK Supreme Court
  46. Muslims angered by books given to children. Pray for Haddad. Christians monitored.
  47. Prayer Shields, India & Egypt
  48. #6 in Christian persecution, Eritrea
  49. PAKISTAN, INDIA, NIGERIA: Persecution and Prayer Alert, April 26 2018 (VOMC)
  50. NIGERIA, CHINA, LAOS: Persecution and Prayer Alert, May 3, 2018 (VOMC)
  51. NORTHERN IRELAND, UK: Ashers Bakery Case, Update
  52. TURKEY, REMINDER: Pastor Andrew Brunson's Second Court Hearing on Monday, May 7, 2018
  53. TURKEY: Pastor Andrew Brunson; update following second hearing earlier today
  54. Pastor beheaded by Maoists. Pastor under threat. Christian towns destroyed.
  55. Released N.Koran captives. Pray for Leah, Boko Haram captive.
  56. #7 in Christian persecution, Libya
  57. #42 in Christian persecution, Algeria
  58. Prayer Shields for Pakistan and Egypt
  59. INDONESIA: At Least 13 Dead Air and 41 injured in Suicide Attacks on 3 Churches
  60. Indonesian Churches hit by horrific attacks.
  61. Marco's and Mina's father murdered. Christians targeted at Ramadan.
  62. 2 arrested sharing literature. Attacked by Muslim. USA Pastor sentenced to 7 years.
  63. President Trump raises issues of persecution of Christians with Nigerian President.
  64. #8 in Christian persecution, Iraq
  65. Prayer Shields for Iran and Pakistan
  66. Information TURKEY UPDATE: Pastor Andrew Brunson; Next Hearing on July 18
  67. INDONESIA, CHINA, PAKISTAN: Persecution and Prayer Alert, May 17, 2018 (VOMC)
  68. EGYPT, NORTH KOREA, IRAN: Persecution and Prayer Alert, May 10, 2018 (VOMC)
  69. Petition for abducted USA Pastor Raymond Koh.
  70. Attack on 3 Churches. Increased penalty for apostasy. Brother kicks out Christian.
  71. #9 in Christian persecution, Yemen.
  72. Prayer Shields for Sudan and Iran
  73. INDIA, RUSSIA, NIGERIA: Persecution and Prayer Alert, May 24, 2018 (VOMC)
  74. Convert to Christianity. Schools work to eliminate Christianity. Pastor to refugees.
  75. Release International: Prisoners of Faith.
  76. #10 in Christian persecution, Iran
  77. Release International Prayer Shields
  78. Syrian Church under attack. Christians fleeing city.
  79. Myanmar military launches brutal attack on Christian areas.
  80. North Korean Believer Sings Amazing Grace
  81. Muslim calls Christian T.V. VOM speaker's vision. Law restricts front line workers.
  82. Release International Prayer Alerts: Kenya and Laos
  83. #11 in Christian persecution, India
  84. ALGERIA, MAURITANIA, EGYPT: Persecution and Prayer Alert, May 31, 2018 (VOMC)
  85. CHINA, TANZANIA, VIETNAM Persecution and Prayer Alert, June 7, 2018 (VOMC)
  86. ERITREA, PRAISE REPORT: Pastor Oqbamichel Haiminot Released!
  87. Open Doors Prayer Requests 6/14/2018
  88. Arrested in Church. Evangelist persecuted. Boko Haram captive still not free.
  89. #12 in Christian persecution, Saudi Arabia
  90. Release International Prayer Shields 6/16/2018
  91. MAYANMAR,.., ERITREA, VIETNAM: Persecution & Prayer Alert, June 14, 2018 (VOMC)
  92. 100 Churches closed in China province
  93. Muslims intimidate Church. Hindus attack Christians. Pray for Pastor Sylvain.
  94. #13 in Christian persecution, the Maldives
  95. Release International Prayer Shields 6/23/2018
  96. Persecution and Prayer Alert, June 21, 2018 (VOMC)
  97. Falsely charged. 17 Boko Haram seek forgiveness. Christian couple detained.
  98. 200 Nigerian Christians slaughtered in village attacks.
  99. Open Doors July, 4 prayer requests.
  100. #14 in Christian Persecution, Nigeria
  101. Release International Prayer Shields, Malaysia and Kyrgyzstan.
  102. UZBEKISTAN, LAOS, CHINA: Persecution and Prayer Alert, June 28, 2018 (VOMC)
  103. Today, July 4th, please remember the millions that are not free...
  104. Grace shown to the enemy. Pastors arrested. Village attack.
  105. Release International Prayer Shields, China
  106. #15 in Christian persecution.
  107. SRI LANKA, RUSSIA, INDIA: Persecution and Prayer Alert, July 5, 2018 (VOMC)
  108. Family separated for faith. Hindus burn Pastor's home. Young Muslims online search.
  109. Algerian Christian under increasing pressure.
  110. Meet Mary, survivor of 4 day killing spree in Nigeria.
  111. #16 in Christian persecution, Uzbekistan
  112. Prayer Shields, Sudan and China
  113. INDIA, PAKISTAN, ALGERIA: Persecution and Prayer Alert, July 13, 2018 (VOMC)
  114. TURKEY: Please pray for Pastor Andrew Brunson (3rd Hearing on Wednesday July 18)
  115. Praying for a daughter's safe return from Boko Haram.
  116. TURKEY UPDATE: Pastor Andrew Brunson Remains in Prison (next court hearing, Oct 12)
  117. Challenging existence. Church raid detainees. Islamists traumatized Pastor's wife.
  118. #17 in Christian Persecution, Egypt
  119. Prayer Shields, Central Asia, Sudan
  120. IRAN, KYRGYZSTAN, TURKEY: Persecution and Prayer Alert, July 19, 2018
  121. Church bomb diffused. Home churches made illegal. Christians released from prison.
  122. Beaten and fined for sharing the Gospel.
  123. #18 in Christian persecution, Vieit Nam
  124. Release International Prayer Shields, Egypt and Central Asia
  125. Persecution and Prayer Alert, July 26, 2018 (VOMC)
  126. TURKEY UPDATE: Pastor Andrew Brunson Transferred to House Arrest
  127. Christians driven out. Christians warned to cease activity. Church raided 3rd time.
  128. Open Doors Central Asia, Mahmut's husband and 3 other pastors arrested.
  129. India: Christians injured and traumatized by mob attack.
  130. Release International Prayer Alerts, Iran and Egypt
  131. #19 in Christian Persecution, Turkmenistan
  132. Forced back to Islam. Believers hopeful for peace. New life & nname for young mother.
  133. Open Doors, pray for Filipino youths.
  134. #20 in Christian persecution, Laos
  135. #21 in Christian persecution, Jordan
  136. Persecution and Prayer Alert, August 2, 2018 (VOMC)
  137. Persecution and Prayer Alert, August 9, 2018 (VOMC)
  138. Authorities detain Christians. House Church fined. Zanzibar Church closed.
  139. TURKEY UPDATE: Turkish Court Rejects Andrew Brunsonís Appeal
  140. #22 in Christian persecution, Tajikistan
  141. Release International Pakistan Prayer Shields
  142. Release International Pakistan and Iran Prayer Shields
  143. Open Doors Prayer Request, the Philippines
  144. Teens attend VOM camp. 4 Christians assaulted. Judge forbids joint prayer
  145. Open Doors Prayers for Indonesia
  146. #23 in Christian persecution, Malaysia
  147. Release International Prayer Shields, Myanmar
  148. Two pastors among scores killed by militants in Nigeria
  149. Imam convert persecuted. Convert tithes 1/2 of income. Orphans get Bibles.
  150. Pray for wife of imprisoned Iranian pastor.
  151. Release International Prayer Shields
  152. #24 in Christian persecution, Myanmar
  153. Persecution and Prayer Alerts, August 16, 23 & 30, VOMC
  154. Couple expelled from home. Pastors accused of conversion racket. Syrian finds Christ
  155. @35 in Christian persecution, Nepal
  156. #25 in Christian persecution, Nepal
  157. Release International Prayer Shields, India
  158. Pray for refugees in Lebanon.
  159. Imminent attack feared in Northern Nigeria.
  160. In a bold move the USA is closing down the PLO organization in Washington, D.C.
  161. Convert prisoner released. Mobs threaten Christians. Pastor targeted by Fulanis.
  162. #26 in Christian persecution, Brunei
  163. Democratic Republic of Congo, Church training.
  164. Release International Prayer Shields, North Korea and Syria
  165. Boko Haram releases execution video & threatens to kill kidnaped girl and others.
  166. INDIA, SRI LANKA, BURMA [MYANMAR]: Persecution and Prayer Alert, September 6, 2018
  167. EGYPT, TIBET, INDIA: Persecution and Prayer Alert, September 13, 2018 (VOMC)
  168. Agents hunt Christians. Faithful lose homes in fire. 30 Christians forced from homes.
  169. KENYA, INDIA, BANGLADESH: Persecution and Prayer Alert, September 20, 2018 (VOMC)
  170. Release International Prayer Shields, Laos and North Korea
  171. #27 in Christian Persecution, Qatar
  172. Pray for 21 Iranian Christians, 14 awaiting appeal verdicts.
  173. Christian woman hurled from building
  174. Crackdown on Wa Christians. Chinese Churches arrests, closures. Boko Haram attacks.
  175. #28 in Christian persecution, Kazakhstan.
  176. Release International Prayer Shield, Laos
  177. BURMA (MYANMAR), ERITREA, CHINA: Persecution and Prayer Alert, Sept 27, 2018 (VOMC)
  178. Family rejects believer .Hindus assault Pastor & 1 other. Mob threatens Christians.
  179. Hea Woo: "God used prison to purify my faith."
  180. @29 in Christian Persecution, Ethiopia
  181. Updates: Asia Bibi, Pastor Andrew Brunson and others.
  182. Christians face eviction. VOM supported widow dies in accident. Couple persecuted.
  183. Eritrean Christian tortured and almost starved for his faith and witness.
  185. Release International Prayer Shields, Pakistan & Kenya
  186. TURKEY: Turkish Court Orders Release of Pastor Andrew Brunson!
  187. #30 in Christian persecution, Tunisia
  188. CENTRAL ASIA, PAKISTAN, SUDAN: Persecution and Prayer Alert, October 4, 2018 (VOMC)
  189. INDONESIA, PAKISTAN, BURMA (MYANMAR): Persecution and Prayer Alert, October 11, 2018
  190. Violence, Uttar Pradesh Christians. Widow threatened. Abandoned by Muslim spouse.
  191. 3 Prisoners of Faith, Release International 10/19/2018
  192. #31 in Christian Persecution, Turkey
  193. Release International Prayer Alert for family in Sri Lanka.
  194. Brutal attacks in Jos. 3 Churches Closed. The Lord is moving amongst Yaos.
  195. #32 in Christian Persecution, Kenya
  196. Release International Prayer Alerts, China and Malaysia
  197. KENYA, VIETNAM, NIGERIA: Persecution and Prayer Alert, October 18, 2018 (VOMC)
  198. SRI LANKA, UZBEKISTAN, IRAN: Persecution and Prayer Alert, October 25, 2018 (VOMC)
  199. Information PAKISTAN: Supreme Court Acquits Asia Bibi of Blasphemy; death penalty overturned!
  200. Asia Bibi acquitted Ė and Pakistan erupts in fury
  201. Grateful for assistance. Severely beaten for faith. Kicked out of home.
  202. #33 in Christian persecution, Bhutan
  203. Release International, 2 prisoners of faith...
  204. Islamic militant attack Christian pilgrims in Egypt.
  205. PAKISTAN UPDATE: Asia Bibi banned from leaving country; Lawyer Forced to Flee, more
  206. PAKISTAN UPDATE: Asia Bibi Released; Whereabouts Unknown
  207. New attacks cause praise. Christians face recurring attacks.
  208. #34 in Christian Persecution, Kuwait
  209. Release International Prayer Shields, Nigeria
  210. Two Prisoners of Faith, Release International 11/9/2018
  211. 2 Christians threatened. Mob surrounds Church. Christian woman & children kicked out.
  212. Eritrean prisoners of faith need our prayers.
  213. #35 in Christian persecution, Central African Republic
  214. Ebrahim and Pastor Lim, in prison, need our prayers.
  215. Ministering to children in drug zones. 2 new Churches. Another Church closed.
  216. MALAYSIA: Four Finns Arrested in Malaysia for Distributing Christian Material
  217. Kidnapped Christian leader executed despite ransom payment.
  218. #36 in Christian persecution, Palestinian Territories
  219. 2 Prisoners of Faith, Release International 11/23/2018
  220. Test post
  221. Nadeen so afraid parents will learn of her conversion.
  222. More than 150 Christians arrested in Iran.
  223. Expelled families share faith. Young girl sacrifices for others. Maasai attack.
  224. #27 in Christian persecution, Quatar.
  225. Islamist leaves family. Christmas decorations banned. Evangelist recovering.
  226. #28 in Christian persecution, Ethiopia
  227. Release International Prayer Shields, North Korea, Malaysia
  228. Christian persecution on the rise in Indonesia
  229. IRAN, BELARUS, NEPAL: Persecution and Prayer Alert, Jan 10th 2019, VOMC
  230. VIETNAM, PAKISTAN, NORTH KOREA: Persecution and Prayer Alert, Jan 17th, 2019, VOMC
  231. Attack fears for Pakistani Christians.
  232. Cuban drones monitor Churches. 7 arrested. Christmas celebration attack.
  233. #29 in Christian persecution, Tajikstan
  234. Release International Prayer Shields, China & Afghanistan
  235. INDIA, SRI LANKA, EGYPT; Persecution and Prayer Alert, Jan 24th, 2019, VOMC
  236. IMPORTANT PHILIPPINES: 20 Killed and Many Injured in Church Bombing
  237. PAKISTAN: Supreme Court Upholds Asia Bibi's Acquittal
  238. Syrian children praying in Jesus' Name. Defectors share Gospel. Pastor ups and downs.
  239. #30 in Christian persecution, Indonesia
  240. Release International Prayer Shields, Pakistan and China
  241. Bangladesh Christian family in hiding after neighbors destroy home.
  242. PHILIPPINES, KENYA, PAKISTAN: Persecution and Prayer Alert, Jan 31st, 2019, VOMC
  243. Gospel at work in Turkey. Pastor abducted and tortured. Cuba restricts Bible imports.
  244. Seojun, North Korea; "God is working now through your prayer and support."
  245. #31 in Christian persecution, Jordan
  246. Release International Prayer Shields, Pakistan, 2/8/2019
  247. Pray with Christian brothers on death row for blasphemy.
  248. Crackdown on Iranian believers.
  249. Man threatens converted wife. Columbian violence rising. Pastor Wang update.
  250. #32 in Christian persecution, Nepal