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  1. Release International PrayerShields, Iran and Pakistan 2/15/2019
  2. Pray for family, Church, of 24 year old Pastor murdered in Colombia.
  3. EGYPT, IRAN, CHINA: Persecution and Prayer Alert, Feb. 7th, 2019, VOMC
  4. Iran targets Christians for imprisonment.
  5. ETHIOPIA, BURMA (MYANMAR), TURKEY: Persecution and Prayer Alert, Feb. 14th, 2019, VOM
  6. Arsonists target Church leader's Home. Iranian arrests. Falsely accused.
  7. Nigerian Church family fears the unknown in upcoming elections.
  8. Central Asia and Iran Prayer Shields, Release International 2/22/19
  9. #33 in Christian persecution, Bhutan
  10. Church serves Homs needy. Pastor threatened. Attack on kids' Christian education.
  11. Compassion International and Venezuelans fleeing to Columbia.
  12. #34 in Christian persecution, Kazakhstan
  13. Release International, India and Central Asia
  14. CHINA, UZBEKISTAN, NIGERIA: Persecution and Prayer Alert, Feb. 21st, 2019, VOMC
  15. INDIA, LAOS, NIGERIA, ETHIOPIA: Persecution and Prayer Alert, Feb. 28th, 2019, VOMC
  16. Family’s desperate cry ignored after daughter abducted .
  17. Monk finds Jesus. Guerrillas burn Bibles. Governor calls Christians "Good people."
  18. #35 in Christian persecution, Morocco.
  19. Release International Prayer Shields, India
  20. Aisha from Morocco: I have seen the love of God."
  21. Former Muslim and Hindu lead Church. 5 Women arrested. Spouses arrested.
  22. Prayers for Christians struggling in Syria.
  23. Church in India braced for more violence as elections loom.
  24. #35 in Christian persecution, Brunei
  25. Release International Prayer Shields for Iraq and India
  26. #35 in Christian persecution, Brunei
  27. Sorry for the confusion on Brunei post at 1:50 AM 3/14, but "edit" doesn't work.
  28. PAKISTAN, COLUMBIA, CUBA: Persecution and Prayer Alert, Mar. 8th, 2019, VOMC
  29. KENYA, KYRGYZSTAN, CHINA: Persecution and Prayer Alert, Mar. 14th, 2019, VOMC
  30. Fertilizer for the Gospel. Christians falsely blamed. Pastor evades killers.
  31. Ban on Church meetings in rebel-held Ukraine.
  32. Release International Prayer Shields, Egypt and Iraq
  33. #37 in Christian persecution, Tunisia
  34. Two more Pastors murdered in Columbia. Pray for traumatized families and Churches.
  35. Muslim assaults Christian woman. Pastor assaulted. Ongoing persecution.
  36. #38 in Christian persecution, Qatar
  37. Release International Prayer Shields, Egypt
  38. 13 Ethiopian Churches attacked by mob.
  39. Jailed Pastor attacked by local Imam.
  40. NIGERIA, PAKISTAN, IRAN: Persecution and Prayer Alert, Mar. 21st, 2019, VOMC
  41. UKRAINE, KAZAKHSTAN, SRI LANKA: Persecution and Prayer Alert, Mar. 28th, 2019, VOMC
  42. Persecuted family doing well. Church member missing. Forced "reconversions."
  43. #39 in Christian Persecution, Mexico
  44. Release International Prayer Shields, Egypt
  45. 10 Powerful prayers for believers healing and future after Islamic state.
  46. Pastor is victim of forced abduction.
  47. RUSSIA, BELARUS, CHINA: Persecution and Prayer Alert, April 4th, 2019, VOMC
  48. CORRECTION! RUSSIA, BELARUS, CHINA: Persecution and Prayer Alert, April 4th, 2019
  49. Terrorist threat to Pakistan churches
  50. Program transforms lives. 4,500 crosses removed. Gospel parenting advice.
  51. #40 in Christian Persecution, Kenya
  52. Release International Prayer Shields, Nigeria
  53. New Vietnamese Christian beaten and kicked out by wife and children.
  54. CHINA, MALAYSIA, INDIA: Persecution and Prayer Alert, April 11th, 2019, VOMC
  55. Expelled from village. Abducted and murdered. 2nd attack on Christian village.
  56. #41 in Christian Persecution, Russia
  57. Pray for healing and peace for rape victims in Nigeria.
  58. Release International Prayer Shields, Eritrea and Nigeria
  59. Update on Sri Lanka Easter Sunday bombing attacks.
  60. Earthquake victims need Bibles. Convert misses son Unwilling to forsake Christ.
  61. #42 in Christian Persecution, Malaysia
  62. Release International Prayer Shields, Uzbekistan and Eritrea
  63. New Christian couple badly beaten after wife's conversion.
  64. Arrested for sharing testimony. Recovering from Church attack. Convert defends Bible.
  65. #43 in Christian persecution, Kuwait
  66. Release International Prayer Shields, China and Uzbekistan
  67. Release International Prayer Shields, China and Uzbekistan (Redone due to error.)
  68. Egyptian Churches burned to the ground in minutes in Easter attacks.
  69. Prayer and Persecution Alerts April 18–May 2, 2019, VOMC
  70. PAKISTAN: Asia Bibi Finally Allowed to Leave Country; Reportedly in Canada; more
  71. Islamists rape & kill. Cash for spies on Christians. Convert sent to mental hospital.
  72. #44 in Christian persecution, Oman
  73. Release International Prayer Shields, China
  74. BURKINA FASO: Six Killed in Another Attack on Christians
  75. Pray for those who have been under attack in Burkina Faso.
  76. Audio Bible leads to Christ. Service overflows w/seekers. Imprisoned by Wa State.
  77. #45 in Christian persecution, United Arab Emirates
  78. Release International Prayer Shields, Algeria and China
  79. Prayer and Persecution Alerts May 9 & May 16, 2019, VOMC
  80. More than 140 Christians arrested in Eritrea in one day.
  81. Anti Christian leadership returns to India.
  82. 6 executed. Gaza Christian converts from Islam. Ex teacher faces 7 years in prison.
  83. #46 in Christian persecution, Sri Lanka