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  1. 25 year old sentenced to prison for distributing Christian books.
  2. PAKISTAN – Release partner 'needs government protection'
  3. Violence Precedes April 16 Crucial Presidential Election in Nigeria - odusa.org
  4. EGYPT – Copts 'terrorised' by gang leader
  5. VOM-USA Prayer Update for April 8, 2011
  6. EGYPT--Christian Convert Escapes Egypt--VOM Canada
  7. BELARUS--Pastor Charged After Church Raid--Forum 18 News
  9. Call for prayer for North Korea
  10. PAKISTAN – Christian leaders call for calm after Bible destroyed
  11. China--Police Break Up Outdoor Worship in Beijing
  12. Urgent Prayer Request from Central Asia - Open Doors International
  13. Messianic Jews Facing Pressure in Israel
  14. PRAYER REQUEST UPDATE - Release International
  15. INDIA – Orissa group hauled into court for turning to Christ - Release Intern'l
  16. Suspected Drug Traffickeres Kidnap Pastor in Mexicon - Opendoors.org
  17. North Korea Freedom Week Begins This Sunday
  18. Pray for Christians in Syria
  19. Pray for families and loved ones of martyred Iraqui Christians.
  20. AZERBAIJAN - Unregistered Churches banned from worship - VOM Canada
  21. EGYPT--Copts "Terrorized" by Gang
  22. Pastor Arrested In Inner Mongolia Along With 4 Other Leaders
  23. PAKISTAN – Christians held after blasphemy riots
  24. Secret Believer Killed by Extremists in Somalia
  25. Christian convert, mother of six, murdered for her faith in Uganda.
  26. Ugandan mother of 4 mourns death of Christian husband.
  27. 60 Nigerian Churches burnt, homes destroyed. Release Intern'l
  28. Afghanistan--Imprisoned Afghan Believers Released
  29. Vietnam--U.S. Evangelist Gives Historic Sermon at Christian Festival
  30. Somalia--Al-Shabab Murders Christian Convert
  31. New Eritrean Convert arrested.
  32. Muslims Damage Church, Properties in Pakistan
  33. PAKISTAN – Christians on high alert after bin Laden death
  34. Nigeria--Non-Muslims Targeted After Presidential Election
  35. Pakistan--Christians Held on Blasphemy Charges
  36. Belarus--Pastor Charged After Church Raid
  37. LAOS – Military kill four Christian women amid crackdown
  38. EGYPT – Church security stepped up after weekend of violence
  39. Pakistani Christians ask for our prayers in this stressful time...
  40. Persecution Grows For Beijing Church
  42. Nigeria: Pastor’s wife and children killed in election uproar
  43. Iran--Three Believers Released; Pastor Still Incarcerated
  44. Laos--Christians Brutalized and Killed
  45. India--Christians in India Facing Widespread Persecution
  46. Hundreds Slaughtered in Nigeria: The Aftermath
  47. Colombia--Violence Intensifies in Colombia
  48. Egypt--12 Killed in Religious Riots
  49. Arabian Peninsula--New Believer Avoids Forced Marriage
  50. PAKISTAN -
  51. ERITREA – Prayer vigil for Christians as arrests continue
  52. 17 Year Old Pakistani Girl Held Hostage By Muslims
  53. COLOMBIA – Christians on high alert over guerrilla attacks
  55. Chiapas--Evicted Christians to Return to Community
  56. Azerbaijan--Fines and "Preventative Talks" for Praise Church
  57. China--Government Imposes New Regulations on "Illegal" House Churches
  58. PAKISTAN – Christians forgive gang after attack on church
  59. Sudanese Christian Woman Arrested for Evangelizing; Another is Attacked
  60. Algeria--Seven Churches Face Closure
  61. Pakistan--Millions Attend Religious Festivals
  62. Uzbekistan--No Progress for Uzbek Prisoner of Faith
  63. Iranian Christian Converts
  64. Uzbekistan – April reportedly saw an upsurge in opposition against Christians
  65. China Update
  66. Prison For Algerian Who Shares Christian CD
  67. IRAN – Christian arbitrarily detained for months in solitary
  68. International Day of Prayer for Persecuted Church, Sun. Nov. 13
  69. Sudanese woman arrested for possessing & sharing Bibles
  70. Former Soviet Republics--Christians Grateful for Books and Materials
  71. India--Christians in India Face Daily Threats
  72. NIGERIA – Pastor killed amid rising Islamist militancy in Borno
  73. Proposed laws criminalize evangelism in Nepal
  74. Pakistani police torture sister of girl who eloped.
  75. Middle East Christians Fearful In Political
  76. INDONESIA -- Mob Attacks Mission Training School
  77. IRAN -- Christian Held in Solitary Confinement
  78. LAOS -- Missionary Charged with Human Trafficking
  79. CHINA – Prominent house church leader arrested again amid ongoing crackdown
  80. SYRIA: Christians in Syria concerned about present situation
  81. Atrocities as Christian Sudanese Wait For July 9 Independence
  82. Nepal--Criminal Code May Prohibit Evangelism
  83. Nigeria--Pastor Killed in Borno State
  84. Uzbekistan--Christian Fined and Threatened by Police
  85. Persecuted Lisa in northern Europe
  86. EGYPT – Mob destroys Christian homes
  87. IMPORTANT Iranian pastor's death sentence upheld (Update)
  88. Pakistan—Evangelists Threatened and Under Investigation
  89. Sudan—Growing Violence in Sudan
  90. Afghanistan—Christian Beheaded
  91. Pray for peace as Christian South Sudan is formed July 9
  92. Messianic Jewish Couple Accused of Converting A Minor
  93. WEST BANK--Muslims Oppose Christian Youth Center
  94. CHINA--Millions Attend Religious Festivals
  95. EGYPT--Copts and Muslims at Odds Over Kidnapping Case
  96. NIGERIA – Three killed in church bombing amid mounting threat from militia group
  97. Imprisoned Pastors Urgently Need Prayers in Laos
  98. 6 Mos. After Revolts Middle East Still In Turmoil
  99. Burma (Myanmar)--Political Unrest Leads to Ethnic Cleansing
  100. North Korea--The Gospel Finds a Way
  101. Iraq--House Church Leader Kidnapped
  102. Shouwang Church in stand off with authorities
  103. Pakistani prison poet accused of blasphemy against Mohammed
  104. ISRAEL – Ultra-orthodox group harasses Messianic Jews
  105. ARMENIA - Legal Threat to Christian Activity
  107. Help Free Asia Bibi
  108. Somalia: Christians living in fear as country’s crisis deepens
  109. Laos--Family Kicked Out for Trusting God
  110. Vietnam--Pastor Arrested and Beaten by Authorities
  111. INDIA--Pastor’s Father Beaten
  112. Nigerian Islamic militants bomb Mission Church killing 3
  113. North Korean's Experience Intensified Persecution
  114. IRAQ – Fears for missing Christian pastor
  115. Eritrean Christian Faces Danger Through Deportation
  116. Iran Updates
  117. ERITREA – Mass arrests of Christians continue
  118. Nigerian Islamic Extremist Plan Large Scale Attacks on Churches
  119. South Sudan--Christians Remain at Risk
  120. Uzbekistan--Police Harass Pastor
  121. SRI LANKA – Spate of attacks against Christians
  122. China Church Leader Sentenced to Labor Camp
  123. Tanzanian Churches Torched
  124. Tanzanian brothers released from Saudi prison
  125. ERITREA - Mass Arrests Continue
  126. PAKISTAN - Widow struggles with grief
  127. PAKISTAN – Health concerns for two Christians detained for 'blasphemy'
  128. PAKISTAN - Petition to help a persecuted mother & others
  129. TANZANIA – Pressure mounts on Zanzibar's Christian minority
  130. IRAN - 34 year old Pastor sentened to die
  131. India - Family of believers attacked by 10 armed men.
  132. VIETNAMESE CHRISTIAN MOTHER "Disapears" into brutal prison system
  133. IRAQ: Car Bomb Explodes Near Church
  134. SUDAN: 16 Year Old Girl Escapes Year of Captivity
  135. Cuba—Persecuted Family Resettles in United States
  136. Iraq: Thirteen injured in bomb blast outside church building
  137. Iraqui Insurgents Nearly Demolish Church
  138. Ugandan Girls Loses Use of Legs Through Converting to Christianity
  139. Egypt: Coptic Christian Killed By Muslem Mob
  140. Sudan—Ongoing Conflict in Border Region
  142. Pakistan – Pastor to appear in court
  143. Nigeria - French Attack on Christian Villages
  144. Libya & Syria, many lost love ones, Christians need protection
  145. Nigerian Christian Attacked With Machetes Needs Prayer For Voice To Be Restored
  146. PAKISTAN – Christian villagers homeless after elopement row
  147. Nepal—Christians Face Ongoing Discrimination
  148. Uzbekistan—Police Raid Christian Family's House
  149. Philippines—Christian Murdered in Mindanao
  151. Libya's Christian leaders ask for prayer
  152. Child Persecution Intensifies in "Stan" Countries of Central Asia
  153. Iraqui Christian Children "Don't exist" for Moslems
  154. CHINA - Some released from prison, others remain
  155. NORTH KOREA - Pray for the world's most persecuted Christians
  156. NIGERIA – Family of eight among casualties of further Jos violence
  157. Kazakhstan—Christian Expelled, Another Fined for Unregistered Church
  158. Iran—Pastor Freed on Bail; Others Remain in Prison
  159. Pakistan—Son of Blasphemy Law Opponent Kidnapped
  161. NIGERIA – 'Hit and run' attacks continue on Jos villages
  162. Somali Christian convert kidnapped & beheaded.
  163. Somali - Christian Convert Kidnapped & Beheaded
  164. Somali Christian Nurse Opts to Report Moslem Rape
  165. Libyan Christians Please, "Please pray for us!"
  166. INDONESIA - 7 people died & up to 80 injured in clashes with Muslems
  167. Tanzania—Persecution Increases on Zanzibar
  168. Turkey—Government Returns Seized Property
  169. West Bank—Lives Touched Through Voice of Martyrs Outreach
  170. MEXICO – Evangelicals told to 'leave town or die'
  171. PHILLIPINES: 2 Christian leaders shot dead
  172. IRAN: Increase in believers causes increase in persecution
  173. ISRAEL: Messianic Jews Singled out in Israeli town
  174. CHINA: Pastor Released after 7 years in prison
  175. Uzbekistan—Believer Banned from Travel
  176. Bhutan—Leader Opposes Evangelism
  177. IRAN - Pregnant woman & other believers sentenced to prison
  178. KAZAKHSTAN – Christians fear draft laws threaten religious freedom
  179. IRANIAN PASTOR to be executed in 24 hours unless he recants.
  181. NIGERIAN Christian Families Slaughtered
  182. ALGERIAN CHRISTIAN to be given 5 year prison sentence for blasphemy,
  183. Update: Iranian pastor Youcef Nadarkhani (Oct 6th 2011)
  184. PAKISTAN: Christian girl accused of 'blasphemy' over spelling mistake
  185. IRAQ – Two Christians murdered in Kirkuk
  186. COLUMBIA: Risks spiral for youth
  187. PAKISTANI 8th grader accused of blasphemy has to relocate
  188. LAOS - Officials Seize Church Buildings
  189. PAKISTAN – Extremists kill Christian in attack on colony
  190. Update: Iran court refers Youcef Nadarkhani case to supreme leader (Oct 10th 2011)
  191. EGYPT: 25 Coptic Christians killed in Cairo
  192. FURTHER UPDATE: Nadarkhani case sent back to lower court for retrial
  193. CORRECTION TO YESTERDAY'S POST: Nardarkhani case still before Ayatollah
  194. LAOS - Christian Children Barred From School
  195. Egypt—Violent Clashes Leave 25 Dead
  196. Iran—Pastors Receive Death Threats
  197. UPDATE: Youcef Nadarkhani case
  198. NIGERIA: Islamic Extremist Group Kills Evangelist
  199. Islamic Extremists behead 17 year old Christian in Somalia
  200. IMPORTANT UPDATE: UN get involved in the Nahdarkhani case
  201. INDIA - Christian orphans forced to pay idol worship fee to go to high school.
  202. Mexico--Evangelicals Expelled from Village
  204. KAZAKHSTAN – Tough religious policy enforced before law enacted
  205. PAKISTAN: Attempted rape and murder of Christian mother of four by Muslim co-worker
  206. PAKISTAN: Prison Guard Allegedly Beats Asia Bibi (Asia Noreen)
  207. UPDATE: Youcef Nadarkani, Oct 24, 2011
  208. SUDAN – Christians in north braced for stricter Sharia
  209. PAKISTAN – Urgent prayer for 'blasphemy' bail hearing
  210. Iranian Pastor placed in solitary confinement
  211. Libyan Christians Keep Low Profile After Gadhafi's Death
  212. Christian Mother of 5 Killed in Nigeria
  213. Iraq Christian Exodus Continues
  214. Nigeria--Boko Haram Kill Second Christian Leader in Three Months
  215. Algeria--Authorities Order Church Closed
  216. Coptic Christian school pupil murdered; refused to hide tattooed crucifix
  217. Pakistani Christian beaten by Muslim extremists for celebrating Independence Day
  218. Three Christians released from prison in Ethiopia
  219. Severe Persecution of Christians in Karnataka State, southern India
  220. ALGERIA: 6
  221. NIGERIA: Two churchgoers killed and 14 wounded. Riots follow.
  222. Belarus--Pastor Fined for Worshiping in House
  223. Iraq--Christians Murdered in Kirkuk
  224. North Korea--Millions Listen to Illegal Christian Radio
  225. Pastor Youcef Nadarkhani Thread
  226. NIGERIA: Islamist militant goup Boko Haram kills at least 63 in northeasten Nigeria
  227. KENYA: Grenade attack on church, 2 Dead, at least 3 injured
  228. IRAN: Imprisoned House Church Leader Noorollah Qabitizade
  229. SRI LANKA - Brutal Attack on Release International Partners
  230. Some Updates from Open Doors
  231. AFGHANISTAN - Pray for Christian radio inroads
  232. China--TSPM Pastor Jailed
  233. Kenya--Somali Christian Beaten in Kenya
  234. Case of Jailed Chinese Political Activist with Christian wife
  235. Please Help Suffering Children of Persecuted Christians: Please Remember Them
  236. Prayer request I got today, from Afganistan
  237. CHINA: Demolition of Church Despite Belonging to Government-approved Denomination
  238. SUDAN – Northern troops 'bomb refugees fleeing persecution'
  239. Error: Please see Youcef Nadarkhani Thread
  240. SRI LANKA - Evangelical Alliance staff member and volunteer attacked.
  241. INDIA, KARNATAKA state - Attacking and imprisoning Christians
  242. NORTHERN NIGERIANS besieged by al-Quaida extremist groups
  243. CHINA: Persecution of Suqian House Church Continues.
  244. IINDIA - Kashmir, Pastor accused of "forced conversion" by Sharia court
  245. PAKISTAN – Evangelist shot dead by suspected extremists
  246. SYRIA becoming a "nightmare" for many believers.
  247. NEPAL: Christians in Attacked as Constitutional Deadline Nears
  248. NIGERIA – Two girls killed in night raid
  249. CHINA - Beijing Church Standoff Reaches Week 32
  250. West Bank--Christian Church Fears Shut Down by Palestinian Authority