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  1. NIGERIA: At Least 45 Christians Killed in Plateau State
  2. SRI LANKA – Hardliners make new push for anti-conversion laws
  3. NIGERIA – Militant attacks spread
  4. Vietnam--Church Leaders Severely Beaten
  5. Pakistan--Christian Shot to Death
  6. Pastor and Seven Converts Arrested
  7. IRAN - Islamic Republic continues its campaign of persecution against Christians
  8. Pakistan - Death Threats for evangelist challlenging injustice.
  9. NORTHERN IRAQ: "Islamic Rioters Attack Christian Shops"
  11. IRAN -Three Pastors Report to Prison in Shiraz
  12. NEPAL -Buddhists Abuse and Expel Village Christians
  13. PHILLIPINES --Church Elder Killed in Mindanao
  14. TEXAS: Macy's fires Christian for not following their transgender policy
  15. IRAN: Increased Persecution of Christians as Christmas Approaches
  16. TIBET: House Church Christians Detained by Police in Lhasa (first time)
  17. BURMA - Christians targeted, their homes burned.
  18. PETITION for Persecuted Mexican Christians
  19. IMPORTANT YOUCEF NADARKHANI, IRAN: Verdict Postponed for Year; he remains in prison
  20. NIGERIA – Bombers target TV viewers in Christian areas
  21. Arab Spring has bitter fruits for Christians.
  22. TURKEY: Al Qaeda reportedly blans to bomb Churches
  23. SUDAN & SOUTH SUDAN face possibility of a new war in oil rich area.
  24. Burma (Myanmar)--More Violence Against Christian Minority
  25. UZBEKISTAN Christians face intense persecution from government.
  26. Syria--Regime Change Bad News for Christians
  27. NORTH KOREA - Pray for Christians under upcoming new regime
  28. SAUDI ARABIA: 42 Ethiopian Christians Arrested For “Mixing With Opposite Sex”
  29. LAOS: Christmas celebrations lead to arrest
  30. ALGERIA: Christians' appeals sometimes indefinitely postponed
  31. IRAN: 'Christians in Iran fear crackdown during Christmas'
  32. Syria--Christians Prepare for Christmas amid Lockdown
  33. Yemen--Kidnapped Aid Workers Still Missing
  34. South Sudan--Attacks Continue in Border Region
  35. PAKISTAN: 'Condemned Christian Mother Aasia Bibi Spends Third Christmas Behind Bars'
  36. CHINA: Police Beat and Detain Christians making preparations to celebrate Christmas
  37. NIGERIA: Christmas Day Church Attacks: 39 dead at least 52 injured
  38. NORTH KOREA: Sister Yang tells story of horrible persecution.
  39. PAKISTAN: Christian charged with blasphemy after argument over rent.
  40. UGANDA: Moslems throw acid on Bishop
  41. IMPORTANT TURKEY--Malatya Murderers Could Be Freed
  42. LAOS--Christians Arrested During Christmas Service
  43. UPDATE, Pakistan: '... Asia Bibi, is in ‘good spirits’ despite prison ordeal.'
  44. CHINA: BBC News Reports on whereabouts of Christian Human Rights Lawyer Gao Zhisheng
  45. NIGERIA UPDATE: Boko Haram tell Christians to leave north within 3 days, as of Monday
  46. EGYPT: Christian Teenager Receives Further Jail Time Over Offensive Facebook Post
  47. NIGERIA: Another attack on a church; 6 dead, 10 injured
  48. INDIA - Believer still strong after daily persecution.
  49. EGYPT: Officials force conversion for burial
  50. AROUND THE WORLD: Martyrs & families needing prayer
  51. CHINA - Shouwang Church thwarted in attempts to to lease worship facility.
  52. Islamic-Majority Countries Top Open Doors 2012 World Watch List
  53. IMPORTANT NIGERIA: more attacks
  54. IRAN: Christian Church raided, property confiscated
  56. Afghanistan--Christians Grow in Number
  57. China--Shouwang Church Again Denied Facility
  58. Nigeria--Extremists Bomb Church
  59. UGANDA: Pastor blinded in attack.
  60. Iran--Christians Request Prayers
  61. SOMALI: Convert from Islam whipped.
  62. Pray for Our
  63. INDIA – Karnataka Christians attacked for 'forced conversions'
  64. UPDATE: 'Ugandan Girl Tortured for Christ Regaining Use of Legs' (CDN)
  65. NORTH KOREA releasing some prisoners.
  66. East African Isles - Muslims Strike at Christians
  67. India - Karnataka state exxperienciing the worst persecution in the country.
  68. Teenage girl, tortured for her faith, making full recovery
  69. Afghanistan--Believer Imprisoned for Faith
  70. Israel--University Forbids Contact with Messianic Jews
  71. Pakistan--Evicted Couple Stands Strong
  72. USA: Christian Associations Fight for Rights at San Diego State University, CA
  73. NIGERIA: 'Seven Christians Killed in Bauchi State, Nigeria' (CDN)
  75. India--Hindu Nationalists Attack Prayer Meeting
  76. South Sudan--Gunmen Attack Village
  77. UGANDA: 'Former Muslim Extremist in Uganda Flees Wrath of Ex-Colleagues' (CDN)
  78. NORTH KOREA - Stories of faith under fire.
  79. CHINA: Visiting Canadian-Chinese Christian kidnapped & totured by state; escapes
  80. EGYPT: 'Over 3000 Muslims Attack Christian Homes and Shops....3 Injured' (ANS, AINA)
  81. Some Updates from Release International
  82. KENYA: Ethiopian Convert from Islam Under Threat
  83. USA: Christian Students fight for their rights at Vanderbilt University, TN.
  84. COLUMBIA - FARC impedes evnagelism in La Macarena
  85. Vietnam--Four Christian Prisoners Released on "Vietnam Day"
  86. Sudan--Evangelist Beaten and Arrested
  87. UPDATE: Iran Judicary Chief in Nadarkhani case says signing UDHR a mistake
  88. SUDAN: Bible College Bombed
  89. ALGERIA: Church Ransacked
  90. Azerbaijan--New Laws Further Restrict Religious Freedom
  91. Pakistan--Evangelist Faces Harassment and Spiritual Attack
  92. Laos--Village Leaders Retract Demands
  93. SOMALIE - Islamist militants behead Christian relief worker
  94. EGYPT: Elections raise concern for Christians
  95. MEXICO: Elderly missionary couple slain
  96. MALDIVES: President's resignation causes uncertainity for Christians
  97. TURKMENISTAN: Pray for elections
  98. IRAN: 10 converts arrested on Feb 8th
  99. INDONESIA: Radical Muslims forcing the closure / demolition of church buildings
  100. IRAN: More Christians Arrested
  101. UZBEKISTAN: Church members homes raided, some arrested
  102. TANZANIA: Shop is Destroyed Because of "Offensive" Gospel Song
  103. BAGHDAD, IRAQ: Christian minority facing many obstacles after US withdrawal
  104. Sudan--School Bombed by Government Forces
  105. Algeria--Church Attacked in Ouargla, Algeria
  106. PETITION to free Pastor Youcef Nadarkhani
  107. PAKISTAN: Christian accused to burning Koran to make tea.
  108. IMPORTANT IRAN: Execution orders may have been issued for Pastor Youcef Nadarkani
  109. IMPORTANT UPDATE (IRAN): Issue of Execution orders for Pastor Youcef Nadarkani confirmed.
  110. CENTRAL ASIA: Urgent Prayers Needed
  111. KENYA - Believers in the north are in a precarious situation.
  112. IRAN - Christian Churches being restricted & closed.
  113. Turkey -- Visa Restrictions Hinder Missionaries
  114. Burma -- Evicted Christians Get New Homes
  115. Mali: Safe Houses Foster Evanglism
  116. IRAN: Some updates
  117. UPDATE Turkmenistan ‑- Pastor Nurliev Released
  118. NIGERIA: Suicide Attack on Church in Jos, Central Plateau
  119. Prayer for our brother and sister in bonds and under the threat of death
  121. NIGERIA: Suicide Bombers Kill 4, Injure over 40
  122. JERUSALEM - Jewish extremists vandalize Church.
  123. IRAN: 78 year old Christian woman arrested
  124. NIGERIA: Islamic terrorists plan to kidnap Christian women.
  125. NIGERIA: Church, Police Station & prison bombed; 2 reported dead
  126. COLUMBIA: Guerillas persecute pastors with new tactics.
  127. ERITREA: Ailing Patriarch in need of prayers.
  128. EGYPT: Islamists use rumours to attack Christians.
  129. West Africa: Pray for a group of Christian converts from Islam.
  130. Belarus--Officials Visit "Unlawful" Church Meetings
  131. INDIA--Hindu Activists Beat Pastor and Family Over Land Dispute
  132. PAKISTAN – Former Islamic cleric driven from home for becoming Christian
  133. EGYPT: Coptic Priest Imprisoned; those who Burnt his Church Go Free
  134. NIGERIA: Bomb attack on Jos church; 3 dead; 10 killed in reprisals
  135. SUDAN: South Sudanese Given April 8th Deadline to Leave
  136. Arabs desecrate Christian gravesites.
  137. PAKISTAN: Young mother falsely accused of blasphemy.
  138. CHINA - Pray for Pastor Yang Xuan, still in prison.
  139. Kurdistan--Christian Teacher Killed by Student
  140. Turkey--Church Attacked Amid Increasing Harassment
  141. Morocco--Secret Christians Arrested
  142. NIGERIA: Harrowing Accounts by Christians who have Escaped from North
  143. IRAN: Crackdown On Christians Continues; Hits Official Churches
  144. PAKISTAN UPDATE: UN petitioned on Asia Bibi case as another blasphemy arrest is made
  145. North Korea - Orphaned children risk lives for freedom.
  146. INDIA – Parents help mob to beat up daughter
  147. Afghanistan: Christian workers need prayers.
  148. Nigeria--Church Bombings Continue
  149. Azerbaijan--Church Sued Under Religion Law
  150. Pakistan--Pastor Discusses Christianity with Pakistani Teacher
  151. NORTH KOREANS Repatriated
  152. Global Day of Prayer for North Korea Save the Date
  153. ISRAEL: Christians feeling increased concern over oppression.
  154. ETIOPIANS feel our prayers are being answered.
  155. SYRIA: Islamic forces target Christians
  156. EGYPT: Pastor jailed after Church rebuilt
  157. UPDATE: Relatives Visit Christian Human Rights Lawyer Gao Zhisheng for First Time
  158. SUDAN – 'Christians targeted' in Nuba Mountains
  159. IRAN: Pastor Youcef Nadarkhani's Imprisonment Reaches 900 days; prayer needs
  160. India: "Matthew" martyred for his faith.
  161. Yemen--Al-Qaida Claims Responsibility for American English teacher.
  162. Iran--Arrests Continue as Government Clarifies Position on Nadarkhani Case
  163. CHINA: Legal Christian Bookstore Raided; State Persecution Widens
  164. CHINA: Update
  165. PLEASE PRAY for persecuted Christians over Easter
  166. Easter - Pray for persecuted Christians at this time of potential danger.
  167. ETHIOPIA: Pray for wisdom and protection for those evangelizing.
  168. Turkmenistan--Christians Fined for Having Bibles
  169. Kuwait--MPs Call for Ban on Construction of Churches
  170. Laos/Vietnam--Hmong Believers Forced Out of Villages
  171. KENYA: Grenade Attack on Christian Meeting; 2 Believers Dead; Over 30 Wounded
  172. Syra, Nigeria & Pakistan face espeically harsh extremist potential violence.
  173. EGYPT: Christian Teenager Sentenced To Three Years for Insulting Islam
  174. NIGERIA: Car Bomb Explodes in Kaduna Near Church; At Least 6 dead, Several Injured
  175. UPDATE: Young Pakistan Woman Accused of Blasphemy Illegally held in Jail
  176. Lao Officials Confiscate Church Buildings and Order Christians to Recant Faith
  177. NORTH KOREA - April 15th day of fasting & prayer for our brothers & sisters.
  178. India--Prayer Meeting Attacked in New Delhii
  179. Algeria--Believer Appeals Five-Year Prison Sentence
  180. ROMANIA: Pray for elderly and imprisoned believers.
  181. NIGERIA: Bomb explosion in Christian area of Kano; Boko Haram threat
  182. UPDATE: 5 Years since murder of 3 Christian Martyrs in Malatya, Turkey
  183. LovEritrea Letter & Engagement Campagin
  184. SUDAN: Tensions increase for Christians as war widens.
  186. Latin America: Pray for the persecuted believers.
  187. Kenya--Christian Meeting Bombed by Radicals
  188. Nigeria--Fulani Herdsmen Raze Christian Villages in Central Nigeria
  189. PAKISTAN: Courageous Christian Serving Life Sentence and his Family Need Prayers
  190. KUWAIT – Fears of ban on new churches and tougher blasphemy penalty
  191. IMPORTANT Statement from VOM-USA on the Tragic Death of Tom White, their Executive Director
  192. CHINA - Crackdown planned for house Churches & Christian materials.
  193. SUDAN UPDATE: Sudanese Air Raid on South Sudan Further Increases Tensions
  194. SUDAN: Muslims Set Fire to Church in Sudanese Capital
  195. NIGERIA: Bomb Attack on TV Viewing Center in Christian Area, Jos, central Plateau
  197. SUDAN: Christians unable to escape need our prayers.
  198. BANGLADESH prayers needed for new converts.
  199. AZERBAIJAN - Enforced liquidation & ilaws against Church.
  200. NIGERIA – Attacks on Jos Christians spark fears of fresh violence
  201. VANDERBILT UNIVERSITY restricting freedoms of Christian student groups.
  202. SUDAN: Prayer Request from Open Doors UK
  203. CHINA: 150+ Church Leaders Arrested in Raid at the End Of March
  204. NIGERIA: Christians Attacked Again; At Least 15 Dead in Kano
  205. KENYA: Grenade Attack on Nairobi Church; 1 dead
  206. Please Help IRAN: Youcef Nadarkhani's Lawyer Arrested
  207. CUBA: 'Pastor Gude Perez Refused Exit Visa As Family Faces Indefinite Separation'
  208. UPDATE & CORRECTION: Nadarkhani Attorney Not Arrested Yet
  209. MALI: Christian woman arrested.
  210. EGYPT: Christian's six year sentence upheld.
  211. INDONESIA - pray for those training new converts.
  212. SYRIA UPDATE: Worsening Plight of Christians in Syria
  213. CANADA: School Student Suspended for Wearing Jesus T-shirt
  214. INDONESIA – Beleaguered churches take their protest to President
  215. OPEN DOORS GENERAL REQUESTS from the field.
  216. BURMA: Reforms bring woes to ethnic Christians
  217. SAUDI ARABIA: Glimmers of our Savior's Light
  218. ETHIOPIA: Christian released from prison early.
  219. PHILLIPINES: Pray for evangelism.
  220. Nigeria--Worshipers Killed in Three Attacks
  221. Pakistan--Families Turn to Christ Through Evangelist’s Witness
  222. Mauritania--Muslims Demand Investigation of Christians
  223. IMPORTANT CHINA: State Plans to Eradicate House Churches
  224. INDONESIA – Churches in Sharia province told to close
  225. SUDAN – Churches alarmed by closure of Christian offices.
  226. IRAN: Church being asked for list of names and identification numbers.
  227. SYRIA: Thousands of Christians flee nighmare.
  228. EGYPT: Judge exonerates brutal attackers of Christian.
  229. IRAN: Lawyer of Iranian Pastor threatened with prison.
  230. ETHIOPIA: Released Ethiopian Christian Loses Children, Home and Health
  231. EGYPT – Pray for presidential elections
  232. PHILLIPINES: Pray for widow with 2 children.
  233. ISRAEL: Church seeks permanent location.
  234. SOMALIA: Christians under continual threat.
  235. EGYPT: Judge upholds Christian's prison sentence.
  236. 5 Minute Prayer Challenge
  237. INDONESIA - Bomb Attacks & Forced Closure of Churches
  238. PAKISTAN - Moslems rape girl & beat family for prosecuting.
  239. PAKISTAN - Life sentences for blasphemy overturned for Christian couple.
  240. Prayer Update
  241. INDONESIA – Protesters threaten pastor and throw urine at Christians
  242. UZBEKISTAN: Secret Police Raid on Baptist Church
  243. NORTH AFRICA: Pray for printing Bibles in native language.
  244. Laos--Mother Expels Christian Children from Home
  245. IRAN: Government Traacks Christians.
  246. PAKISTAN – Pregnant woman miscarries after beating by 'rapists'
  247. EGYPT: Brother asks for prayers
  248. MEXICO: Former Christian persecutor repents.
  249. PAKISTAN: Christian Caabinet Member's Murder
  250. SYRIA: Christians' future appears bleak.