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  2. Threads of a Sexual Nature
  3. Need Advice: (Confused) Sleeping, but not "Sleeping"
  4. Music
  5. Well, there's nothing quite like "move in day"....
  6. Christian Union at university
  7. Just a quick question
  8. Words for us young people
  9. interesting question
  10. Believer
  11. Hypocrisy at "Christian" Universities
  12. Everyone loves surprises!
  13. Information Scared to see a Psychiatrist?
  14. Need Advice: is this love or what?
  15. Discussion are all christians going to heaven?
  16. My fate in love.
  17. These morals of mine
  18. Anyone got the new Avenged Sevenfold Cd?
  19. Anyone else applying to college?
  20. Cuddling
  21. Liking someone too much, a problem?
  22. Please Help confused
  23. What is this?
  24. Discussion Masturbation?
  25. Gradual testimony
  26. Favorite album of all time?(Christian or Secular)
  27. Need Advice: my friend believes different
  28. Get Married Young
  29. Quote
  30. Loan, Grant, scholarship advice
  31. I cant understand
  32. Hmmm?
  33. Need Advice: Struggling greatly...
  34. Do you believe were the last generation?
  35. Alone.
  36. Please Help Something that has been puzzling me.
  37. Question about R-Rated movies..........
  38. Discussion Christian Colleges
  39. What is God trying to tell me?
  40. 2 questions
  41. Red Plumb
  42. After you graduate(d)....
  43. Any games to look foward too?
  44. Discussion Saw V and other Horror Movies
  45. Marriage
  46. Relationship help?
  47. Discussion Lets play hypothetical?
  48. Fantasy Games
  49. Reaching Out
  50. Need Advice: i dont know what to do
  51. Need Advice: There's a girl...
  52. well....
  53. what does the bible say about cussing?
  54. Spiritual Attack?
  55. Really really good worship/praise songs
  56. Paramore
  57. Have you ever felt the power of God?
  58. Boxing, is it a Christian thing?
  59. Piracy
  60. I am officially heartbroken...
  61. Need Advice: Cant forgive myself.
  62. Struggling with life
  63. Should Christian study about psychology?
  64. Discussion Sin
  65. Please Help No masturbation = bad wet dreams
  66. I need more Christian Metal Bands
  67. Any1 ever feel too busy to be faithful
  68. Need Advice: Trapped in a sinful relationship!
  69. get out of my head
  70. Your favorite...
  71. Please Help Where are the friends of Christ?
  72. Need Advice: Growing in Christ without a Guide
  73. Hello =]
  74. moving on.. not as simple as it sounds
  75. What's the answer for all the love sick puppies out there?
  76. Discussion Real Discussion
  77. Favorite Christmas songs
  78. Need help on whats considered sinning!
  79. Anybody wanna read the bible in 365 days with me?
  80. Help on some weird peoples
  81. How can I make the most of my relationship with God?
  82. Please Help Letting go and racism.
  83. Fears & Phobias
  84. Politics and such
  85. Living Saved
  86. Birth Control
  87. Looking for an answer..
  88. Fears in Relationships
  89. christian friends?
  90. Vday Verses/Poems?
  91. Ideas for Original Dates that don't place you at risk
  92. Need Advice: Starting a relationship
  93. God's Plane For Me!
  94. Recommitment help
  95. Discussion Secret Societies
  96. Hello, Need some help please...
  97. Need Advice: What To Look For In A Guy
  98. friendship
  99. Filled With The Holy Spirt
  100. IMPORTANT God?
  101. Need Advice: Help
  102. Something thats been on my mind....
  103. How many married their first love?
  104. Need Advice: What do I do?
  105. Very Odd question.
  106. Is anyone here from Ontario Canada?
  107. Need Advice: Is it wrong to pray for love?
  108. Relationships
  109. Phobias
  110. Discussion I pray for my future beloved
  111. I was sent away when I was 16...
  112. Question about sin
  113. Thoughts: Virgin Birth
  114. Someone for everyone?
  115. Wrong Friends?
  116. Gone atheist
  117. Discussion A Quote...
  118. Honoring highschool graduates
  119. How to witness to a friend at school
  120. Is it taboo to ask this question?
  121. When Lying Is OK?
  122. Movies
  123. Friendship Troubles
  124. watching movies
  125. Where is the emphasis on the importance of virginity?
  126. Influencing A Friend
  127. Christian Music?
  128. What Sin Can Do
  129. Please Help Self-confidence?
  130. Dating and Being a Man
  131. Music
  132. Do his will
  133. Guiding My Future
  134. Need Advice: struggling
  135. So.... what interesting stuff is everyone doing this summer?
  136. Need Advice: choosing a church
  137. guy advice
  138. I think God is mad at me and my friend.
  139. Courtship & Friendship
  140. New, thankful and also in need of some prayers
  141. Desires of our Heart.. (Oh really?)
  142. relationship advice
  143. Do Hard Things
  144. Lesson Learned: Secular Lifestyle
  145. Please Help I Need Some Advice
  147. Deep is calling unto deep!
  148. Wrong
  149. Getting over a tough break up
  150. Worried
  151. College students?
  152. question
  153. Is it wrong to pray to be with someone when they love someone else?
  154. Need Advice: Tricky Situation
  155. Discussion Secular Music?
  156. Afraid to Love
  157. Moving on
  158. Discussion The Television
  159. Am I a virgin?
  160. need a general perspective on women
  161. the media
  162. Information Forum Rules - new, everyone read please!
  163. College...
  164. Discussion Emo, Chav, Goth, Punk, Nerd.... Why all the hate??!!
  165. Need Advice: Am I really weird? :(
  166. Did I do a bad thing?
  167. Discussion Your music....
  168. the things tha make you smile or snicker
  169. Need Advice: Jail
  170. Your Walk's Theme Song
  171. can sin cancel out prayer?
  172. Being god's man?
  173. right age for marriage
  174. Should I retain some of my youthfulness?
  175. Highly Confused Love Life
  176. Finding Myself...Finding God
  177. Is chivalry dead?
  178. searching desparately for Jesus
  179. Marriage Question
  180. Need Advise from 20 Somethings
  181. The Purpose Driven Life inspires Carrie Underwood
  182. How do Christian colleges differ from other colleges?
  183. The Glorious Unseen
  184. who can listen to this stuff!!!!!!!!!!!
  185. God in Lieu of Girlfriend: A Thought
  186. Feeling some guilt and shame
  187. Demon Haunting
  188. ???
  189. broken hearts and promises
  190. Hi there young people
  191. Should I bring a tenth of my birthday money to church tomorrow?
  192. Need Advice: They're being meanies >=(
  193. Ditching feelings for a woman?
  194. This is a dumb question, but...
  195. Is this bad?
  196. Is it true? Relationship Advice
  197. Allah: he apparently doesn't like me
  198. Fading Passion
  199. Quick question and then prayer. :D
  200. Why Women Are Confusing
  201. Spending time with GOD
  202. Question?
  203. Once saved always saved?
  204. How to combat curse words???
  205. This guy I know believes in psychic stuff
  206. yet another questoin. :)
  207. Discussion Movie theaters?
  208. Need Advice: Ending a friendhip: Okay with God?
  209. Not too much...
  210. Ideas/Thoughts what do you think?
  211. Scientific question
  212. Is Shyness Unchristian?
  213. Cheating in a Game... Wrong? What to Do?
  214. GOD's relation to time???
  215. Bible Study - How to Proceed?
  216. Good Bible Colleges (non-denominational)
  217. Speaking aloud of God...
  218. want to live life as an adventure for God
  219. How do you know the bible is true? (blatant rip-off)
  220. Camp!
  221. I never wanted to tell anyone this...
  222. The Parade - THE NARROW GATE
  223. Crushes
  224. Anyone got some good fishing storie
  225. Someone like me
  226. Staying Pure
  227. Old beyond your years?
  228. Trying to Read the Entire Bible in One Year.
  229. Young Adults Fellowship...?
  230. For young Catholics, or anyone: What's up with Confession?
  231. Bad Company Corrupts
  232. Does God always provide?
  233. Peer Pressure and Lying
  234. Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows
  235. Come on young adults and ask me anything
  236. Scared of church
  237. Need Advice: The girl I like has a boyfriend, but...
  238. Discussion Single YOung Adults
  239. Information Twitter
  240. IMPORTANT I am losing faith.
  241. Christian Fiction for Teens?
  242. Young Adult how to get over breakup?
  243. How many are there of us.
  244. CORNERSTONE: Who's going? Copied from SP
  245. Schools out!!!!!!
  246. Discussion Why do GOOD guys fall for BAD girls?
  247. Need Advice: Chastity
  248. Christian Heart
  249. Extreme Guilt
  250. Books/movies/tv shows