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  1. When Parents Call God Instead of the Doctor
  2. Job and his suffering
  3. Baseball Anyone
  4. Hate the iceberg, Not the ice
  5. Should you talk to atheists?
  6. This Is Serious Business!
  7. What metaphysical or ethereal entities do you believe in?
  8. Religulous
  9. Exploring Religion and Looking for Guidance/Discussion
  10. Decree by Fiat
  11. A superior set of commandments
  12. Leaving the Apologetic Comfort Zone (ACZ)
  13. Does the devil exist
  14. James
  15. Does God do good things for you even if...
  16. Why do you believe?
  17. Tree rings and the age of the earth
  18. How can God be all that you suggest?
  19. Does God listen to the prayers of a non-believer?
  20. Metric conversion: purely secular, or are there Biblical principles?
  21. What would an atheist president be like?
  22. Discussion What then is a Christian ?
  23. Does Not Make Sense
  24. Ladyparts
  25. Hell
  26. The lord
  27. Christian and Atheist dating
  28. Heaven is a place on Earth?
  29. Sorta quiet in here...
  30. What does God need with a universe (or a starship?)
  31. Evidence for the existence of God
  32. the reality of God
  33. Do we really have a choice????
  34. Question for those who identify as Christian Conservatives
  35. Relationship with God or relationship to a list of rules
  36. Want to know what it's like to be an atheist?
  37. Threats from the bible.
  38. Was Jesus crucified on a cross or a tree?
  39. doubting God's existence
  40. Jehovah's Witnesses question
  41. Morals
  42. The trinity
  43. Need Advice: How do you know the Bible is true?
  44. pleasure vs temptation?
  45. A master's degree in "creation science"!?
  46. Discussion This would make belief make more sense to me
  47. I'm trying to learn Modern Jewish Hebrew.
  48. Need Advice: Here is my dilema
  49. Contradiction about the Trinity?
  50. Is sexuality from God?
  51. "Creation"
  52. Christ's Sacrifice.
  53. Hell or Heaven vs Soul Cleansing then Heaven
  54. Help!!!
  55. One more question
  56. Life after death - Heaven and Hell
  57. Discussion Fighting and Christianity
  58. Tree of Life
  59. Interested in view
  60. Can believers "drink anything poisonous"?
  61. Where did God come from?
  62. Evidence of omniscience in the bible?
  63. What does the Bible say about corrupt governments?
  64. Need Advice: Am I going about things the right way?
  65. Question about hell
  66. Do you really believe in hell?
  67. Need Advice: How do you Pray?
  68. Information Your Opinions On Atheists
  69. Aqua: Greatest Band?
  70. What is Jesus talking about?
  71. Source of belief
  72. Would you like America become a Christian nation?
  73. The Burning Up Of Things
  74. Need Advice: Specific passages
  75. Christian Nation?
  76. Is America One Nation Under...
  77. Blessings everyone!
  78. sin and death
  79. Babies and Original Sin
  80. From good friday to easter
  81. Discussion What sets you apart?
  82. Favorite Biblical Quote?
  83. unforgivable sin
  84. God Forgiving the Devil
  85. a little about me - moved from Intro
  86. Firsts Fruits?
  87. What’s your faith group?
  88. internally evaluating Christianity
  89. Drinking alcohol
  90. First time writer: need advice please
  91. 1 Corinthians 9:19-23 (Moved from NiC)
  92. Why wasn't Jesus believed from the beginning? (Moved from NiC)
  93. The Shack
  94. Biblical Inerrancy
  95. Was it ever permissible to kill people according to OT laws?
  96. Discussion Christian views on drugs
  97. Need Advice: I think I've figured this out...
  98. Need Advice: Buying a new Bible... Any Advice?
  99. University Assignment Help Please
  100. hello
  101. Discussion Did Jesus exist?
  102. But I don't want eternal life
  103. Aliens?
  104. Smoking Pot?
  105. Seeking Christ
  106. Lucy
  107. Beef jerky business cards
  108. Sex...
  109. Kings (2009)
  110. Information signature design with chinese brush pen,very cool!
  111. Zombie fire ants!
  112. Question for apothanein kerdos
  113. Loss of Faith: Continuation of my "origin" story
  114. Political: The Seperation of Church and State
  115. Favorite Biblical Scene
  116. Looking for answers - moved from Intro
  117. Why do people type, "G-D"?
  118. Logic: Is God Falsifiable?
  119. Ok this is so not normal... right?
  120. Local Miracles.
  121. The state of the dead?
  122. another good and evil question
  123. Christianity and Philosophy
  124. Christian dogmatism
  125. Heaven
  126. Genesis 1:2
  127. The Seeking has begun
  128. Jesus of Nazareth
  129. Massacre of the Innocents
  130. Mithraism and Christianity
  131. Israel Dismantles; World's Problems End
  132. Discussion Questions about education.
  133. Questions about a few bible passages
  134. Searching for the meaning of Christianity
  135. Questions about Christianity and reading books
  136. Was Jesus an Arab?
  137. Discussion Too Much Breeding
  138. Miracles and Disease
  139. Animals and Sin
  140. on the crackberry
  141. The Throne of God
  142. Need Advice: So Im a catholic, does that make me a christian?
  143. Christians, why blame atheists for not “choosing” to believe in god?
  144. The christian religion
  145. Bizarro photo of the day
  146. What does one have to do to get into heaven?
  147. Forgiving Sin (Moved from NiC)
  148. Free Will
  149. So confused
  150. Bizarro picture of the day
  151. Ok. I'm a Proud Muslim. Let's get this straight baby.
  152. How Star Wars, Star Trek, The Matrix, and Harry Potter are Actually the Same Movie
  153. Why do Christians pray NOT like Jesus?
  154. Is Facebook an Israeli plot to control the world?
  155. Question about "answered" prayers......
  156. Discussion i am writing a book and wish to have a respectful discussion
  157. After Life
  158. Jew / Christian?
  159. Questioning...
  160. Is There A Demon Haunting Me?
  161. One world government-moved from ETC
  162. What are the roles of women in your church?
  163. Why is God loving and merciful?
  164. Christan girlfriend and the end of all things
  165. Do you agree with the Bible?
  166. Discussion If Christ were alive today would He join a Christian Church and if so which one?
  167. Why I am going to hell
  168. Israel
  169. Original Hebrew Bible - would Fenris weigh in please?
  170. to what extent is the bible open to interpretation?
  171. How can Christians ignore Christ's teachings? ?
  172. Quicky question about Gods Accuser
  173. How can people cherry pick from the bible?
  174. "Are you a Christian?: No I am not, but I am seeking Christ."
  175. Where is Jesus?
  176. Conversion.
  177. Confusion
  178. Fantasy Football League
  179. Childfree...
  180. Prayer
  181. Former Buddhist (moved from Introduction)
  182. Double Prophecy
  183. "Hating God/Christ"
  184. Pascal's Wager
  185. "We are not a denomination"
  186. Every thought is evil
  187. The Book of the Law 2 Kings 22
  188. The Music that i listen to
  189. Fear hatred and anxiety (help me) - moved from Counseling
  190. Troubling thoughts.
  191. Need Advice: Where does christianity stand?
  192. Highlander:Endgame
  193. Zeitgeist movie question
  194. Discussion Christianity is a Sin?
  195. most christians i've met are a lot nicer than the ones here....
  196. Pascal's Wager
  197. Education versus Spirituality
  198. Christianity vs other religions
  199. Creationism vs other theories
  200. Pastafarism and Creationism
  201. Questions about Christianity
  202. What is a spiritual awakening?
  203. Is Christ sending me a message?
  204. Who Does God Hate?
  205. Why so many Christian denominations?
  206. Who wrote the gospels?
  207. Culture and Objective morality
  208. The Key to Heaven
  209. Aaron in Numbers
  210. Joshua 5:13-15
  211. Acting Advice (moved from Anything Goes)
  212. Discussion Ask an Athiest! :moved from AG
  213. Joshua-Judges
  214. No longer a Christian
  215. Sin and Salvation
  216. I have found the word of God!
  217. Today, I'm thankful for....
  218. Choosing to believe things.
  219. There is no sin?
  220. Question about heaven
  221. Eternal Torment?
  222. Ask an Atheist--Another Perspective
  223. How literally do you take the bible?
  224. Private messages
  225. What do you base your belief on?
  226. Jesus' Name
  227. Do you want to save my Soul?
  228. What are your opinions on Homosexuality?
  229. Atheists and the bible
  230. who is God of Jesus?
  231. Eve, Snake and God
  232. Please Help New here....
  233. What do you think of this toy?
  234. Need Advice: mormans
  235. What was satan thinking?
  236. That telekinesis toy
  237. Confusion over prayer
  238. Do Muslims & Christians worship the same god?
  239. Where did Satan come from?
  240. How do you have 100% faith in what you believe?
  241. Huh?
  242. ok, so some kind of god/concience probably exists
  243. Discussion Italian scientist reproduces Shroud of Turin/A medieval Fake
  244. Islam and Christianity
  245. Can't Find Jesus
  246. Christian morality is relative
  247. Please Help demon posession,ia m scared
  248. Reading the Bible
  249. got some questions(need help)
  250. It is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle