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  1. "For the wages of sin is death..."
  2. Question about Deuteronomy (moved from BC)
  3. Discussion Why are most christians against embryonic stem cell research?
  4. Vengeance
  5. Please Help Hello. Convert me please.
  6. Three Arguments Against God. Please Refute.
  7. Tell me about your personal relationship with Jesus
  8. Septuagint
  9. Original Sin in the garden
  10. Am I Still Lost?
  11. a question about a dream (moved from Counseling)
  12. Confused
  13. Mutiple Religions
  14. Please Help Serious Prayer Question!
  15. God Forgives Everyone
  16. Some good academic books to help with bible study?
  17. Will Jesus Come Back in 2012
  18. How to pray to be saved
  19. Question about Abraham
  20. Question to theists: do you believe a country's laws should be based on your beliefs?
  21. Information Just something to think about
  22. Understanding Christianity
  23. Discussion Let's Get Biblical!
  24. worry
  25. Discussion The Christian Belief
  26. Please Help The M-theory/string theory/multiple or infinite universes?
  27. Please Help How do I know there really is a god?
  28. Discussion Oscillating/Cyclic Universe Theory
  29. Please Help Multiple Universes?
  30. Discussion Dark Flow
  31. Request for answers to supposed contradictions.
  32. Question about christians & science
  33. Moral Dilema
  34. The mechanistic universe (moved from Contro)
  35. Why the Bible?
  36. Apocrypha?
  37. 2 Absent Revelation Books (Maybe?) [moved from BC]
  38. Please Help ????
  39. Should Homosexuals Die?
  40. Discussion God's morality-
  41. Biblical literalism
  42. Detestable Practices: Interpreting Omens [moved from BC]
  43. Did Jesus Promote the stoning of children?
  44. Why should we "teach the controversy"?
  45. Struggling with My Faith-moved from Contro
  46. Discussion What is God? {Moved from BC}
  47. Questions on Paul...-moved from BC
  48. Forcing religion unto others: Right or Wrong?
  49. Question about Matthew 20:1-16?Moved from Bible Study, OP not a Christian.
  50. What good is Christianity in a secular society?
  51. Luke 23:34, hmm?
  52. sabboth
  53. Please Help Question about being born again
  54. Science and Religion
  55. Creation Theory and Carbon Dating
  56. Conflicting birth accounts from Matthew and Luke. Which is accurate?-move from BC
  57. Satan's Authority: Darth Nihilous
  58. Old Calendar or New Calendar?
  59. Learned an important lesson in humility last night.
  60. Discussion What was the shape of Jesus' cross?
  61. Information People of the Bible
  62. So what now?
  63. Why pray?
  64. Why does sin matter?
  65. What do we suppose to do in our life? (Moved from BC, OP is not a Christian)
  66. Need Your Advice
  67. Want to be a Christian but finding it hard to believe...
  68. Is This The Complete Law of God's Salvation?
  69. I thought I posted this already, but anyway, I'm looking for a good study bible with
  70. Rewards in heaven/levels or positions in heaven
  71. * Bible Questions
  72. Information Why It Should Be About Love (Jesus's Message) Not Religion (Christianity)!
  73. * Rwanda Genocide
  74. "Love your enemies"
  75. What is a "relationship with Christ"?
  76. * Heaven Questions
  77. Hey, so the world is gonna end right?
  78. Abusive Preaching - Preaching that upsets others, what does the Bible say?
  79. Discussion of Hebrew Language (New thread from Hebrew Pictographs in Bible Study)
  80. I want to be like Christ.
  81. Discussion Evolution.
  82. Religious freedom, what is your opinion?
  83. Judged by the whole?
  84. Omniscience and omnipotence are inherently contradictory - can anyone reconcile this?
  85. Hello
  86. If God is loving, good and omnipotent, why is there so much evil, pain and suffering?
  87. What evidence is there that the miracles told in the Bible are true?
  88. Resurrection question
  89. Need Advice: babysitting for a non- christian.
  90. Why are we not taught about Jesus & God in World History?
  91. Why does God cure people of deadly cancer, but never heals amputees?
  92. Why are Christians so evasive?
  93. What happened to the bones of Jesus?
  94. How do we know God is all powerful and all knowing?
  95. Why fourteen?
  96. Alright then I have a request but I guess it could be a question [moved from BC]
  97. How does God "show" himself to you?
  98. What does the Bible say about marijuana?
  99. A few astronomical questions
  100. pornography
  101. two men in one bed?
  102. Republican and Christianity
  103. Please Help I think i'm possesed
  104. Christian murderers
  105. The Geneology of Jesus
  106. Prayer
  107. How do you justify slavery being in the old and new testaments?
  108. How did they keep track of the word?
  109. ON the matter of interpretation
  110. How does belief in the infallibility of a book constitute the meaning of life?
  111. Why I am here
  112. Salvation is a free gift? But...
  113. Reconciling Paul vs Jesus
  114. How do I have faith and believe?
  115. Assurance of Salvation
  116. * Joshua 7?
  117. Discussion Free to choose, free to believe?
  118. Rape
  119. Three Days and Three Nights
  120. Information Adama
  121. Will I go to hell if I think when I'm doing good my country is?
  122. a daunting question
  123. Genuinely seeking answers: some logical/moral issues I have with Christianity
  124. LEFT handed CHristians
  125. Moral Immortal
  126. Moral, but not quite immortal
  127. Children of God vs Creations
  128. which is greater for your faith: Jesus's love or fear of hell?
  129. Why didn't God prevent the shootings at Newtown?
  130. The Adulterer
  131. Why dind't the Christian messiah fulfill the messianic prophecies?
  132. Interested in Christianity but feel silly, childish, and like I just can't believe
  133. The Bible and its interpretation
  134. Discussion What does it mean to be born again? John 3:5
  135. Just wondering...
  136. Praise vs worship
  137. Could this make people believe the Bible is true?
  138. Say, Whats wrong with worshiping people anyway?
  139. Please Help I want to believe
  140. I'm studying with my JW grandmother atm, but want to attend the UMC?
  141. Question re: prayer
  142. Struggle with faith in the Bible (Moved from Bible Chat since OP is not a Christian.)
  143. * Absentee Heavenly Father
  144. I really want to believe in God and trust him
  145. I've given up.
  146. I'm an atheist, don't hurt me, I just want to learn about Christianity.
  147. Please Help Is the Wailing Wall a holy place for Christians too?
  148. God created the earth
  149. Original Sin
  150. Are They Born Again?
  151. Can I just believe in “My God”
  152. Atheist/Agnostic discussion continued
  153. Please Help Honor Killings in Bible
  154. The Bible identifies the whore of Babylon as Jerusalem (Moved from A&E.)
  155. Please Help I Want to Become a Christian But Have a Hard Time in Believing and Accepting
  156. God Kills People
  157. I'm an atheist, I have questions: Just another god?
  158. slave vs servant
  159. I love Jesus' message but I don't believe in talking snakes (moved from GIC subforum)
  160. Trinity for non-christians - the definition of concepts (moved from A&E subform)
  161. Discussion Morality of Slavery
  162. It matters where you're born.
  163. What happens to people who commit suicide?
  164. Dreams and Visions
  165. Discussion Sodom and Gomorrah a example of why I am a atheist
  166. Discussion Why were human's created?/What is God's motivation for our creation?
  167. Discussion GOD can make you believing HIM, why does not HE do that?
  168. Why does Satan not dead? and have an eternal life in our world?
  169. Discussion Some Reasons Why I'm An Atheist
  170. Looking for a verse or verses - can you help?
  171. Was there originally two Gods?
  172. How to keep your soul survive in this world?
  173. Evidence of God
  174. What happen to our soul after death?
  175. Discussion Things In The Bible That Dont Makes Sense
  176. How to know your mission in your life?
  177. Can we talk to GOD? while we are still alive. (Moved from Growing in Christ )
  178. How to feel to be spiritual being?
  179. Turned over to a reprobate mind?
  180. When does God reveal himself?
  181. Elementary questions regarding the 'Day of Judgement'
  182. A question regarding Matthew 26:52
  183. Rewards in heaven/levels or positions in heaven-New Thread
  184. Growing with God
  185. Does the Bible say to kill Atheists?
  186. Discussion If God is Spirit..
  187. Does loving your enemy entail pacifism?
  188. Please Help Confused Seeker I suppose?
  189. Signs from God
  190. Discussion Bible says that Prophet Jesus (AS) was sent for the Jews only, but not Christian
  191. A powerful new way to pray
  192. The basis of your faith(moved from GIC)
  193. Need Advice: Feeling very low; disowned by family
  194. is it wrong to go to church?
  195. Need Advice: Identifying heretical and apostate churches?
  196. Need Advice: Please help me find the right path
  197. Confused about Luke Chapter 6
  198. Is it bad to be rich?
  199. Rules for Christian Answers(Everyone please read before posting)
  200. Animal death before fall(moved to CA)
  201. Discussion Whoa, what exactly are the Abraham`s God
  202. what to do when you feel hopeless(moved from BC)
  203. Contraceptives - intrauterine devices and the role of men
  204. Genesis 12-21 questions
  205. Genesis 25-27
  206. Clarification on Strange Phenomenon: Why Would This Happen?
  207. The bibles credibility
  208. Seeking the truth, but which truth?
  209. Map
  210. Lookiing for answers that give me headaches
  211. directions to facts from the bible?
  212. Need Advice: Good deed, wrong reason?
  213. Should we repent our dreams?
  214. Seeking the right path
  215. "Prime" Question?(moved from BC)
  216. How do biblical texts apply to modern society?
  217. Need Advice: is everyone that calls on christ(moved from BC)
  218. strange premonitions and more
  219. Babylon is Jerusalem, which will be the center of operations for the Beast
  220. I think I'm leaving Christianity behind...
  221. the prophecy of Tyre-Its clearly a false prophecy(moved from BC)
  222. Where can I buy all 66 books?
  223. the bible is a parable(moved from BC subforum)
  224. 1 John 5:18 question(moved from BC subforum)
  225. How do I love God?(moved from CE subforum)
  226. Biblical Dream Meaning(moved from BC subforum)
  227. I keep failing !
  228. Need Advice: Grasping God's Word.(moved from BC)
  229. The blasphemy against the holy spirit
  230. Job 26:7 King James vs New International (possible biblical contradiction)
  231. What are considered blessings from God?
  232. Human Life on Earth will end one day. That's for certain - moved from ETC subforum
  233. What were the motivations of Jesus?
  234. Ask an Atheist
  235. Discussion Playing the victim card
  236. Not for everybody
  237. Common Figure of Speech/Colloquial Language?
  238. Discussion Martyrdom or loss of faith
  239. Information Why do you Believe?
  240. Discussion Intellectual versus occult Christianity
  241. Please Help I want to believe so much but just cant seem to connect with God
  242. Need Advice: The end
  243. Discussion Four potential converts
  244. Discussion What does it mean to believe in God?
  245. Discussion Kicking the resurrection argument into a cocked hat.
  246. Common figure of speech/colloquial language?
  247. Music abnd Faith
  248. i have questoins(Moved from BC)
  249. the trilegy
  250. appolegetics