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  1. Please Read Before Posting!!!
  2. Belief a CHOICE?
  3. Song Titles Encore! (2)
  4. Bible Quotes about Children?
  5. 2 Thessalionians 2:11?
  6. Luke 14:26, Were the 12 Desciples the first emos?
  7. Discussion A Womans Place in the New Testament?
  8. a plea to all christians in america
  9. reconcilitation = rationalising...?
  10. Jesus in Hell?
  11. They are all going to laugh at you
  12. Why isn't there more science in the Bible?
  13. serious?
  14. just wondering
  15. Schrodinger's Cat
  16. How can God and suffering exist?
  17. A mixed marriage as an unequal yoke
  18. Blast Femur
  19. Keith Olbermann Tirade
  20. Discussion Cloning
  21. And of course, Politics.
  22. do you consider yourself a worm in comparison to god?
  23. Celebrate!
  24. Warning: stupid question ahead
  25. just questioning
  26. Quick Question?
  27. i want to know ...
  28. i know this is a VERY old question...
  29. Interesting facts in the world
  30. Evil Inanimate
  31. My stance
  32. Please Help Non-controversial question
  33. Ultimate evil
  34. Things I Think I learned II: The Reckoning
  35. Need Advice: Is this type of prayer biblical?
  36. God's Word perfect?......or Not?
  37. In need of guidance
  38. who is this??!!!!!
  39. A virgin birth prophecy or a defense of Jesus?
  40. The Sea of Reeds
  41. Ouji Boards
  42. Morality
  43. When Sarah went Ballistic
  44. Sorry if this is a dumb question
  45. Vatican, Darwin
  46. Lord's supper
  47. heaven
  48. Are catholics Christians?
  49. church
  50. Why are atheists so bitter? (moved from A&E subform)
  51. Anybody have a band?
  52. Micro-evolution
  53. Did this lady have better manners than Jesus?
  54. Where did my thread go??
  55. Evolution
  56. Need a platform to place my poems on!!!
  57. The castration text
  58. "The epileptic demoniac"
  59. Nothing annoys an enemy as much as
  60. These questions have bothered me for a very long time!
  61. Questions!
  62. Biblical Creationism
  63. Age of the earth
  64. Is it really worth it?
  65. Spiritual Co-processing unit
  66. What are the ways to make your poems spread to the audience?
  67. Discussion Smoking
  68. Independent Evidence
  69. Genealogies of Jesus
  70. Judges: the attack on rash vows
  71. Questions from an athiest
  72. Judges: Fathers and daughters
  73. Discussion Peanut butter sandwich
  74. Your Favorite Recipe
  75. Christianity = delayed gratification?
  76. Geiste questions (pre-questions)
  77. Heaven...
  78. How do you get past the violence against children in the Bible?
  79. Geiste questions (Afterlife)
  80. Geiste challenges (Creationism)
  81. Geiste questions (random questions)
  82. Geiste questions (Genesis)
  83. The contradiction of Omnipotence and Omnibenevolence
  84. On the Noachian Deluge
  85. If God knows all, how can he have emotions?
  86. Why did all the miracles stop?
  87. Geiste suggests
  88. What day is the Sabbath?
  89. Theory of Evolution
  90. Geiste questions (RQ2)
  91. what does eternam punnishment actually achieve?
  92. Geiste questions (people)
  93. Couple of things
  94. Finding Christ?
  95. If God told you to do something you thought was immoral, would you do it?
  96. I would rather be in Hell than Heaven
  97. Can nonbelievers be moral people?
  98. I have no head
  99. Did God set us up to fail?
  100. Why do Christians believe the Bible?
  101. Was Christianity based on Judaism?
  102. What is your opinion of religious nonchristians?
  103. How do we reconcile omnipotence and omniscience?
  104. Bible recommendations
  105. three questions: the trinity, Jesus's ancestry, and conception
  106. Discussion If God is light, where does darkness dwell?
  107. Discussion The eternal God has a beginning & end?
  108. Need Advice: Who is God of the World?
  109. Religious Meaning
  110. Questions from a non-believer
  111. Need Advice: Question about the existance of God
  112. why does god not answer prayers of amputees?
  113. why does god kill nonbelievers instead of giving them a chance to convert?
  114. Who needs morals anyway?
  115. how do you know what to take literally in the bible?
  116. how do you know which version of the bible is the 'god breathed' one?
  117. did god accept human sacrifices?
  118. Morality
  119. Jesus Christ: persecuted by the right? (Moved from Anything Goes)
  120. Why do you love God?
  121. would our finding intelligent life on other planets affect your beliefs?
  122. Hell
  123. Why am I not a Christian?
  124. if god punishes us for our bad thoughts, does he reward us for our good ones?
  125. Questions about God
  126. The strength from the lord
  127. Will Jesus love me anyway?
  128. Free will and omniscience
  129. how does god 'talk' to you?
  130. how did noah physically do it? the ark I mean
  131. Jewish Scriptures in English
  132. Numbers 10:29 - 32
  133. Numbers 4:6
  134. You own the land question?
  135. Christians - Please answer this question for me.
  136. Come to think of it, . . . I really DON'T have a relationship with Jesus.
  137. do you believe in supernatural events outside of the bible?
  138. Why blood?
  139. Discussion Proposition 8.
  140. Is it morally and socially unacceptable not to be heterosexual?
  141. Modern Miracles
  142. do you hate atheists who attempt to deconvert christians?
  143. I haven't been here in a while..
  144. Impressions of Atheism
  145. IMPORTANT How Am I Saved?
  146. Please Help HELP please
  147. What About People Who Haven't Heard?
  148. What am I to make of Isaiah 13: 1-22?
  149. do you steal the bread??
  150. Need Advice: Absent Euphoria
  151. Please Help What Is The Role Of Consultation In The Holy Bible? (moved from BC)
  152. You might be a Christian if...
  153. How do you base your faith?
  154. Please Help jesus was a jew, so why are'nt we? - from BC
  155. Please Help If Jesus was god, how could john 1:18 be true?
  156. The Really Ugly Duckling
  157. God and War
  158. Heaven and Hell Before Christ
  159. Question for Christians
  160. Please Help The Bible says what about death? (Moved from BC to CA)
  161. Lost & Losing Faith
  162. God is a god of peace or war?
  163. Why does god?
  164. Christianity
  165. The Mark of the Beast
  166. If you had to choose another religion...
  167. I cant get over with
  168. Passages - moved from Bible Chat
  169. searching for someone to help me (Moved from NiC)
  170. what if you're wrong?
  171. The Official Reps Begging Thread...(moved from ETC)
  172. Difference between "Heaven" and "Heavens" - moved from Bible Chat
  173. The Understanding of the Ancient Hebrews - moved from Bible Chat
  174. Sea creatures (Moved from Bible Chat)
  175. Why did Adam give Eve a personal name only after the Fall?
  176. (question for the day.) - Moved from BC
  177. (and just what does the end times mean to you???) - Moved from ETC
  178. (Interesting biblecal reads.) - moved from BC
  179. Have a WONDERFUL Christmas!
  180. am seeking Christ but am confused....
  181. Why didn't Jesus do it in the daylight?
  182. The Enemy
  183. Historical Contradition: Matthew 22:7 ?!
  184. A Homosexual Trying to Seek Christ/non-Christian-moved from BTC
  185. Crucifixion, Sacrifice, etc.
  186. Praise for American Dad. Seriously!
  187. Why did God hate Esau?
  188. Why pray asking for anything if God knows what is best?
  189. Will I be punished for failing to believe something that I don't think is true?
  190. Is Hell currently empty?
  191. My eye is like a poached egg
  192. Bethlehem at Christmas
  193. How can biblical morality be good morality?
  194. Any supporters of gay marriage here?
  195. Before God?
  196. Blame Game ...Lame?
  197. (Some) Christian Hostility toward Science - What Gives?
  198. What do you think about "In God We Trust" on U.S. money?
  199. Need some advice (teenager)
  200. Why would god create people who would choose to be sinful? (moved from NIC)
  201. Tele evangelist
  202. God and Philosophy (moved from NIC)
  203. How come Theistic Evolution is a banned subject in CA?
  204. God can't reveal himself?
  205. Does divroce or put away =adultery?
  206. Please help this half and half believer.
  207. Atheism is "damaging" and "evil"
  208. If God is all-powerful and all-knowing then what is the point of anything?
  209. Can anyone tell me about the UU (Unitarian Universalist) Church?
  210. Please Help Trying to find some bible quotes/passages/scriptures..
  211. Free Willy
  212. Jesus is God? (Moved from BC)
  213. Questions from a Deist
  214. Questions about faith
  215. What is your religion? (Moved from KB)
  216. I was wondering
  217. I have some questions please
  218. Want to pray?
  219. Any Gamers here? (Moved from SP)
  220. do animals have moral rights?
  221. Meditation
  222. Need Advice: Praying against someone?
  223. Need Advice: John 14:15-21 , What does it mean? help..
  224. Why is salvation predicated on faith?
  225. please help me understand (Moved from NiC)
  226. all warm and fuzzy round the edges
  227. Blasphemy????
  228. Will my son go to Heaven if he isn't Christened?
  229. now where have i heard that one before???
  230. Well, why dont I believe it?
  231. Could this be the "proof" my brain needed to accept Jesus is God?
  232. All Change!!
  233. who am i talking to?
  234. Please Help Bible version w/o genealogy?
  235. Little known book of the bible
  236. Please Help why dosent god remove demons from this world?
  237. I feel like i've been spiritually converted.
  238. Discussion What does the bible say...
  239. What would the world be like without Christianity?
  240. Trix are for heathens?
  241. Q: Genesis 1:26 Let us make man in our image
  242. Seeking The Truth About God (moved from NiC)
  243. Seek with your "heart"?
  244. Question about talking to God
  245. Question about what your children are taught in school
  246. What is a Spirit?
  247. Theory of Evolution and being a Christian?
  248. US Air Flight 1549 vs Continental Flight 3407
  249. help me explain why this video is wrong
  250. Why do many christians sound foolish when talking about science?