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  1. Just a few rules.. Check often please, as there will be updates
  2. No women allowed to post in this forum.
  3. Initiation thread! You must post here.
  4. Guys Living Healthy
  5. Some Rule here too
  6. Porch Law
  7. Ask Mutt... an advice and answers thread
  8. Our goals for 2008, 2009
  9. Young men and Responsibility.
  10. Studying your Bible?
  11. Following Jesus
  12. Some guy kissed my girlfriend at work = MAD
  13. Finding women attractive?
  14. Wow
  15. Whats that book?
  16. Starting a running regimen
  17. Shaving
  18. Awesome!
  19. Need Advice: Fireproof and Acting
  20. My ex...
  21. Chili!
  22. Advice?
  23. Can you say "discrimination"?
  24. What are your hobbies/interests
  25. Honey-Do lists
  26. Crossfit
  27. Information Bible Sermon On being a Man
  28. Is it a sin to workout for vain reasons?
  29. The Beard Thread
  30. Need Advice: To be married or to stay single...
  31. Saving money and then proposing to my girlfriend
  32. Ate at the buffet tonight...
  33. Benched my max for first time in awhile
  34. Happy Birthday!
  35. I benched 170 lbs at 136 lbs
  36. Its been awhile.
  37. Man Night
  38. pray
  39. Home brewing and Wine making.
  40. Boxing, who's your favorite?
  41. Super-Heavy Weight...are you kidding me?
  42. Stay at home dadís
  43. Guitarists?
  44. List your STUFF... Or anything else you want
  45. What Are You Guys Listening To Right Now?
  46. NFL Talk
  47. Guidance on being a godly husband
  48. Sex in a marriage--Warning: Fairly graphic questions
  49. I Inherited a Great Gift Tonight!!
  50. Hey fellow duders.
  51. Children and animal creulty
  52. **The Official World Football Thread**
  53. The College Sports Thread
  54. NFL Draft System; Good or Bad?
  55. Merry Christmas
  56. Nicotine
  57. OMYGOSH, check out my gear (read)
  58. Mike Tyson vs Muhammed Ali
  59. Serious Marital Problem - Don't Know How to Fix It...
  60. Picky Picky Picky
  61. NFL Playoffs...Call Your Shot!
  62. Triathletes- bikers
  63. Fishing thread
  64. Discussion Defense
  65. Whats God thoughts on....
  66. Need Advice: Marriage Seperation
  67. Most peculiar statement
  68. How guys view girls?
  69. Any Gamers here??
  70. Am I a caveman or do I need some culture?
  71. My First Tattoo and my first tattoo item
  72. car question
  73. Another change is coming, again
  74. I cannot wait to be married
  75. I heard this and it must be true.
  76. Ok, Dudes..Survivorman(Les Stroud) or Man vs Wild(Bear Gryllss)
  77. So, what present should I ask for from my fiance once we get married?
  78. Another marriage question
  79. Need Advice: No sexual drive
  80. The Gift of Music
  81. So what exactly IS "scratch remover"
  82. m****rb*tion
  83. Schoolyard bullies
  84. Men's Ministry
  85. Heaven
  86. touchy question
  87. bad women
  88. My new marriage is falling apart... I need PRAYER please
  89. Information Just wondering.
  90. !!!food ingredients to avoid!!!
  91. Over here Brothers
  92. Man's role in the home/marriage/relationship
  93. Nose Hairs
  94. Discussion (Dis)Respect
  95. Need Advice: When Does Appreciation of Feminine Beauty Become Lust?
  96. Why no, "Forum is NOT open to women!" sticky?
  97. One a day
  98. Grill season cometh
  99. Relationship/Fears of marriage
  100. House pets aside, are there any animals you wouldn't eat?
  101. Favoruite UFC Fighter?
  102. Favorite Martial Artist
  103. We just can't get it right
  104. RIP Mark Fidrych
  105. divorces?
  106. Bibles for Men
  107. How to install my air conditioner
  108. Handgun Suggestions?
  109. clarification
  110. Hr 45
  111. Women no longer having all the power?
  112. Any Shade-tree mechanic's out there?
  113. Boots and polish
  114. A Praise To God and the Holy Spirit for weight loss.
  115. Where Bums May Come From.
  116. Anybody Else Here . . .
  117. Discussion Is masturbation a sin ?
  118. Deadliest Warrior
  119. College World Series. Who you got?
  120. Boot Suggestions
  121. I am done with her
  122. Sports leagues and championship rosters?
  123. Oz Fox (Stryper) marries Hooker for Jesus
  124. Any hot sauce fans here?
  125. Any of you guys belong to any outdoor forums?
  126. Ok guys....John Wanye or Clint Eastwood?
  127. Taking up golf,any golfers or golf fans here?
  128. wwe vs mma
  129. Guy Meals.....Hot Wings VS. BBQ Ribs
  130. Movies your wife/girl friends can't stand.
  131. A golf question.How do know if your clubs are a perfect match?
  132. Showering situation.
  133. Deadliest Catch Fans Here?
  134. Music fans: Country or Classic Rock,or Bluegrass?
  135. Favorite team sports...football,baseball,basketball,or hockey?
  136. Any gun owners here? If so,what kinds do you have?
  137. Any long distance shooters on here?
  138. What's your favorite food to grill?
  139. I'm going to start smoking
  140. What toppings do you like on hamburgers?
  141. Any runners in the house?
  142. Favorite guitar players
  143. I think I want my rib back
  144. Anybody here ride motorcycles ?
  145. Any of you guys like to go fishing?
  146. What is your favorite U.S.CIty?
  147. Junior Brown Last Night.
  148. You know you are getting old when....
  149. A Wild Ride. Video
  150. Another beard thread.....how do you shape yours?
  151. Your 1st Guitar?
  152. College sport rivalries,who do you got?
  153. Tales you once thought be true,but no longer believe.
  154. Favorite colonge or aftershave.
  155. If God Doesn't Water my Lawn, Why Should I?
  156. Favorite Playstation II games( or X-box,Wii,etc.)
  157. So: Tap or Bottle?
  158. Wake Up America !
  159. Need Advice: Could really use some advice, and prayer
  160. Any civil war buffs here?
  161. Should a record holders that used steroids have the records taken away?
  162. Should Michael Vick be allowed to play again in the NFL?
  163. What is a "Real Man"
  164. How many here could live like they did in the 19th century?
  165. trading...
  166. Is it sinful to
  167. Barber shops or hair stylists?
  168. Brett Favre
  169. Pocket knives,what do you carry?
  170. I saw a really cool bumper sticker...
  171. Need Advice: Books
  172. Need Advice: Prayer
  173. recurring symbol
  174. If you could only own one gun . . .
  175. Right thing for the wrong reason
  176. the emotional creature
  177. Shaving thread.......blades or electric?
  178. If you could play professional sports,what would it be?
  179. Sexual Thought (moved from A&E)
  180. Anybody ever shave with a straight razor?
  181. Ernie Harwell Has Terminal Cancer
  182. The Single Guy's Life
  183. Has a guy ever liked a wedding?
  184. I once......
  185. How did that work?
  186. Discussion Hamburger Thread
  187. Rant Thread
  188. Discussion Hat thread.......not caps.
  189. Do you have a favorite "Weird Food Combination"?
  190. Digital/Hi-Def TV?
  191. Does anybody use Brylcreme or other hair tonics?
  192. Phrases & sayings that don't actually make sense
  193. What do you do?
  194. Favorite type of gun. Just one style.
  195. What's your favorite western?
  196. Do you have a favorite Sports Movie?
  197. Discussion Guy's a litte help please.
  198. Getting a new gun soon!
  199. Girl Problems. Please Help.
  200. Discussion Hunting thread.....are any of you going this this year?
  201. Calvin and Hobbs 'peeing' stickers.
  202. New Gun day!
  203. Prayer for fellow Christian
  204. Is there anyone who doesn't think the Colts top the NFL?
  205. Football fans,who is the best runningback?
  206. Handgun owners,qustion about CCL's.
  207. Need Advice: child sexually active
  208. Need Advice: Beginning a Godly Fathers Ministry
  209. baby and love life. . .
  210. Any of you guys watch cooking shows?
  211. NFL lock of the week
  212. College officals suspended after making bad calls.
  213. Discussion Mad Max Survival
  214. How do you like your chili,guys?
  215. What do you all call "Man Food"?
  216. Worst cheesiest tv shows ever.
  217. Dominate women,what gives with that?
  218. Favorite Handgunthat you own.
  219. Police Officers?
  220. Favorite Fictional Good (Bad) Guy
  221. Proto-Kaw
  222. Favorite boots,what kind?
  223. Jolly's Grill testing thread with Recipes
  224. Animals you woun't want to meet in the wild.
  225. Getting married soon...
  226. Any of you guys see a woman doctor?
  227. Robbers give back wallet
  228. Boot lovers,any of you wear any exotic skin boots?
  229. Can't seem to make her happy?
  230. Christmas present ideas for my wife.
  231. General life advice
  232. 45 minutes into deer season...
  233. Makarov vs PF-9
  234. Revolvers or semi-autos?
  235. 7 stickies... really>?
  236. IMPORTANT Why only 3 stickies!!!!????
  237. Discussion College sports mascots......which names aren't tough?
  238. Went to the gun show today.
  239. Shotgun advice?
  240. Slightly stupid electricity question
  241. Skewed Observations.
  242. oh well...
  243. Furnace thermostat question.
  244. Help Please
  245. Pulled a groin muscle! Ouch!!!!
  246. I got polluted for Christmas
  247. I've been drunk 144 days in my life? Jeez...
  248. Guys That Like Cats.
  249. Nocturnal Emission in the Bible
  250. Best tv car.