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  1. Who I Am In Christ
  2. unexplainable contradictions?
  3. Reviews for thoughts on Matthew Henry's Bible commentary?
  5. Need Advice: Questions about spiritual attacks
  6. Are Christians trying to establish a Third Testament?
  7. Which Bible Translation do you take to Church?
  8. Heaven. Located in another dimension?
  9. Still Waiting For A Sign?
  10. Need Advice: NCV....
  11. What do we tell someone who asks......
  12. What is the pure sacrifice?
  13. Heirarchy of angels???
  14. Who is Melchizedek?
  15. Please Help Looking for a verse
  16. 1 Samuel Bible study
  17. What does it mean to be a deacon's wife?
  18. I was told only "pastors" should pray for certain things
  19. What does it mean to do things "In the Spirit"?
  20. do spiritual/secular marriages/divorces occur at the same time?
  21. What is the "right' way to leave a church?
  22. What exactly is spiritual warfare? Constantly "binding" things?
  23. If God purposely hardened the heart of Pharaoh, do we truly have choice?
  24. Justified -Scripture- Paul and James
  25. Bible Study Fellowship
  26. Who wrote the old testament?
  27. Question on the Greek word εκραξεν contained in Jn
  28. Matthew 18:18, Church Discipline, and Eternal Security
  29. Please Help Can't find something in the Bible.....
  30. Is this a sin?
  31. In the beginning of Genesis, God created humans. Who were they?
  32. Please Help Forgiven?
  33. My personal comparison between the NIV and KJV.
  34. Discussion Colosians 2:9 The Fullness of God, the Body of Christ.
  36. I knew there was something wrong with Mondays ..
  38. Deliverance - Judgement Day - Book Of Life?
  39. Is this the same Raguel as in Genesis 36:9?
  40. Water Baptism
  41. Christian rituals
  42. What doth hinder me to be baptzed?
  43. Does anyone know this story?
  44. devil
  45. Can someone help me understand the concept of faith w/works and Faith w/out works?
  46. My friend insist that Catholics changed the Bible
  47. Psalm 100 - A Psalm of Thanksgiving
  48. Galatians 2:14?
  49. Discussion Who Is The Son Of God?
  50. Please Help Can't find verse? About speaking with individual, not others of issue
  51. Anyone know where I can find a .txt file of the Bible?
  52. Need Advice: Jimmy Swaggarts Expositors Study Bible
  53. Need Advice: Why is Fenris not a Christian
  54. The endless depths of God's love.
  55. Discussion What exactly is -SEEKING-.......................... Seeking?
  56. Discussion Biblical Types of Christ
  57. Traveling great distance to a revival, to meet God, etc.
  58. For ever seeing but never understanding
  59. Be holy as I am Holy...
  60. Some background on the situation in Galatia
  61. Need Advice: Best NLT study Bible?
  62. Question for a Calvinist...
  63. Opinions of man-what do you believe you must do to go to heaven?Be honest!
  64. Discussion Is the office of Apostle still in effect till now?
  65. Love always trusts? really though?
  66. Yet Another Thread About Fenris...
  67. What Does This Say About Us?
  68. What do you mean by "modest" dress for women?. (moved from GIC)
  69. Question about Reading or Listening to the Bible
  70. If you aren't doing anything come listen to one of the mod's Jennifer
  71. Are we starving our youth????
  72. The Lost Evangelist?
  73. No Deliverance Without Repentance - Gods Mediator
  74. Discussion HIS NEW NAME...??
  75. For the sake of sexual immorality?
  76. Matt 5:27-28 (women edition)
  77. Need help with the word "monogenes"
  78. unicorns in the bible..depending on translation?
  79. What is meant by 'I Love you in the Lord?'
  80. For All The Signs?
  81. Bible version
  82. All sins forgiven?
  83. Do We, The Christian/Church, Really Believe that the Bible Is Relevant For Us Today?
  84. Persia/Iran (Moved from CF)
  85. Information Babylon the Great
  86. Read your Bible!
  87. Need Advice: My Friend views on the Bible
  88. What kind of death did man experience due to Original Sin at the "Fall"?
  89. KJV compared to modern versions.
  90. Attracting Godly Men.... (moved from GIC)
  91. Secrets of the Heart
  92. Leviticus
  93. Yet I Will Gather Others To Him
  94. Creation Question
  95. why all the arguing?
  96. The False Prophet
  97. Who was David's mother?
  98. How Can a Law Be Fulfilled?
  99. Of men or angles
  100. Did the Holy Spirit indwell Jesus
  101. to "put away from among yourselves"?
  102. Scripture -- Praying for one another
  103. Question regarding Mary Magdalene and the witness of the resurrected Jesus
  104. Need Advice: bearing fruit
  105. The will of God and healing/sickness
  106. Continuing to try and understand my bewilderment... prayer
  107. NIV 2010
  108. Discussion One Thing Comes To All?
  109. Delia Knox Testimony... The Lady Healed at the Bay of the Holy Spirit Revival
  110. What Makes Revival A Revival
  111. Love
  112. Matthew 6:15?
  113. Satan Can Only Do What God Allows?
  114. From the Satan Can Only Allow thread... All Things Work Together For Good....
  115. Obadiah - God's judgment of the violent crimes of Edom
  116. Spiritual Gifts and Cessation-"ism"
  117. Can others be punished for YOUR sins?
  118. Hell vs. Lake of Fire
  119. Biblical Prophecies incorrect? A look at Egypt and Babylon
  120. Need Advice: What was Jesus' name for God?
  121. Best Way to Start Reading The Bible
  122. Please help with Jeremiah 7:6
  123. When was Lucifer cast out of heaven and where did he go?
  124. Faith For What?
  125. What did Jesus demonstrated when He spoke on to Peter, " COME WALK TO ME "?
  126. What is the Bottom-Line Essential Faith for Salvation?
  127. What Makes a Message Prophetic?
  128. Why Are We So Uncomfortable with the Prophetic?
  129. How faithful is God?
  130. Confusion about asking God for things.
  131. Discussion If We Believe Moses?
  132. Leviticus
  133. Who determines who will be healed...??
  134. WORSHIP
  135. What does the Bible say? (OSAS)
  136. Question about descendents of Cain
  137. Jesus Christ the same today, yesterday, and forever. Beware of strange teachings.
  138. Water Baptism Part Deux
  139. Some scary stuff in book of Matthew.
  140. Why was Jesus nice to the evil spirits? + Why did they want to send Jesus away?
  141. False Teachers
  142. tithing question
  143. God's will for answered prayer?
  144. Romans Chapter 11 (Ingrafted Branches)
  145. Rom. 11:15, "life from the dead"
  146. Will I know my loved ones in heaven?
  147. Questions about Luke 3:5-6
  148. The Apostasia
  149. Establishing the human race from Adam and Eve
  150. need a Bible verse
  151. Christian Suicide- will go to Heaven?
  152. Discussion If we sin what should we expect?
  153. What I think Rom. 16:20 means.
  154. Please Help Mary Magdalene at the Resurrection
  155. " Ye are Gods "
  156. 11th Commandment
  157. What Is the Holy Spirit's Name?
  158. Depression: Causes and Cures (For lack of a better title)
  159. It Is Finished! Moses, My Servant, Is Gone.
  160. New cult teaching makes me wonder...
  161. Please Help looking for a scripture
  162. is MELCHIZEDEK apart of the NEPHILIM? (truly Daniel the prophet?)
  163. Does cicumcision of the heart in Deut 30:6, Rom. 2:28 and Col. 2:11 all apply to us?
  164. Bad vs. Dead.... Good vs. Live (pondering after listening to a Ravenhill sermon)
  165. Ye Of Little Faith
  166. Calvinism or Arminianism (Cut from Old thread beginning a new)
  167. Saints Of The Most High?
  168. Is Darkness Synonomous With Ignorance/Blindness?
  169. Preach it like God means it, not like...
  170. Question concerning: Faith
  171. Am I become your enemy because I tell you the truth??
  172. Narrow Road to salvation....
  173. Discussion The Pride of The Jordan
  174. I didn't know where to put this post....Moved from GiC
  175. Intimacy, the miraculous and power
  176. The Calvary!
  177. Unto Us A Child Is Born.
  178. Greasy Grace
  179. Grace For Obedience To The faith?
  180. Please Help Telling someone about jesus/help on the gospel
  181. FAITH
  182. How to fight temptation?
  184. The Father is God's Soul
  185. Greet ye one another with a holy kiss
  186. Christian suicide?
  187. Keeping it in context
  188. Discussion What is Virtue mean...practically?
  189. Please Help Help on the gospel
  190. how to
  191. Strengths and weaknesses
  192. What is knowledge?
  193. a time in your life
  194. Bible with no chapters or verses
  195. Mentioning of magic in the bible
  196. Need Advice: Help with parents
  197. His Reward Is With Him?
  198. Four questions on baptism of Jesus.
  199. christmas
  200. IMPORTANT If you are a Pastor
  201. Adam and Jesus
  202. Did John recognize Jesus or not? Please help me resolve this apparent difficulty.
  203. If You've Nothing Going Tonight at 7:00 CST
  204. Why did Jesus need to be baptized
  205. Hallelujah Christmas
  206. Weren't Joseph and Mary, married before Jesus was born?
  207. Christian's raping-Changed back to original title
  208. Who is the Almighty?
  209. The Bible and TV
  210. Romans 1:18-20 and "some tribe in the jungles of South America"
  211. We Shall Be Like Him?
  212. Please Help Big words :D
  213. The Bethlehem Star
  214. Stumbling Block - Split from Raping thread
  215. Whose Son is YHVH, the Christ?
  216. lukewarm
  217. Please Help Where are the apocrypha books of esdras in the bible(i have the new jerusalem)
  218. Is there always a happy ending?
  219. The birth of Christ
  220. angels
  221. Discussion OT tradition: Writing in the dust
  222. Ridiculed for being a Christian
  223. Discussion King James Bible
  224. Did the Holy Spirit indwell believers in the OT?
  225. Need Advice: A couple of questions.
  226. Discussion The Trinity in Genesis chapters 18 and 19
  227. Religion or Relationship?
  228. Ever stop to consider... what does God get out of all this?
  229. Searching for a verse...
  230. Once again... Service tonight
  231. Disputed Scripture Passages
  232. How did Noah fit
  233. Need Advice: Blessing from sin.
  234. Do we have free will?
  235. What Does It Mean To Endure?
  236. Balance and scripture
  237. Information My 30 Reasons for Sunday Worship
  238. What was the Christmas message taught/preached in your church this year?
  239. The Father is spirit
  240. Big deal about Christmas?
  241. What is Shalom?
  242. Shall We Continue In Sin?
  243. Hasn't Israel already received the promise of land?
  244. Does science yield truths?
  245. What is creating?
  246. Discussion Why did God not.....
  247. Discussion What if ..... (related to Why did God not)
  248. Discussion YATT
  249. The cherubim, the seraphim, and the zoa
  250. Cain's fear?