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  1. Recommendations on Charles Spurgeon
  2. God does not care if we have our "best life now"...
  3. need help re: Apocrypha
  4. Discussion The Promises of the Abrahamic Covenant
  5. Life after the fall
  6. Discussion If Angels Can Fall?
  7. John 1:46
  8. Discussion Would you ever renounce your faith?
  9. Isaiah 35:8 The way of Holiness
  10. Information Jesus was a Palestinian, per US history text
  11. Is it in the Bible?
  12. was Jesus a Galilaean?
  13. baptised.
  14. When was it created???
  15. Looking for Scripture About Making a Difference.
  16. Are we suppose to pray outloud or silently when alone?
  17. verse
  18. Once Saved Always Saved? (Moved from Christians Answer)
  19. Any ideas about this verse?
  20. Once saved always saved : Amen Praise the Lord
  21. I could use some verses.
  22. Ecclesiastes 7:16) Be not righteous over much
  23. Messiah
  24. In Accordance with the Scriptures
  25. Seven deadly sins
  26. Opposite messages from the Holy Spirit ?
  27. Exodus 10:21-22) The meaning of Egyptian Darkness
  28. Lake of Fire
  29. Can anyone?
  30. The Faith of Christ and our Faith in Christ
  31. Discussion Show me where in the bible God gives a timeline of spiritual growth.
  32. Putting Christ back into Christmas
  33. Old and New Testament
  34. Parallel Bibles
  35. The Mysteries
  36. Having a Holiness Standard??? Huh WHat??!!?!
  37. Satan's Schemes
  38. Thy will be done
  39. Elder/Pastor Question! (Moved to Bible Chat)
  40. Ecclesiastical Myopia
  41. When Christians do horrible things....
  42. Please Help Losing Your Faith?
  43. blood line
  44. writing or reading scripture?
  45. Commentary of Romans 9
  46. Verses about Running in the Bible?
  47. Palesteninian/Arab Origin?
  48. Discussion If you were Abraham
  49. A Tribute to the Bible
  50. Scriptures that back/authorize Sunday worship
  51. princeapalities ?
  52. Please Help Need help finding uplifting/inspirational Bible passages
  53. Should christians surrender their firearms
  54. Name of Adam
  55. Spreading Salvation?
  56. individuality question
  57. Paradoxes in the Bible
  58. Neither hath this man sinned, nor his parents
  59. Discussion James 2:14-17
  60. Need Advice: Question about idolotry
  61. A Question?
  62. Romans 1:21 and Total Depravity
  63. Input from those who understand Greek and Hebrew
  64. Why do christians hold to antiScriptural myth?
  65. Psalm 51 and Original Sin
  66. Karma unbiblical/moved to BC
  67. Leviticus...the first doctors in the bible..
  68. Gen 2
  69. Grace and Works
  70. Was Paul Caught up to Paradise (Third Heaven)?
  71. According to the Bible, all sex is immoral.
  72. More thoughts on "before 1611" and why the KJB is God's pure words
  73. Is God involved in every "minute" detail in our lives?
  74. Did Jesus Pay Our Debt?
  75. Tithing?
  76. Please Help Is there scripture that says......
  77. satan causes Jesus' death?
  78. Discussion Subtexting
  79. Laws written on their hearts?
  80. 'copyright' is atheistic and illegal
  81. Civil disobedience - is it ever right for a Christian?
  82. Discussion Where the New Testament Starts
  83. Total Depravity
  84. "I'll be praying for you." But will they? Or do they just say that?
  85. Unconditional Election
  86. 40 days speaking on the kingdom of God
  87. Limited Atonement
  88. God/Devil that bring people into our lives?
  89. Discussion Are there two dispensational views ?
  90. Proverbs 21:5) Counsel in the heart of man
  91. 666
  92. Irresistable Grace
  93. eHarmony to Provide Gay Dating Service After Lawsuit
  94. forced labour for Solomons temple
  95. ...Praying for enemies
  96. Discussion Jesus is God
  97. Discussion Temporal - Eternal!!!!!
  98. Audio Bible
  99. A Question in Soteriology
  100. Did Jesus have long hair?
  101. Discussion "Speaking In Tongues" shall cease
  102. Communion - When, How Often - Survey
  103. Jews looking forward to a Messiah
  104. IMPORTANT Colossians 1:14 AND the redemption through his blood
  105. When did the laws concerning Clean and Unclean animals come in?
  106. How Do I Test The Spirits?
  107. Perseverance of the Saints
  108. What does it mean to be God centered?
  109. Tongues discussion moved from MiC
  110. Psalm 18:26 - God shows Himself astute?
  111. The truth about presumptuously sinning
  112. Was Jesus born with Sinful nature or without sinful nature, and does it matter?
  113. The Strait way or the Broad way?
  114. What is Paul saying......
  115. John 5:24 Crossing over from death to life
  116. Why was "Oneness" expressed in the OT?
  117. Meaning of the word STRIPES in this passage
  118. Bible study aids
  119. Why do you call yourself a Christian ?
  120. Do we have our own personal angels?
  121. I Pledge Allegiance?
  122. Discussion Some verses in Romans I was interested in...
  123. 1611 kjv?
  124. Contradiction in Scripture...Someone please clarify
  125. NYC Churches Ordered Not To Shelter Homeless
  126. Discussion OSAS - NOSAS. What does God say?
  127. John Lennon's "Imagine"
  128. are Bible forums such as this one, Biblical?
  129. Should a Christian Attend a Gay Wedding?
  130. The Cross?
  131. Discussion Some sins worse than others?
  132. Just A Couple of ??? in Revelations...
  133. What is the coolest...
  134. Need Advice: Will you buy these Bibles?
  135. Are you ready for the day of judgment?
  136. Happy Thanksgiving
  137. Moral instruction?
  138. Discussion Every Believer's Calling
  139. Discussion Bible answers
  140. What Bible version do you prefer?
  141. Unending events?
  142. Capitalism and Paganism - a good article
  143. Discussion Why I don't Call Myself a Christian
  144. Need Advice: What Does Son Mean In Reference to Jesus
  145. Do we forgive...
  146. What does it mean to call a translation "accurate"?
  147. should we go against the Word of God
  148. Comforters
  149. Are you Examing the heed of the Text?
  150. Discussion FAITH - function, purpose, epiphany
  151. Bible Timeline
  152. Those who have never heard the Gospel
  153. Song of Solomon
  154. When God says "It is done"
  155. john
  156. the second death
  157. Hebrew 6 w/ new slant
  158. Is this unethical?
  159. A Study on Antichrist
  160. Church creeds or the Bible?
  161. Will Jesus Reign forever?
  162. Discussion Being Saved: before and after Jesus?
  163. The image of Satan
  164. Need Advice: Is suicide unforgivable
  165. Discussion Where should we Dwell?
  166. Discussion Other Sources of Truth
  167. Discussion Is Satan on the Earth?
  168. Time in heaven?
  169. Confused about free will
  170. Discussion I will confess his name before my Father!!!
  171. Times of Adam and Eve Questions
  172. Seraphim, Cherubim, and the Living Beings. from ETC
  173. IMPORTANT BC Anti HumBug Initiative
  174. How do you apply God's word?
  175. Need Advice: Scripture on being a godly husband
  176. Death and the believer
  177. The soul and the spirit
  178. Men having multiple wives but no wives having multiple husbands?
  179. Hating the sin, loving the sinner
  180. How do you worship God?
  181. Discussion The Seven Dimensions of the Creation
  182. USA Blessings
  183. I am a CHRISTIAN (and no longer a sinner) saved by grace
  184. Please Help Share thoughts on 1 John 5:16 Please
  185. I In Them And You In Me
  186. IMPORTANT Blasphemy Against The Holy Spirit
  187. Profaning God's name
  188. Please Help Having trouble finding a verse about decorating trees
  189. Say it ain't so!
  190. Is it ok to have fun?
  191. Circumcision
  192. How does the gift of healing work?
  193. Sin and the Sting of Death
  194. Do you sit or stand?
  195. Little Horn
  196. birds
  197. What is the relation of the Universe to man?
  198. by the faith of Jesus Christ Part 1
  199. Why do people say that Joseph, son of Jacob, was perfect?
  200. Daniel
  201. Serial killer - Heaven or Hell
  202. Information Saying Not Found in Scripture
  203. Thinking about the worst person in Heaven and the best person in Hell
  204. Scruff hits 2500: about LOVE -- a post about God's love ...
  205. Questions?
  206. Marijuana for cancer patient?
  207. Do we no longer need to give the sabbath day value?
  208. Discussion Who will we meet in Heaven.... ???
  209. Jesus is the Savior of the World!
  210. Sin and Rebellion
  211. This is interesting!
  212. Godliness with Contentment
  213. A couple of ??'s about Prayer Cloths and the attire worn by Priest in the OT
  214. Please Help Battle Cry!!!
  215. Today's Church; What went wrong? What is going right?
  216. Hmmm...
  217. Discussion Accountable For Truth
  218. The son of Godís Condition
  219. The Angel of the Lord Takes away Sins?
  220. Please Help Left thy first love
  221. Truth, parables and hypotheticals
  222. Debate teams
  223. Discussion Baptism for the remision of sins
  224. Jesus the Everlasting Father?
  225. IMPORTANT Good message for todays youth from Paul Washer!
  226. Discussion Which do you respect more: Atheists vs Satanists
  227. Please Help Questions about Blasphemy
  228. Animal Beasts
  229. Discussion Was Adam, David, and Abraham Under Grace
  230. Looking for a a good online Bible concordance
  231. Discussion Why Believers Still Need Transformation
  232. proverbs 30
  233. Where does the Bible discuss going to church
  234. Some questions I had (please answer biblically)
  235. Adam and Eve
  236. A question, not a debate.
  237. Discussion Adam's Image and Likeness
  238. Discussion The Temple and Church Buildings
  239. Paul and the Law...a discussion
  240. Our Lord and Eternity (Outside of Time)
  241. The Stall of Obedience
  242. Now I know why people say women are second class citizens in the Bible!
  243. Please Help God accepts human sacrifice!!?
  244. How is death and sin passed to all men from Adam?
  245. Did Adam lay down his life for his wife?
  246. on earth as it is in heaven
  247. Rev Billy Graham's Prayer for our nation. Please respond.
  248. Please Help I need assistance.
  249. Discussion I wonder as i wander
  250. Does God heal or does our faith heal