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Mar 15th 2008, 10:02 PM
Paul knew that there would be situations where it is wise for the wife, lets say, to depart from her husband. In the case of abuse or threat to her life it is responsible to counsel her to depart at least until a resolution can be found. And if a resolution cannot be found she is bound to remain "unmarried". To go further than separation and getting a divorce is a sin because divorce is a statement that the parties are no longer husband and wife. Such a statement is a denial of "let not man put asunder". She can get restraining orders and separation and it is not necessarily a sin. To get a divorce and thereby contradict the statement God has made over their marriage is a sin. And then to get remarried is adultery.

"but and if she depart let her remain unmarried or be reconciled to her husband"

Remarriage is not an option: remarriage is adultery.

"And if a woman divorce her husband and marry another, she commits adultery."

I was in this situation where I had to leave my ex husband due to severe abuse. I got the restraining orders to stop him and do you know what happened? He came over when we were asleep and tried to kill us. Restraining orders mean nothing if the party they are taken out against ignores them. The police have to get to your place so they can be enforced and most police officers in my country are very reluctant to get involved in a domestic. I moved to another town and he still chased us and threatened us. I was then forced by the government child welfare agency to move back to that town as he promised them he had changed and wouldn't hurt us. He did behave for a few years and I was starting to think he had changed when he walked into my place one day and said: "if my children or I ever leave him he will plant us six feet under." No-one would believe us - he was a convincing actor and knew the right things to say. He began a campaign to kill us after that. We moved to the opposite end of the country to get away from him - so far he hasn't found us. My children are now adults and we are saving to move to another country so we can live peacefully. What you suggest about restraining orders means nothing in the long run. There are a lot of woman in my situation that live with the fear that their spouse may find them and kill them and their children.He also committed adultery while I was with him saying it was his right. I am now divorced from him. I am sick and tired of being told I should have stayed married to him - the church we both went to froze me out because I would not stay with him. What I would love to see is the true body of Christ help those in my situation instead of condemning them. We are dead if we stayed and condemned if we don't. It was God who gave me the wonderful man I am with now to be my husband. One thing God taught me through all this is not all marriages are put together by Him. Sometimes we are in a marriage that He doesn't sanction. We may be married in the eyes of the world but we are not married in the eyes of the Lord - I know I will be told I am wrong here. This is why we must stop condemning and learn to find out the truth of each individual situation. Then we must help them with God's love. That's my opinion for what it is worth. God bless

Mar 16th 2008, 11:16 PM
It is a common incorrect assumption that an excusable wise justifiable decision to depart from, lets say an abusive husband, is inseparable from a justifiable remarriage.
Paul, while acknowledging the reality of the legitimate need of departing, also emphasised the legitimate need for the departee to remain in a single state after the departure.
Remarriage, while the first lawful spouse is alive, is not an option, it is adultery.

It should be looked at as suffering tribulation or affliction for the sake of the Word, as stated in the parable of the sower.
Sadly, many choose to view it as a grievous unfairness that they refuse to accept to bear, in contrast to the love of God that bears all things that should be borne.
Suffering for the sake of respect to the truth of God's NT word should be seen as duty and honour, and not as God being unfair.
After all, He doesn't want us to take his name into our mouths if we are not ready to deny ourselves for His truth. He would rather that we be cold than lukewarm.

Apr 16th 2008, 02:49 AM
Gal. 5:
4 Christ is become of no effect unto you, whosoever of you are justified by the law; ye are fallen from grace.

Using the OT law to justify what the NT does not allow is evidence of not walking in the grace of God.
Deut. 24 was written to put some order to what was done for the hardness of their hearts; divorcing their wives.
We also see regulation in the OT with regard to issues pertaining to polygamy.
These are things of the OT law that are not current under the New Testament that came into effect at Jesus' death.
To have the OT mindset even thought he NT has been declared is evidence that the person so doing is fallen from grace, at least in that area of their lives.

Fundamental to Christianity is forgiveness and Love.
Divorce does not fit either.

Emotions and reasons that justify divorce are not from Him that called us to the Grace of God. No man is justified by the law, meaning the OT law that has been nailed to the cross. We are justified however by accepting the teachings of the Word Himself who has revealed that the allowance for divorce (Deut. 24) was written for the hardness of their hearts.

That temporarily imposed ordinance was always in opposition to what Jesus revealed Gen. 2 has always meant: that a married couple after the pattern of Adam and Eve (one man, one woman, neither having been married before) are one flesh until death. The deeds that either of them do cannot alter their God-designated status of being one person, one flesh though two people, which is a great mystery, a mystery we are to accept by faith just as we accept the great mystery of the Godhead, Father Son and Holy Ghost being one.

Will modern Christianity scrap the mystery, and deny that it is not, and adamantly maintain that a man is in fact justified by the law found in Deut. 24 and pursue divorce? Will modern Christianity continue to be fallen from Grace as Paul defines one way in which grace can be fallen from as shown in the verse above?

Jun 6th 2008, 11:26 PM
The way the mechanics of language works, whether it be Greek or English, when addressing some main point that is associated with something similar, a clause can be inserted as a reference to that similarly related aspect of the main topic under discussion as a side reference. Because of everyone's familiarity with the similarly associated aspect, this interjected side point of reference can be made in the form of an exception clause and then immediately reverted back to in the very next clause to that main aspect under discussion without causing any glitch of flow of understanding to the hearers.
Hence the exception clause refers to that type of divorce they were all very well aware of: the premarital divorce for fornication, (premarital sex), which type of divorce took place BEFORE the couple became married.

Hence the woman divorced in 5:32 is not being caused to commit adultery as the grammar indicates by virtue of the fact that she has not been joined together in marriage, the act that Jesus says is what designates the couple as that which God has joined together, that man may not put asunder.

Hence also, the man does not commit adultery by marrying someone other than the woman he divorced for fornication as indicated by the grammar in 19:9.
In other words, the man and woman involved in this type of divorce were free to marry afterwards because it was a divorce only from the betrothed state (a type of engagement) and NOT from the married state after the definition of having left father and mother and having cleaved to one another as husband and wife after the pattern of Adam and Eve's marriage.

The divorce for adultery is a sad part of the falling away from the truth that is prophesied by Paul, sure to happen and is happening, as evidenced in part by the rejection of the truth that what God has joined together, let not man put asunder. But modern men of faith in Jesus will endorse the putting asunder of what God has joined, out of ignorance, as the Scriptures declare: "my people are destroyed for lack of knowledge".