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Jul 21st 2008, 09:28 PM
Will the home Church movement increase? Is this an ordained move of God?

I received a vision from God. It was a vision concerning a large number of home churches being used in the worship of God. They were meeting out of necessity because the large churches were no longer avaliable.

Will home churches become more of the norm in the future? Will the large church buildings be abandoned? Why to either of these questions?

I know it to be true to me.

What do others think regarding this point?

I think it is a true vision from God, because I did ask God a question. My first question was asking God where were the apostles and prophets in the body. He showed me the vision and explained it. I asked God about the poor people not having their needs met. He said that the people are worship golden calves. I asked God what are the golden calves and what will become of the golden calves in the lives of believers. He immediately showed me that he will remove His obedient and committed saints away from the golden calves. He taught me that the golden calves are the churches we build instead of actually taking care of the true church of God (His people). He told me that the amount of money churches feed into the world hurts the body of Christ. Many believers go without their necessities and struggle as a lot of churches pay large amounts of money for rent, mortgages, and utilities instead of paying the rent, mortgages, and utilities of their poor church members. He said that most church members worship their building, so He was bringing down these golden calves, so the people could have their needs met. He would also have to restore those offices. Today's churches are set up and modeled off of secular systems. It church with a CEO doing its own thing. Most churches looking out for their own interest and propogation. The poor churches and members continue to struggle, and the rich churches build bigger calves. The home system is set up for the apostle, prophet, and evangelist to functions in. It is also set up to function in the capacity of community that ensures the needs of the people get met before any golden calf is fed.

Jul 21st 2008, 09:42 PM
Buildings are buildings. They aren't very important. Whether believers meet in a building specifically designated for a gathering of disciples or in a multi-purpose building isn't the key issue. People can begin to idolate a large church building or a home (though this is surely less likely). It comes down to an issue of stewardship and the size of the local believing community.

I doubt anyone would deny that way too much money is spent on church buildings in the american church. But it'd be an equal and opposite mistake to take from this that church buildings are, by nature, wicked things in and of themselves. A modest building used for large gatherings may be much BETTER stewardship than renting a facility each week. A modest building used for large gathering may allow for God to do a greater work (in quantity) than would have been possible in a home setting.

In short, believers that meet in a church building can get it wrong. And believers that meet in a home can get it wrong. Each group should diagnose their circumstances and seek to be the best stewards of God's money and facilities. Since we are in a time, in american church history, where too much has been spent on buildings (and, mostly, b/c we're in an anti-institutional phase), I'd guess that the house church movement will, indeed, be on the upswing for the next little while (at least).

Jul 21st 2008, 09:49 PM
According to the Barna Group, in the next twenty years only 30% of born again Christians will attend a traditional church or some similar statistics.

Jul 21st 2008, 11:54 PM
Home churches are important when there is persecution (eg. China, Middle East). Not unlike like early believers ending up in the Catacombs.

Jul 22nd 2008, 12:19 AM
Home churches can be good at reaching out to people who have had bad experiences in a church or have a misconception of the function of a church. I have met people whom home churches make them feel more active in their worship time.

For me, home churches do not attract me because I am involved in a church that is Christ centered and whose heart is to know God and act on God's will for our lives. But, I do love getting together with my brothers and sisters outside of church and study the Word of God. Sunday School hour is never long enough for our class ;). We love getting together in each other's homes for extra fellowship as well.

God bless you in our journey,