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Sep 2nd 2008, 12:51 PM
Hello all:

I am seeking the prayers of all of you that are willing to pray along with me for me and my family. I have been saved since I was 13 and have walked with the Lord for most of my life thereafter. I am married now (12 years) with 3 children. Throughout the course of my family's life together, changes are occuring recently that I KNOW are not for the better. I have never been much of a prayer warrior but I do pray everyday. But the circumstanses that I am dealing with MUST be due to a spiritual warefare that I am in. Here's the short of it:

My son is now 15 and facing life from a different standpoint than that of my teachings and his Mothers. As he gets older, he is seeing more and more the thoughlessness and selfishness this world really has. Considering my son is suffering from some physical and mental abuse (not me, his Biological Father), he has such a hard time dealing with confrontation and disorganization. He is suffering from bouts of anger and hateread. He knows it isn't good for him and I pray for him and talk to him about it often, trying to break it's grip on his life. He resents his Dad deep down and thinking of how he did what he did to him and nothing happened to him for it angers him so much. I think he feels as though his Dad should have been punished for what he done and it makes him mad that he wasn't. Couple that with the fact that his Dad talks down to him a lot and is hardly EVER around considering he took my wife and I to court for leagal visitation. Every since his Dad abused him, his Dad's parents are the one's doing the visiting. He is angry that his Dad never apologized or even shows any remorse for what he did. Helping him through this has been a tough struggle for me but I'm afraid if I slow down, the emotions he's dealing with will smother him and cause him to act out. I need prayer that he will find peace in knowing that Jesus is more than able to help him deal with what hapened and to have peace once again...

My oldest daughter is struggling with the idea of growing into a young lady. She is 12 years old and is afraid to let go of the past. Her resistance to wanting to grow up a little is creating a heavy strain on the family as a whole. She is very thoughtless in a lot of instances and thinks that "sorry" fixes everything. I love my daughter with all my heart but being honest, she is very selfish. She even forgot her Mother's birthday recently. I am talking with her about her fears of growing up and reassuring her that we (her parents) and God will be there for her every step of the way and that she has nothing to fear. Nonetheless, she continues to act like a 6 year old. I want her to see that there is so much more that life has to be enjoyed as a 12 year old. But its a struggle. I love her so much but I need help in prayer that she will learn to be confident in herself and let go of the past.....

I need prayer for my wife, the woman that I love. She is struggling with her identity and is affecting every area of her life. She too, is an abuse victim. She was abused in ways that I can't share here but it was VERY serious. No real Father to be a part of her life and surrounded by people that consistantly walked out of her. She is so lost as to who she is right now and I have so much compassion for her. She has said repeatedly that "if she knew she was, things would be better for everybody". She seems distant in many ways but she is trying her best to stay connected with me and the children. Sometimes she appears depressed and angry and it's hard to read her sometimes. In a way, I'm kinda glad this is happening now because this is something that she has needed to deal with for a long time. But with me as a distraction and birthing and raising children in the earlier years, there wasn't much time to focus on that. But now, it is hitting her full force. I KNOW that God has called her to ministry but I feel that she is very distant from God. Now she will go to church without any arguement whatsoever. Many times, she is the one pushing me to go!! I think she is hoping that something will jump out and help her know who she is. I know that only GOD can do that, no one or nothing else can. I need prayer that I will represent God in a manner that will draw her near to Him and that she will find her true identity burried in His love for her and the strength to endure the time needed for her to realize who she is.

And lastly prayer for myself. I have accepted the fact that God is calling on me to stand in the gap for my family while they are going through. Because of this, I STAY tired most of the time now. I remember reading in a book a few years ago that when you are in a spiritual warefare that you feel physically tired from the battle in which your spirit is locked in. I need your prayers for me that I will be renewed in strength everyday and that I keep my eyes focused on Christ and that I will carry out His will not only for me, but for that of my family. I love each and every one of you here, my brothers, sisters, mothers and father's in Christ.

Will you please pray with me and for me and mine??:pray:

Sep 2nd 2008, 05:13 PM
God bless you for stepping up to help your family, and ask prayer for them, while they need the help and prayer so much. I know your support must be a pillar of strength to them. :hug: I'm praying for your son, that he is able to let the anger go and feel at peace with his past and with himself, and most importantly with God. Humans hurt us or dissapoint us horribly sometimes, and my prayer for your son is that gradually, he lets God teach him forgiveness. Praying for your daughter, that she'll let go of her fears of growing older, and that she'll embrace being the young lady God created her to be. Praying, too, that God helps her see her role in her family, and that she lets Him break down her heart to the point where she sees the value in showing appreciation and love for her family.

Praying for your wife, that the battles she goes through, she can grow from, as she leans on you and leans on Christ. And finally, praying for you, that you stay strong with your family, that this role you've taken on to support and love them helps everyone the best way God wants it to. Praying also that you get the rest and relief and peace you need and seek. On a personal note.... I have NOTHING but respect for dads, whether they're biological or not, who step up to guard and guide their families... and husbands who step up to help and love their wives. Kudos, my friend.

:pray: :hug:

Sep 2nd 2008, 06:22 PM
:pray: for you and each member of your family to be set free, Healed, and experience the Peace of the Lord . . .

Sep 2nd 2008, 06:28 PM
I am standing along side of you in the gap!!!:pray:


Sep 2nd 2008, 07:05 PM
Thank you so much everyone.... You have no idea how relieving it is knowing that others are sharing in the prayer with you. This is why I love the body of God so much!!! Thanks yall!!:hug:

Sep 3rd 2008, 01:51 AM
Dear Friend, just know that we are and will continue to be intercessors for you and your family. I'll tell you, the devil is a defeated foe. Our Lord smashed him a long time ago. But he continues to lie to those who are vunerable and will try anything to destroy them.....:mad:But, devil you are a LIAR!!!!! We, as Christians, put you under our feet in Jesus' name!!!! Amen.

You can tell your son that it is ok to be angry, but not in a sinful way. He has a right!!!! The Bible says we can be angry, but to stay sin free. But, he also has to forgive or he won't be forgiven. He will never be able to go on with his normal life, without forgiveness....Amen....This is crucial!!!!!Just help him to see that JESUS forgave us, and HE had to die for us. So, if anyone should have been angry, you would think it was Jesus. But instead HE said, "Father, forgive them, for they know not what they do." He knew that as sinners we didn't understand the consequences of Hell. HE knew that without HIS bloodshed, we would not have the opportunity to be saved. HE knew that we were doomed. Thank you, LORD!~~~:hug: Our Lord also said that we can't repay evil with evil.....we have to repay evil with good!!!! It's tough, but that's how it's got to be!!

As for your daughter, she just needs to grow up....maybe due to everything that's going on, she is craving attention. Regardless, raising children is very tough. The Bible says to raise them up in the Lord and if they stray, they will return when they get older. It's better, of course, not to stray.....so, we're here to help you pray for your family!!!

Father God, we come together :pray:praying for YOUR strength and comfort, peace and joy for this family. YOU, alone Lord, are the only ONE that can do these things. YOU said that we should be yoked with YOU, as your yoke is light. So, now we ask that YOU put YOUR yoke around this family. Put satan's neck under their feet. Put your love into their hearts. That same love, let them feel, which YOU showed when YOU sent JESUS to die for us. YOU so loved us.!!!! Thank you, Father.

May God step in, today, and resolve all of these issues that satan is constantly trying to destroy your family with. We know that we are victors because the Bible tells us so. Alleluia!!!!:hug::hug:

Redneck Charger
Sep 3rd 2008, 03:05 AM
Jesus, Please take care of this family..and help them..praying..:pray:

Sep 3rd 2008, 12:17 PM
To Livingwaters: You are right about everything that you stated and I am so grateful for the prayer that you shared. That was wonderful and I appreciate that so much!!!

To RedneckCharger: I appreciate that my man. It's tough standing in the gap for the Fam but I'm in it to win it!!!

Sep 4th 2008, 03:17 AM
I will gladly stand in and pray daily in agreement with you for you and your family. If your wife ever needs someone to talk to I am available for correspondence, sometimes it can help to talk to someone who has been through and come out of similar traumas. Talking is a huge help for survivors, in bringing out the past memories in a safe environment and under cover of prayer, it can open a person up for much healing. I wrote a small article that gives a perspective, perhaps you would like to share with her for encouragement.

You're so brave, so strong, so beautiful, and you can fly so high. I'm so often in awe of you, did you know that? And believe me when I say to you now, that I value you every bit as much when you're stooping as when you soar. Right now, settled on the ground, with your wings folded down around you, I think I love you even more.

*Everything happens for a reason*, good people have told you, and you've done your very best to believe them. This philosophy offers such comfort and peace. And in retrospect, when looking back upon my own life, for the most part, it rings true. So much that was painful or disappointing later proved to serve me. And I know with all of my heart that your own hurt can serve you.

But I can't offer up that *everything happens for a reason* to you. My throat closes around those words the moment they occur to me, and bitterness rises up to meet them.

How can there possibly be a reason for innocent children to be tortured physically, sexually, emotionally or spiritually? There is no reason. And I've long since given up my quest to acquire one. I refuse to tell you that the devastation that you suffered as a precious child happened for a reason.

What acceptable reason could there possibly be?

I've looked into too many pain filled eyes. Eyes that reflect a tortured childhood, eyes that ask why? WHY? And you know what? There never was a why that I found acceptable. Not a single explanation that was ever good enough for me.

And so my tired angel, I come to you emptied of answers. I can't take away your WHY and replace it with an explanation. I wish I could. I want so very much to take your pain away.

Because I cannot take away, I come to you with a modest offering. One so small, that I'm humbled as I hold it out to you. It's a small stone with one word engraved upon its surface. The word is AND.

You were hurt very badly AND yet in spite of the hurt, you've grown. You were deeply wounded AND still you survived. You were exposed to the worst in human behavior AND yet you've always tried to give your best. Your voice was silenced AND still you've heard and responded to the pain of others.

You were touched by evil AND you've chosen to embrace goodness. You were betrayed AND still you seek to trust. You've been vulnerable and exposed AND still you've sheltered lost souls with your wings.

Your agony can't be denied, but neither my precious friend can all of the AND's that are contained within you. They too have shaped you, and even as your pain has left you grounded, the AND's surely make up the magic that will lead you once again to fly.

Sep 4th 2008, 02:32 PM
I deeply appreciate that Ravenwspr!! That is very thoughful of you and the poetry that followed was encouraging. If an opportunity presents itself, I'll be sure to let her know of you....:hug: