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Sep 19th 2008, 01:40 PM
How God Has Changed My Life

In the spring of 2008, I first heard missionary Chuck Coward present the message of sharing Christ’s love, “everyday, everywhere, with everyone”. It was through this sermon that God brought me to the relationship I now have with Him. Of course, there was much more that had laid the ground work for my heart to be ready that night, but the message that evening was a major influence.
So I will back up just a bit. My return to the Lord began in 2005, seven years after I had strayed from His path. A friend invited me to attend a small-group Bible study. I went that very night. I continued to attend. I was excited to be among others seeking to know God more deeply. I started attending church faithfully as well.
My next step was getting out of a relationship I knew was not in God’s will. I have since grown more than in all my earlier years as a Christian.
The next mile marker, as my pastor would call it, was in my quiet time at a conference in the mountains of NC. As I sat alone by a stream, I watched a little bird bathe in the edge of the water which just continued flowing away, it was as if I heard God tell me He had washed away my sin and swept it away downstream just as I had witnessed with the bird. The sin was gone. He had cleansed me and I was free of the condemnation I had been feeling.
The next mile marker came In 2007, I heard our director of missions preach about kingdom-focused prayer. Two months later he began an association-wide prayer network. I made a commitment to spend more time in prayer and in the Word. Promising to pray an hour a day?! How could I do that? The Lord showed me, and change came- not because of my commitment or effort. God did the work in me through the extended time I spent with Him. I continue to cherish this special time with my Heavenly Father each day.
He is my all in all. Not just when things are going well. He is there for me when storms rage in my life, when my world seems shaken to the core. He sustains me in circumstances like some which once made me not want to go on living.
In April ‘08, I heard the message I mentioned previously. That night, I went home as usual, and went to sleep. However, the Lord awoke me in the wee hours of the morning. I couldn’t roll over and go back to sleep. God wanted to speak with me, not audibly, but perhaps louder than what that would have been. As I sat in my favorite chair, Bible in hand, I sensed He was calling me - calling me to something. I wasn’t sure what. But the call was clear that He had a work for me to do. It was so clear that the next morning before work I called a few close friends, asking them to pray for God to show me what it was.
My pastor asked me if I knew what this call was about. Immediately I answered that I just knew it had something to do with prayer. Long story short we discovered that I was being led to start a prayer ministry in our church. I said “yes” to God.
I’m sure I am not doing it all “perfectly” or perhaps as some might think I should, but my heart is in it and I am seeking to allow God to lead me. I don’t want any credit. All the glory is to God. It is His work. As Psalm 115:1 says:
“Not unto us, O Lord, not unto us,
But to Your Name give glory,
Because of Your mercy
Because of Your truth.”
This week I had the opportunity to hear Brother Chuck speak again. What I am doing, this prayer ministry, has been reaffirmed as God’s call for me. I am seeking to live in God’s will, sharing His presence everyday, everywhere, with everyone. And that calls for much prayer - to stay connected to our awesome and loving Creator, the Mighty God, Who has called me and leads me each day.
written September 2008

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Sep 19th 2008, 05:59 PM
Praise the Lord :pp He is wonderful :pp