View Full Version : Is John going to be 1 of the witnesses?

Forgiven Alaskan
Sep 22nd 2008, 05:05 AM
Jesus said John (the ones Jesus loves) would live to see Jesus' return. Than later on it says Jesus wasn't saying he wouldn't die, just that he would live to see Jesus' return. What do you think that really meant tho.

Is John one of the two witnesses? The two witnesses die at some point, or was Jesus simply referring to the vision of revelation?

Sep 22nd 2008, 07:16 PM

Some people will say that Jesus was only saying "What if I want him to live to see My coming?" They interpret it to mean that Jesus wasn't saying he wouldn't actually live to see the coming, only that even if Jesus did want him to, that it was of no consequence to Peter (the one asking Jesus about the beloved disciple).

Others will interpret it at face value to use it to support the Preterist interpretation of the eschatology: that there was a coming in the first century and that John first lived a few decades, was then given the Revelation in which Christ declared that the prophecies were to "soon take place" (Rev. 1:1), and following his writing it down, he did indeed live to see it.