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Big T
Sep 26th 2008, 02:55 AM
If you have a website and get a ton of spam, it's too late. Unless you download software to stop it. WEBNET77 has great spam blaocking software.

If you're about to start a site, here's a trick.....

DO NO write out your email properly. yourname@email.com will get you a ton of spam if you have it on your site. 'Bots' will find it and you will end up getting emails about stocks tips and some medication that's spelled with numbers instead of letters.

Write it out like this.... yourname AT email DOT com

Yes, just like you see it. The 'bots' will not see this as an email address, but as just words.

Just a tip from your uncle T

Sep 26th 2008, 03:12 AM
Well, as long as we're at it:

As a domain owner for many years, here's a tip I recommend for avoiding spam. 99% of hosting services will let you FORWARD e-mail addresses all you want. So what I do is have my main, "REAL" e-mail account (myEmail@myDomain.com) and when a business asks me for my e-mail address this is what I do.

Give them CompanyName@myDomain.com as my e-mail addres. Then I go to the control panel for my domain and set up a Forwarding so that all mail sent to CompanyName@myDomain.com will be forwarded to my REAL e-mail address.

Real world example:

Amazon.com? As far as they're concerned, my e-mail address is Amazon AT Angyl.net
Ebay? As far as they and any buyers are concerned, my e-mail address is Ebay AT Angyl.net
Barnes&Noble.com? As far as they're concerned my e-mail address is BarnesAndNoble AT Angyl.net
Netflix.com? As far as they're concerned, my e-mail address is Netflix AT Angyl.net

In my control panel for my domain all of these are set to forward to my REAL e-mail address.

how this helps:
Any time you go to some mickey mouse site and give them MickeyMouseSite@YourDomain.com as your e-mail address and set up a forwarder...if they sell your e-mail address to spammers, all that spam you will get you can SEE as addressed to MickeyMouseSite@YourDomain.com.

go back to your control panel and turn that forwarder off.

Problem solved.

Big T
Sep 26th 2008, 03:18 AM
great addition there angyl