View Full Version : Prefer Buttons Pockets?

Sep 29th 2008, 09:09 PM
When you buy your clothes tops shirts etc Do you prefer them to have button pockets? so you can put your items in there; money keys etc; I think its better to store things away in button pockets.

Dec 8th 2008, 07:33 AM
OK, Iím new and was checking out past polls. I have found some amusing and some disturbing. But I noticed nobody answered this one. Since it was started on my birthday let me be the first slacker to reply ;)

I prefer buttons on all pockets except for the top front pockets of my pants or shorts. Any pockets that are on the leg of pants has to have a button or velcro.

My cell goes in my back left pants pocket, upside down--back of phone facing outwards. That way when I reach for it with my left hand and bring it towards my face it is in the exact right position...to decide to ignore it and put it back :D

My DaleJarrett tri-fold goes in the right back pocket. Same thing as with the phone, positioned for maximum efficiency.

Keys hook on a belt loop using a spring-loaded clip on loop thing I got at Home Depot or Auto Zone. Cough drops, gum, mints, my Pirate's of the Caribbean Chap Stick, etc...goes in my left front pants pocket, my loose change & lighter goes in the right.

Ciggs (don't fuss, I have other things to work on first) go in my shirt pocket if it buttons or a pocket on my pants leg. I think you call it cargo??

My camera pouch has a loop for my belt to thread thru and it goes on the right.

Then I'm good to go...on the back of the Goldwing, the car, on foot or my bicycle.

See, I'm a female that hates to carry a purse. I have a mini backpack that has everything I need. But most times I leave it home or in the car.