View Full Version : Please teach me about Godly women.

Oct 5th 2008, 09:21 AM
Tell me about their appearance. How is "modesty" defined? Is it more a matter of not flaunting wealth, or making sure the right areas are covered up? Are slacks, makeup, or jewelry forbidden? If a woman is to wear skirts only, how is she to keep her legs warm in a cold climate? Does Scripture mandate a certain sleeve or hem length? I once attended a church that enforced the rule, "To the elbow, and to the knee." I suppose this would preclude swimming, unless you can afford one of those new swimsuits they're using in professional competition nowadays, that cover the skin--but then again, those suits are extremely form-fitting, so that's not modest either. What about colors and prints? Some women feel that their dress is not modest unless it is of one solid, dark and somber color. On the other hand, is it not also immodest, in a way, to dress so distinctively from the cultural norm that you stand out from everyone else, and it calls attention to you?

Does I Corinthians 11 mandate long hair and/or a head covering? I've also heard that married women should wear their hair up. Long hair can be, let's just say, visually stimulating. Therefore, only her husband should see it down.

What does it mean for a woman to be submissive to her husband? I've been assured it does not mean "shut up and let him abuse you." Does it mean, as my father would have said, that a mother has authority over the children, but no say in how the household is run? He makes the rules, she merely enforces them? Is she never to work outside the home? Is a paying job okay as long as she is never promoted to management? I heard it said by clergy, "How can a woman lord it over men all day long, and then come home and be submissive to her husband the way she's supposed to be?"

How silent is she to keep in the churches? Does this extend to saying grace at the table as well? In my family's church, women were not to say grace at the table if there was a man or a teenage boy present. Only men were to lead prayer or music, no matter where it was taking place. Even at social gatherings or at home, this remained true. Because if women were allowed to say grace at the table, she might expect to be allowed to lead a prayer at church too. After all, women are too stupid to know whether it is a church service or a family meal.

Obviously I've been exposed to some pretty extreme teaching about women. What does Scripture really say on these issues?

Oct 5th 2008, 11:20 AM
Personally I'd say if the heart is right then every thing else will fall in line.