View Full Version : Young's Literal Translation

Forgiven Alaskan
Oct 12th 2008, 11:33 PM
I have been told by Bible Teachers and read online that Young's Literal Translation is just that, basically a literal word for word translation of the OT and NT. I have started reading it on biblegateway.com and already I am noticing things I have missed before. But it is harder to read than NKJ at times. What Bible Translation in your opinion is closest to the original Hebrew and Greek in our modern day language? Young's translation has gotten almost all 5 stars by readers on amazon.

I've also noticed tho that when it comes to "aion" most often translated as "forever" or "eternity", Young translates it as "age".

Dani H
Oct 12th 2008, 11:41 PM
I have a Hebrew/Greek Interlinear Bible with a literal translation by a Jay Green, Sr., which I love. Are you looking for a study Bible? The one I have is heavy (about the size of a Strong's Concordance), so it's not a Bible I could lug around to study group or whatever, obviously. Makes for a great home study tool though, although even a literal translation won't necessarily reveal the true meaning of a passage to you, obviously. It's the Spirit that brings life. :)

But I also love my NKJV, and have since I was born again. And the Message makes for great reading.