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Oct 20th 2008, 05:52 AM
Im thinking of getting baptised soon and was thinking of reading this out before hand...but im really scared of public speaking especially about topics like this.
Also in the blank space im trying to find the part of the bible where that is in.

Before I found Christianity I was searching for God for a long time because I wanted to know Him right from the beginning. I became involved in New Age Spirituality for a few years and this led me towards Wicca, or rather, Witchcraft. Now, to anyone who has never looked into Wicca before, you may not be able to understand why anyone searching for God would look for Him there! Well the thing is, true Wiccans are good people, good people delving into the wrong things as I was later to realize.

Me and three of my friends formed a cult, performing rituals for good things like healing and friendship and stuff like that. Wicca seemed to be good in every aspect, like nothing could possibly me bad about it. It did not forbid us for joining our teenage peers in staying out late drinking or whatever else we use to get up to in the weekends. Wicca is all about using "white magick" and is completely unassociated to Satanism or "black magick". There is a rule that you can not do spells to help someone without their permission. The main law of the Wiccan rede is "If ye harm none, do as ye will"

Therefore, when I started dating Phillip and as we soon found out that he was a Christian and I was a Wiccan I couldn't see what the big deal was. Although, i completly despised Christianity and assured Phillip he would never convert me. I started attending Church and enjoyed it but I would never sing the word 'Jesus', 'Christ' or 'Saviour' during the worship songs. I was having serious doubts about Wicca at this point, after a friend felt like something had woken her up in the night.

I thought "you know what God, if the devil is real then he is really going to hate what I am about to do". I made a circle and sat in the middle of it with the Bible. I turned to a page, just a random page, now it could have been just any random page but it happened to be _________

Basically what it meant to me was that God would win and the devil wouldn't. I repeated the verse over and over and it didn't take long before i felt like demonic hands were reaching out to grab me but the circle was preventing them from reaching me, at least that was how it felt. I believe the devil was angry at what i was saying. I had a friend in the occult try the same thing with the same result.

What I now realize and what i could never understand before is that Satan was once an angel. There are lots of good people who satan keeps from God. He doesn't have to turn them into bad people, he just has to put them on the wrong path and turn them away from God. Satan is a fallen angel so now i think "Whose to say that he can't use white magick?" He would do anything to separate us from God.

It took a long time for me to come to a place where I was willing to look into and try to understand Christianity, particularly Jesus, but I have finally got there in the end.

Oct 20th 2008, 06:02 AM
Haha i just realized i wrote a testimony not all that long ago! Guess i have two to look through now.

Oct 20th 2008, 07:14 AM

Please do not fret about this. What you have written here is for the average Christian who has never been interested in let alone involved in wicca.

To the average Christian I tend to do a very potted and very heavily edited version. For those who are wiccan lite I tend to give more detail and save the full detail for those who are still where I was.

The important thing is to try to make sure what you say in public gives glory to Christ and that matters more than giving the 'gory details'.;)

Oct 20th 2008, 08:45 AM
Elouise is right, just give the glory to God, and don't worry about anything. Your testimony will be fine - and let us know when you're due to be baptised so we can pray with you, and celebrate the occasion.

Oct 20th 2008, 08:54 AM
Yep - I'd tend to go easy on specifics, because someone somewhere might want to trot you out as a 'trophy.' I've learned over the years that when I meet Christians in the flesh, it doesn't pay to tell them too much of what I was into, and I talk about Jesus instead. God will give you the words to say at the right time, and bless you through it. My baptism was a joyful occasion, and I pray yours is too.

Oct 20th 2008, 09:06 AM
Yes, and blessings upon your upcoming baptism; wonderful testimony!
Praise the Lord and Lord Bless you!

Seeker of truth
Oct 20th 2008, 01:42 PM
Congratulations on your upcomming Baptism :pp Praise Him! :pp

Oct 21st 2008, 06:19 PM
Congrats on everything, and from the bottom of my heart welcome to the body of Christ. If you ever need anything, let me know. I really feel where you're coming from, I use to be into Wicca too, and while at face value it was a peaceful, "happy" religion...I always felt really dark and cold, but didn't realize at the time that it was empty. I still have a hard time believing the joy and peace and happiness I have in Christ and I hope you have it too. :) Good luck with everything, keep on keepin' on and don't lose the faith. :) God Bless.