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Oct 28th 2008, 10:21 AM
PLEASE could you pray for our ex landlord Bob. There's a sad history between us, but I've just heard that he's had a stroke, and is currently in hospital, just down the road.

In the past I've witnessed to him, he "knows" the gospel, but doesn't know Jesus.

Please, PLEASE pray for my son and I. We're going to see Bob today, and are going to witness to him, to try and share the gospel, perhaps for the last time.

Could you pray for the right words, gestures, spirit to be there, in order that Bob can finally accept the gospel? Bob has so much intellectual stuff and righteous "works" in the way. He's always thought that if there's a God He would see what a good man Bob is (according to his works) and let him in.

Please pray for him, and for my son and I, and I'll update you all when I get back.

Thank you so much.

Oct 28th 2008, 10:59 AM
Praying for Bob, that he will be able to respond to the gospel. Praying that efforts to witness to him will succeed.

Praying that the Holy Spirit will speak to his heart based upon what he knows and understands of the Gospel.

Praying also that this gentleman may recover from his stroke, that he may have more opportunity to come to Christ.

Oct 28th 2008, 04:04 PM
Okay, for the record, things are looking good. We were told by his wife yesterday that he couldn't speak, that he would need speech therapy. He had four things he could say... "mum" (he seemed to be remembering or "seeing" his mother) "yes," "no", "don't mind."

My son and I were a bit anxious about seeing him, because we'd once been very friendly and close with him, then had serious problems after my husband died. (He cheated us financially, amongst other things, meaning I believe to make things right in the end, but expecting us not to complain because we were friends.) In the end environmental health told us we had to leave the property he was renting to us, because it was so bad.

This and other things left bad feelings.

But he was very glad to see us, and gradually started to talk to us... and we actually had a conversation. He seemed very depressed, and kept looking at his arms. He had the stroke because last week he was chopping down a tree in his garden... He's always been very strong and healthy, and I think he imagined he would never get ill. He's in his late seventies. He was looking at his arms, because he was upset to see that his muscles have shrunken (if it weren't for the grey hair, you would always have thought his lower body belonged to a forty year old weight trainer.) Although he still looks far stronger than any man his age has a right to look, he's definitely aged tremendously, and this has depressed him.

He was asking why he had bruises on his arms... I told him that was because he'd had the venflon in, and he said "how come I don't remember them putting it in?" (The nurse was standing slack jawed, by the way. This was his first conversation since he came in.) We talked about how he'd had a stroke, and again, he was obviously upset. He's always prided himself on his good health, diet etc. He excercises regularly, eats a healthy vegan diet, takes vitamins, doesn't drink or smoke. He's been quite sure of his own ability to make himself well in the past. So as much as anything, it's a shock.

Anyway, after a bit I asked would he mind if Sťamus and I prayed with him. He's always been very antagonistic against Christianity, as long as I've known him. He said, "no, yes, maybe... I don't mind." Seemed a bit alarmed, and that was the most incoherent he was throughout the conversation. But then he closed his eyes, and put his hands together, and bent his head, so we prayed.

I can't remember what Sťamus or I said, but I do know that Bob was responsive to prayer, perhaps even praying himself.

We stayed a little longer, and I know he knows the gospel, and who Jesus is. He actually got a chuckle talking to Sťamus and laughed at one of his jokes. (Can't remember what it was now.) The nurse who brought his dinner was really surprised to hear him talking. He was scheduled for speech therapy, he's been so unresponsive.

I'm not sure if this was a miracle (others started praying for him this morning, before my son and I got there.) It could be that he's been depressed, and not felt like talking... I know he was happy to see my son in particular. Maybe it was the surprise of seeing us, and knowing there's no bad feeling between us anymore.

But we'll know soon enough... the miracle for me was when he folded his hands, bent his head, and seemed to pray.

Please carry on praying for him to accept the gospel, and to let his wife and son (both Christian) know what has happened.

And I'd like to thank anyone who prayed for him. You are great.

Oct 28th 2008, 05:48 PM
too late to pray for you at the visit, but no too late to pray that what you said concerning the Lord keeps running through his mind and heart. . . and leads him towards the Lord.

Oct 28th 2008, 06:00 PM
Please do... he's got many decades of resistance and hardening to melt away. His Dad died when he was young, then his mother had a breakdown, would have nothing to do with him or his brother, so by the time he was eleven he was in an orphanage. From there he fell in love with a Jewish lady who had survived the concentration camps, and they were supposed to get married... she became Christian (to his consternation) but suddenly died of heart failure (she was only mid twenties) possibly because of her treatment in Germany.

Twenty years later he married, and she also became Christian, but he managed to raise their son athiest, till he was in his thirties, when he had a God moment, and became Christian.

He's been getting more and more aggressive and bitter against Christianity over the years, and was upset when I became Christian, my son did, later my husband - who witnessed to him on his death bed.

I think that maybe God's been bringing all these messages to him because He knows one day Bob will be saved. But please, please, please... still pray.

Oct 28th 2008, 07:31 PM
he must go over 'why' so many people in his life turned to christianity...

anywho, praying for him, and you, and the whole situation.

Oct 29th 2008, 02:41 AM
Father I come before You and lay Bob at You Throne. Lord while he has breath in him, there is hope. May the words Daughter and her son shared penetrate his heart and wake him up at night to think on them until he surrenders to You.
Lord bless Daughter and seamus for being bold in their faith. Thank You.
In Your Son's Name, amen

Oct 29th 2008, 02:49 AM
Will be keeping this gentleman in prayer and you and Seamus as well, that the Lord will give you the open door and opportunity to persevere on his behalf.
Already sounds very hopeful, and I have known of more than one instance where stroke survivors have come to Christ. Very similar circumstances. Its a blessed thing you are there for him.

Oct 29th 2008, 03:30 AM
You know, daughter, this brings tears to my eyes. This is exactly what Jesus wants us to do...Love, Love, Love, as HE is Love!!!! My prayers go up for Bob, but also for you and Seamus!!! Thanks for being a faithful servant to our Lord!!! May the Lord pour out HIS blessings on you and Seamus, as well. I know HE has already blessed you, but HE has much more to give!!!! Amen.:)
Keep up the "Great Commission!!!!!!!!!":pp:pp:hug:

Nov 2nd 2008, 04:51 AM
Dear Father,

I pray that the Holy Spirit will lead BOb to become a full child of God.

In the Name of Jesus. Amen.