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Nov 13th 2008, 03:04 PM
Someone was bringing up that they dont hear alot of testimonies so I decided to put it on here for all of you

Jason Lorent's Testimony

Im six years old, I feel like any other child. I live in a tough neighborhood “This is what every six year old goes through”, but that was the first time my father gave me a beer. He told me that if I started drinking now that I wouldn't have the desire later on in life.

Now im at my mothers house, shes having a party and im not allowed to go outside, little do I know she's outside drinking up a storm and probably has a joint in her mouth. She tells me growing up that its ok to smoke weed just as long as I don't smoke cigarettes. Both my parents were wrong I ended up getting hooked, “But this is what every kid goes through” I thought.

I began to grown up, things are making sense now. Questions begin to arise in my heart. I'm not skinny because I chose to be, im skinny because im not fed. “Why does my father get so drunk and beat my brother and I up so bad”, and “How come I cant resist the addiction to porn” the reality of it was that the abusive drunk was positive about our use of porn and he used me and my brother as a scapegoat for his own problems, his terrible marriage and our terrible stepmother, so he would degrade me by saying that I would always be a weak fag. “This is what every kid goes through” Im thinking.

Im a teenager now, gangs surround my school, but thats ok because im one of them and these guys are my true friends “They'll watch my back”. Life was just getting so complicated, harder than it needed to be.

Im 15, Ive just been kicked out of my house, I have nowhere to go. I find out my mother has a criminal record for prostitution. That month God began to show that he had great plans for me. I moved to beautiful San Diego!, but things still arnt right, Im drinking like a fish, smoking a dime bag a day, and Im trying to have sex with everything that walks, Thank God he never let me complete my mission.

Im 16 years old now, Im walking into the gym and I seem to connect to a very special person on an abs machine to my right. His name is Eddie and he's a pastor, all I know is he's a very friendly man, so we began to work out together. After all the work outs we sit down and he instills in me the word of God. It took time to get my life together and open up to the Lord, but I was hurting inside and I needed him. After 4-5 years of work I finally asked for Jesus to come into my life. Now ive become the person I am today, a happily married man head over heels in love with the Lord.

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Nov 13th 2008, 03:24 PM
Great testimony :pp Thank you for sharing :hug: