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Nov 21st 2008, 06:50 PM
My name is neil and I come from Scotland,I have been a single parent for 10 years now of two boys who are aged 11 and 13, their mother was bad and was removed from the house. Previous to becoming a single dad, I worked nightshift in a butchers.
I was brought up a protestant and I still believe that I am a protestant, but a born again christian now.I have for some time now held people like martin luther in high respect. My father was and is still a practicing protestant.
I come from an ordinary working class family, my grandfather was a miner and steelworker and my father was a soldier and foreman at british leyland truck factory, then when that shut he worked as a messenger at edinburgh sherrif court, working his way up to head messenger. My dad took me to church when I was a boy, and I remember church outings being good fun, but the church service was pure tedium, I suppose I rebelled against church for that reason.I didn,t believe in God, the thought of worshipping something invisible was too much for my brain,I started to drink at 13, this carried on until 37,over the course of this time I was lost, I followed a football team for years and was drunk at every match, I worked digging ditches, greenkeeping, factory work, delivery driver, butcher, all to get money for drink, I never married but was involved seriously with three women, all ended in disaster, I never could believe in God, I was anti social, I was heavily involved in socialism only for the fact that I wanted a fight with the police and authoritiesm,I blamed all of my problems on the class sysyem. I tried to commit suicide twice, once I took 59 pills and survived, the other time I drove my car drunk and drugged into four other cars and they were all write offs, an angel appeared when my head was going through the windscreen and saved my life, no one else was injured, I had not a scratch on me even though the car engine was all over me, i emerged from that without a scratch.I had two children to my girlfriend,she tried to murder my youngest son and was escorted away by police never to be seen again, so there I was a working class man, from a protestant backgroung working nightshift in a butchers with a drink problem,any way several houses later and several schools later,I brought them up until about five months ago, my last drink, police kicked my door down at 2am. No charges against me they just wanted to help me, can you believe that? well I had enough, I went to a church where I had upset several people through my life, and gave my all to this God and decided to believe. I had no friends my youngest son was not at school, my oldest son was on the verge of going into care, and every time I took a drink bad things happened,you see God was patient with me, I hated everyone and everything,you got it tight from me,but I trusted in this God for the first time, and His name, this higher piower than the mighty mcivor,,,,Jesus Christ. This is the person that I placed my trust in with all my being.I have never had a drink since, My oldest boy makes all the dinners in the house and wants to be a chef, my youngest son is going to a special school for autistic kids, the council are funding this to the cost of 250 000/year I now have christian friends, the church is treating my family to a day out at ten pin bowling and a meal, we never had a holiday, we have a holiday for 7 days booked for july next year in a luxury caravan, I have a car on the road, legal, I am no longer fighting with neighbours, I pray, I tithe, I read the bible all the time, I came through major surgery succesfully, i am as strong as samson,everyone sees a new person,the list goes on of all the blessings God has done for myself, I witness regularly in God appointed opportunities, I gave up socialist punk music and only listen to christian music,the list is endless, tommorow my boy is going to a church event all day, I want to be a preacher because I love the lord so much, could you pray for direction here,I love the Lord, I couldn,t believe in Him yet there he was all along with arms open wide waiting for me to turn, For the rest of my life I will follow the Lord, i,ll end with a scripture if I may,proverbs ch7 vs1-3, My son,keep my words, and lay up my commandments with thee.2 Keep my commandments, and live;and My law as the apple of thine eye.3 Bind the upon thy fingers, write them upon the table of thine heart.

Nov 21st 2008, 09:15 PM
Praise God! That was a wonderful testimony, Jesus is always there waiting patiently for us to look to him and live!

Welcome to the Family and to the forum!!! :)