View Full Version : friend Amber needs prayers

Dec 29th 2008, 05:50 PM
just heard via a email bulletin thing that my friend Amber is at work with a headache

pray Amber's headache goes away

also pray for Amber and her husband Anthony both come to know JESUS in their lives

Redneck Charger
Dec 30th 2008, 06:29 AM
Jesus, Please help with Amber's headaches.. and please help Amber and Anthony see your light.. Please Jesus..:pray:

Dec 30th 2008, 10:59 PM
Praying that Anthony and Amber come to know Jesus, and that her headache went away. Please Lord draw these two souls closer to you, so that they might be saved through the blood of your son Jesus Christ. In Jesus, amen.

Jan 6th 2009, 11:45 PM

Amber has a headache again and she told me and others that she feels she can't seem to do anything right!!!

http://www.raptureforums.com/forum/images/smilies/prayer.gif for her

http://www.raptureforums.com/forum/images/smilies/prayer.gif also for her and Anthony's salvation

Jan 7th 2009, 12:27 AM
2nd update for this week:

pray for Amber's husband Anthony

he just lost his job due to cutbacks

http://rr-bb.com/images/smilies/pray.gif for both of them and also pray especially for their salvation