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Dec 30th 2008, 10:13 AM
Well I met this girl and I started talking to her about GOD. I mean I liked her and she liked me but that wasn't what was on my mind. I even prayed to GOD that I wouldn't want to go after her or anything that would get in the way of his will.

Well I know her and I'll say hi to her every once in a while. When I first met her we just kind of got to know her. Then I started talking to her about GOD. Which she showed a great interest in.

But as you guys/gals know it's not that easy! When I started talking to her more and more about GOD she got her phone taken away. I guess she did something wrong I don't know what happened. So I didn't talk to her for about half a month.

After that she got her new phone but we didn't talk to eachother that much. So I wasn't able to minister to her and when we talked it was more like she wanted me to be her boyfriend than me showing her the way to GOD. Which was something that I knew shouldn't happen. Since I was not released by GOD to do so.

But I wanted you guys/gals to pray for her just as I am. Since she has really had a hard life. Her parents are divorced. Her mom goes out and parties and her dad is there but doesn't have a tight chain. Don't know how to correctly word it. But he still does discipline her.

But I was just hoping that you would pray for her that her heart would become softened to the Word of the Father. Because now whenever I bring up GOD she will kind of shut me out. So I just want her to be alive!

I wont give up on her because I don't give up on anyone. The LORD doesn't let me. Not until HE releases me.

But I just want you guys/gals to pray for her.

Redneck Charger
Dec 30th 2008, 04:57 PM
Jesus, Please take care of this young Lady.. Please..:pray:

Dec 30th 2008, 05:14 PM
:pray: . . . . .

Dec 30th 2008, 10:54 PM
praying for you both! :pray: