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Jan 2nd 2009, 03:30 AM
Since the last thread is coming up again, I am starting a new one here. All of the names of spouses from last thread have been added here. Please take a moment to bring each unsaved spouse before the Lord.

You may add your spouse to the list.
This thread is for husband/wives only. If you want to pray for other unsaved loved ones, start another thread. Thank you.

FaithfulSheep - Jess; unbelieving husband
crysy3 - Crysy; unbelieving exhusband Lee
thehopefulcry2; unbelieving boyfriend Kris
karenoka27 - Karen; unbelieving husband
kimilmela; unbelieving husband Allan
Psalm37_4; unbelieving husband Greg
Lyndie; unbelieving husband Darren
Lynbob; Robert
CrunchyChristian - Tami; unbelieving husband Wayne
ServantofTruth - Paul; unbelieving wife Sharon
Kingsdaughter; unbelieving husband Rob
StephS; unbelieving husband Bob
conquerteer - Theresa; unbelieving exhusband Korey
Havana16 - unsaved husband Rogelio
jerome braud - unbelieving wife
Colo25 - unbelieving husband Michael jr. (and familymembers, see post)
bornagain - unbelieving wife Lin
hiswordisfinal - unbelieving girlfriend Rebecca
Lendtay - unbelieving husband
Bethany67 - unbelieving husband Mike
Abby040160 - unbelieving husband Rick
Jdarnall2001 - Jess; unbelieving husband
crysy3 - Crysy- unbelieving ex-husband Lee
thehopefulcry2- unbelieving boyfriend Kris
Psalm37_4 : Unbelieving husband Greg.
Lyndie-husband Darren
Tami-husband Wayne
Servant of Truth-wife Sharon
Kingsdaughter-husband Rob
Steph S-husband Bob
Korey-ex wife Theresa
Havana16- husband Rogelio
Colo 25-Michael jr.
Bornagain-wife Lin
Spokenfor-husband Ken
Bethany67-husband Mike
abby040160-husband Rick
living4Him2-husband Michael
Welder4Christ-husband Jason
Shelby52-husband Gary

Redneck Charger
Jan 2nd 2009, 09:18 AM
Jesus, Please help those names on that list.. Please show them you do exist..as you have shown us all.. Show them how great YOU are, and how important YOU are to us all.. I love YOU Jesus..and am so happy that I found YOU.. Please Jesus show them how wonderful YOU are.. Praise the Lord..and Jesus I hope they find YOU as we found YOU..:pray: