View Full Version : Prayer for friend Tara

Jan 4th 2009, 04:24 AM
i have a friend and ex-coworker that says she's Christian but I never knew it from her lifestyle of partying and drinking. She said she wanted to attend church with me sometime but she moved away.

Now she says she has a teriffic relationship with God and I have asked her when she accepted Him and she said when she was 5, and she went to camps and learned about Him, etc.

So I asked her the question, "what has Jesus Christ done for you, and what has He set you free from?" and she avoids the question every time and stops talking to me. I asked her again when I talked to her tonight and the same thing. I said "you have nothing to say? you can't think of one thing Jesus has done for you?" and she went offline.

I must say - if one cannot profess in the GREAT works of Jesus Christ and cannot say one thing that Christ has set them free from, then they are not free. If they are ashamed, their pride must be utterly shattered for God to work in them.

Christ has done so much to set us free. I pray that Tara would know God's work in her and that He would save her with His blood and create in her a new heart.

I also have another friend named Tara that works at a gas station. Please pray for her salvation that her heart would be turned away from lies of the enemy and into the great loving arms of Jesus.

Thanks brothers and sisters, may our Lord Christ bless you!

Jan 4th 2009, 06:53 AM
Almighty Jesus we thank you. Jesus, we pray for Tara and her friend that is currently praying as well.
Christ knows the heart, some of us are spoon fed while others eat solids. Lord, we pray for understanding, wisdom. Thank You Jesus, Amen.