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Jan 12th 2009, 04:36 PM
Jeremiah 8:6 (New King James Version)

6] I listened and heard, But they do not speak aright. No man repented of his wickedness, Saying, ‘What have I done?’ Everyone turned to his own course, As the horse rushes into the battle.

Course Correction

A great ship can only go where the navigator tells the helmsman to point it's bow. Sometimes in days of yesteryear, when hand drawn maps provided directions, the navigator made mistakes and the course needed to be changed. We have choices to make like a navigator. We choose whether to obey God or to disobey. When we disobey our course gets obscured and consequences arise. However, it's so good to know that we can turn to God at any point of life and by His forgiveness and mercy put our "ship" back on course, towards the way He intends for us to go. Perhaps today you've felt like you have really blown it and you're so far off from God's plan there is no getting back. To change the course, you simply need to ask the Navigator, and He will direct you safely on.

FOR TODAY: Ask God what areas of your life align with His plans and which do not.