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Jan 21st 2009, 06:58 PM
I'm listening to a sermon by Keith Daniel called "If You Faced Death Right Now", and it's VERY convicting! This man pulls no punches and tells it like it is.

I wish it was seasoned more with grace because I have a tender heart but it is a very scary thing to die and not know God. It is also scary to die and know that you have men's blood on your hands because you didn't warn them with the truth you knew.

Maybe I should live to preach the Gospel that I know? What an amazing calling.

Anyways, anybody heard of Keith Daniel before?

Jan 21st 2009, 09:03 PM
I've never heard of him at all.. as far as dying... I used to fear it all the time... prior to Jesus Saving me.. I used to have nightmares about being buried alive.. actually waking up in cold sweats..

but since coming to know Him.. He has taken that 'fear' and drove it off.. the fear of death is real.. and thats a reason Jesus came here and died a physical death.. so that He might destroy him who had the power of death.. that is the devil.. it is him who keeps people in the bondage of the fear of death... and him alone.. but when you come to Know Jesus the Christ.. Jesus drives all that fear and doubt away... He gives you peace of mind.. that when you expire.. you will be in His presense.. forever... and to the believer that is so comforting..

When you look to the Gospels.. look at Peter and Paul... both 'knew' when they were going to expire 'physically'.. yet they knew that they would be with Jesus when they did.. Paul actually 'desired' that he be absent from his body and be present with the Lord.. but then he realized that it was more needful to abide in the flesh..

Personally , I'm 43 years old.. and the more I'm here .. on this planet.. the 'more' I desire to 'depart' and be with Him.. its a longing that comes from my inner man.. that which has been saved, washed, redeemed, and justified and is incorruptible.. That which has been purchased by the Blood of Jesus the Christ...

But I also know that when that time happens.. It will be according to His will.. for His timing is perfect.. and He 'knows' my physical existence from the beginning to the end.. amen and amen..

for the unbeliever.. it must be a horrifying experience... James states that some are 'saved' with 'fear'... pulling them out of the fire... I can understand the 'fear' of death and what lies beyond for that person... Preaching that with conviction and understanding yet with mercy love and compassion would be the best way.. and this under the direction of the Holy Ghost... God 'knows' the hearts of those who are listening....... and they will respond accordingly...

Praise Him for His Mighty Sacrifice... on that Bloody Tree..

Jan 22nd 2009, 04:21 AM
I've heard some of Kieth Daniel's teaching. It possesses the power that only someone living what they preach can have.
He is from South Africa and also has some amazing testimonies. You see in his life a real care about his behaviour and thoughts and words. His loudest preaching is not from his own words but from the conviction of living a Godly life that can be discerned when he talks.
He walks the talk and that's why his talk has the power of conviction that it has.