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Feb 15th 2009, 06:11 PM

From the foreword in my bible:- “Does Christian brotherly love really work, even in situations of extraordinary tension and difficulty? Will it work, for example, between a prominent slave-owner and one of his runaway slaves? Paul has no doubt! He writes . . .to Philemon, his beloved brother and fellow worker, on behalf of Onesimus – a deserter, a thief, a formerly worthless slave, but now Philemon’s brother in Christ. With much tact and tenderness, Paul asks Philemon to receive Onesimus back with the same gentleness with which he would receive Paul himself.

What did I learn of God? – He offers His servants Grace and Peace, and expects them to act in the same manner.

What did I learn of Myself? – am I known for my faith in Christ and my lover for others? am I an encouragement to other Christians? Do I allow others to make their own decisions? or assume they must do what I consider best? Do I do what scares me but will enable me to trust Christ more? Do I encourage other believers to do what is extremely difficult for them to enable their faith in Christ to grow? Do I treat everyone in Christ as equal, knowing they are in His Eyes? Even if they have a duty to me or I to them??

What did I praise God for? – the family of Christ.

What did I pray for? – to always believe the best of other disciples of Christ.

What does this say in one sentence? – Paul’s letter to Philemon concerning his slave Onesimus.

Quote:- (Lawrence O. Richards) “The early church emphasised the opportunity that any social role gave an individual to serve others. . . as slave could minister in his servitude; a slave owner . . .by caring for his slaves; a rich man . . .by generously sharing his wealth; a poor man . . . by using his gifts to contribute to the body of believers. What really counted was not the position a person filled in society, but how he served God and others