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Apr 27th 2009, 06:37 AM
Father dare I believe

I am one Spirit with Jesus.
1Co 6:17

I am to be one with You and your Son Jesus so the world might believe.
John 17:21

I was given your glory so I might be one just as Jesus is one with you Father.
John 17:22

My God what have You done...?!

I am to be perfected in oneness so the world may know your love.
John 17:23

I am to live as you
Ga 2:20

I am to speak as you
1 Peter 4:11

I am to work in your strength
1Peter 4:11

I also am being sent like Jesus
John 20:21

To forgive sins.
Joh 20:23

To heal men.
Ac 3:6

To raise the dead.
Mt 10:8

To cast out deamons.
Mt 10:8

To do the great things You did.
Joh 14:12

To do greater things through Your spirit and in Your name.
Joh 14:12

If I believe these things, what then?
They are beyond flesh and bone.
They are beyond fleshly reason and understanding.