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May 15th 2009, 04:54 PM
Titus 1

What did I learn of God? - He offers Eternal Life, Grace, Mercy and Peace. He is the Saviour.

What did I learn of myself? - Do I, a disciple of Jesus Christ, regard myself as His bondservant (slave)? Do I hope for Eternal Life? Have I always been faithful in my marriage? Are my children obedient? Am I self-willed? quick tempered? drink alcohol to excess? violent? greedy? Am I hospitable? Do I love only what is good? Am I sober-minded? Just? holy? self-controlled? Do I know the Word of God well enough to recognise, and correct, wrong doctrines? Do I deceive others? Do I teach for dishonest gain? Do I pay heed to fables (eg. evolution)? Have I turned away from the Truth? Does what I do Glorify God or bring His Name into disrepute? Am I Called to serve God and His people? Do I strengthen His people? Is my heart pure?

What did I praise God for? - that Jesus Christ provides, and enables, good teachers for His Church.

What did I pray for? - that everything I do will Glorify Him.

What is this saying in one sentence? - Paul's describing what qualifies someone to be an Elder.

The Parson
May 16th 2009, 02:25 PM
Go for it Frances! Titus is one of my very favorites.

May 16th 2009, 05:09 PM
Titus 2

What did I learn of God? - He is Gracious and offers Salvation to all people. He wants His people to deny unworldly lusts and to live in righteousness and devotion, anticipating Christ's return and zealous for work that pleases Him.

What did I learn of myself? - Do I live, and recommend righteous living? Do I exercise self-control and live wisely? Am I sure my faith is in the God of the Bible? or is it in a god that is the figment of someone's imagination? Do I demonstrate love and patience to all people so that the way I live honours God? Do I slander others? Do I drink to excess? Do I encourage others to live in wisdom and purity, also love their spouse and children? Am I incorruptible? Is anyone justified in speaking against me? Am I known for integrity and reverence for God? Am I obedient to those who have authority over me? Am I totally honest in all things?

What did I praise God for? - His Grace and Salvation.

What did I pray for? - that my life will always honour God and demonstrate wisdom.

What is this saying in one sentence? - the behaviour to be demonstrated by Christians.

Quote::- (Lawrence O. Richards) "No single word can describe Christian teaching. This chapter says 'teach' 'train' encourage' 'set an example' and 'rebuke'. If we were to include all the ideas conveyed by the Greek words teaching would be :- speaking, communicating, asserting, encouraging, advising, urging, providing a pattern or example to follow, instructing, guiding, correcting, bringing to light, exposing,, pointing out, convincing, and reproving when necessary in order to convict - and all to help another live a life that fits the truth we believe, and the relationship we have with Jesus Christ."

May 17th 2009, 05:02 PM
Titus 3

What did I learn of God? - He is Kind and Loving. He is our Saviour. He is Merciful. He cleanses Jesus Christ's disciples, regenerates and renews them by His Holy Spirit. He is Gracious.

What did I learn of myself? - Do I obey those who have authority over me? Am I producing sufficient 'good works' to please the Lord? Do I speak evil of anyone? Am I peaceable? gentle? humble? Have I allowed Christ to Save me and completely renew me by His Holy Spirit? if so, I am justified by the Grace of God, and will receive eternal Life. Does all I do please God? Do I avoid unnecessary arguments? or do I condemn myself by being divisive? Does my life bear Fruit for the Lord?

What did I praise God for? - His Salvation results in a renewed mind.

What did I pray for? - encouragement to work with Him to make my mind and actions pleasing to Him.

What is this saying in one sentence? - the lifestyle required from the heirs of God's Grace.

Quote:- (Lawrence O. Richards) "Being and doing good is not an option for Christians. In the same way that birds must fly, and fish must swim to live in harmony with their natures, so Christians must be devoted to doing good to live in harmony with the new nature God has given."

May 18th 2009, 05:02 PM
I came across the following but dont know if it is a quote, or just notes I'd made - but thought it relevant :-

When the apostle Paul had a vexing situation demanding a firm but diplomatic touch, he sent Titus, his troubleshooter. Whenever we see this man in the New Testament, he's on a mission, such as his trip to Crete in the letter that bears his name. The Cretans were undisciplined and immature, and they needed a firm hand. Titus went to "set things in order."

Each of us has a unique set of gifts. Some are skilled evangelists like Paul. Others are like Timothy who can gently instruct others. We have a Barnabas here and there among us who can come alongside with encouragement. But some of us are like Titus, who can deal with problems and clean up messes. We've been given an extra measure of stubborn patience, and we're good at untangling knots.

Find out what you enjoy doing for the Kingdom, and do it faithfully. It doesn't matter if it's great or small--just do it with all your heart. And do it "in hope of eternal life which God, who cannot lie, promised before time began" (Titus 1:2).

Quote :- (Horatius Bonar)”Go, labour on: spend, and be spent--thy joy to do the Father's will”.