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Aug 21st 2009, 07:09 PM
from the foreword in my Bible:- "Habakkuk ministered during the 'death throws' of the nation of Judah. although repeatedly called to repentance, the nation stubbornly refuses to change her sinful ways. Habakkuk . . . asks God how long this intolerable condition can continue. God replies that the Babylonians will be His chastening rod . . . sending the prophet to his knees. . . Habakkuk concludes by praising God's wisdom though he does not fully understand God's Ways . . . (he) chooses to cling firmly to God regardless of what happens to his nation."

Habakkuk 1

What did I learn of God? - He may appear to disregard prayers. He is Powerful, and may do what no one expects. He may encourage the enemy of His people to attack them to discipline them. He pre-dates everyone and everything. He is Holy. He is the Judge. He may make it possible for people to act against Him and His people, but Judge them for it. He is immovable.

What did I learn of myself? - Do I repeatedly pray for release from pain and difficulty yet not obtain the relief I seek? Am I trusting God to be working His Purposes out, in spite of not obtaining my desires? Is God my Rock? Do I worship Him, knowing He is Holy?

What did I praise God for? - His Holiness.

What did I pray for? - Understanding.

What is this saying in one sentence? - A conversation with God.

Quote:- (Lawrence O. Richards) "(when) God spoke to Habakkuk in about 621BC the Babylonians were subjects within the Assyrian empire. IN 625BC Nabopolasser took the throne of Babylon and within two decades crushed the mighty Assyrians . . . The book of Habakkuk reminds us how quickly God can raise up, and bring down, nations to say nothing of individuals."

Aug 30th 2009, 05:01 PM
Habakkuk 2

What did I learn of God? - He speaks to those who listen for his Voice. If He gives a Vision it will happen. Knowledge of Him and His Glory will fill the earth. He is Holy. He is the Judge.

What did I learn of myself? - Do I converse with the Lord - not only speaking, but waiting for Him to speak to me? Do I trust God completely? Am I always faithful to Him? Do I know the difference between a Vision from the Lord and a dream/vision from some other source? Am I deceived by the pleasures of wealth? Am I satisfied with what I can afford? or do I get into debt? Wealth will not be my security without God. Does my life lead others to, or away from, the Lord God? Am I totally honest? Do I know the Lord or only know about Him? Do I take, or encourage others to take, alcohol or other drugs? Do I trust in a god who is just a figment of my imagination? Will I be Judged by God or do I accept His Salvation through Jesus Christ? Do I continually trust and obey the Lord?

What did I praise God for? - His Holiness and Glory

What did I pray for? - that my life will lead others to, not away from, Almighty God.

What is this saying in one sentence? - those who turn away from God will suffer.

Quote:- (David Pawson)"When God reveals what He is going to do He does it so we can tell people to get ready . . . to warn the people of what will come. When God says 'the Just will live by faith' He is saying the righteous will survive providing they remain faithful to Him - those who go on believing in Him will survive the coming Judgment. The word 'faith' in Hebrew and Greek includes the idea of faithfulness. The principle is the same in the New Testament; believing in Jesus on one occasion is not faith, true faith is continuing to believing in Him whatever happens."

Aug 31st 2009, 04:21 PM
Habakkuk 3

What did I learn of God? - He is Holy. He is Angry when ignored. He is Merciful. He may destroy what He created. He offers Salvation. He is the Strength of those who trust Him, and enables them to go wherever He leads them without falling.

What did I learn of myself? - Have I heard all about God? Am I amazed at His Ability, or take it for granted? Do I turn to Him when I am in need? Do I incur His Wrath? Do I ask for His Mercy? Will I trust God to Save me in spite of any lack or difficulty I may experience? Will I rejoice as I remember He is my Saviour and Strength? The Lord will always enable me to follow Him wherever He goes.

What did I praise God for? - the Salvation He offers everyone.

What did I pray for? - to always be faithful to God through Jesus Christ.

What is this saying in one sentence? - Habakkuk's hymn of praise and faith.

Quote:- (Lawrence O. Richards) "When a nation is Judged for it's Sins, the righteous suffer with the wicked. Faith makes no one immune to the troubles that are common to mankind. But as Habakkuk caught sight of a mountain goat (not deer) picking it's way on a mountain side, unmindful of the danger of a fall, he realised a wonderful truth; resting in God the believer remains secure, whatever his circumstances. Even in the dreadful days to come God would enable His servant Habakkuk to pick his way safely - like that mountain goat - despite the dizzying heights." (and each person faithful to Him too)