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Sep 2nd 2009, 04:56 AM
Im in college right now and have a house on campus with a couple of my old roommates from the previous year. But now that were in a house together their habits are getting pretty bad as far as smoking, drinking etc. It wasnt really anything to worry about before but now its kinda hard to deal with. They never ask me to do it because they know how I am and they are pretty cool with it but its hard to be a college student and meet new people and enjoy yourself when everyone around you only wants to drink and party. I get along with everyone and meet new people but I always feel secluded because I kinda have to back away when they start drinking and stuff. I have a few christian friends here but when theres 50,000 students and only a handful that dont party its hard to meet new people. Anyone else been in this situation before? Could use some advice.

Sep 2nd 2009, 05:57 AM
On a campus of 50,000 i am sure that there are some solid Christian Organizations on campus, such as FCA, Campus Crusade, ect... which is on any major campus for the most part and tends to be very good, so just check out their meetings a bit and get involved there, plus get involved with your church, get in some small groups ect...

i also think once you do that you will realize there is more than just a handful, I go to UF, one of the top party schools in the country (currently ranked #2, but was #1 for a few straight years before that) and it also has about 50k students, but there are still a lot of awesome and godly Christians on campus