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Dec 9th 2009, 05:37 PM
Mark 1

What does the text say?:- The start of the proclamation of the Good News of Jesus Christ was when John the Baptist, fulfilling Malachi 3 1, began preaching a baptism of repentance for the forgiveness of Sins. Many people went to John in the desert where he was clothed in camel's hair and ate locusts (locust beans or insects?) and wild honey, telling of the One who would Baptise with Holy Spirit. Jesus went to John and was baptised in the Jordan. As he came out of the water the holy "Spirit descended on Jesus 'like a dove', and a Voice from heaven said "You are my beloved Son in whom I am well pleased." the Holy Spirit sent Jesus into the desert, where he spent 40 days with wild animals, tempted by Satan and ministered to by angels. After John was imprisoned Jesus preached in Galilee, telling folk to repent and believe the Good News.

Application?:- Do I prepare the way in people's hearts for Jesus Christ? Do I tell folk of God's willingness to Forgive those who turn away from everything that displeases Him? Am I willing to humble myself? Do I spend time alone with God? Is there anything in my life that displeases God? Do I realise an understanding of the Old Testament is necessary for a true understanding of the New?

Quote:- (Henry H. Halley) "Between verses 13 and 14, that is between Jesus' Temptation and the beginning of His Galilean Ministry are to be placed the events of John 1:19 to 4:54, covering about a year."

Dec 10th 2009, 04:10 PM
Mark 1;16 - 34

What does the text say? Jesus walked by the Sea of Galilee when Simon and Andrew were casting a net into the sea and told them He would make them fishers of men, He also Called James and John who were mending their nets. They all immediately followed Jesus. On the Sabbath they went to Capernaum where Jesus taught in the synagogue, and everyone was astonished at the Authority of His teaching, Jesus also cast a demon out of a man and so became famous all around Galilee. They went to the home of Peter's mother in law who was ill, Jesus Healed her and she served them. That evening many who were sick or demon possessed came to the house Jesus Healed them all, silenced the demons and cast them out.

Application? Do I follow Jesus whenever He calls me? Do I recognise God's Authority in what Jesus taught? Do I recognise His Authority when displayed through His servants? Am I able to discern those serving other gods? Do I tell others of Jesus' Power and Authority? Do I serve Jesus and His disciples? Do I encourage those I meet to come to Jesus to be Healed and set free?

Quote:- (Henry H. Halley)"Three of those (disciples) had believed on Jesus a year before at John's baptism (John 1:35 - 42). they are now Called to become His companions in travel."

Dec 11th 2009, 05:16 PM
Mark 1:35 - 45

What does the text say? Jesus got up before dawn and went to a deserted place to pray. Later, when his disciples had searched for, and found, Him Jesus said He had come to go round preaching the good News. He went through the ten towns preaching in the synagogues, Healing folk and casting out demons. Jesus Healed a leper who believed in His Power, then told him to 'offer the things Moses commanded as a testimony’ (Lev. 14 1 32) The leper told everyone how he had been Healed by Jesus, then crowds coming to Him were so great He had to stay in deserted places to allow them all to hear Him preach.

Application? Do I get up early to spend time with Almighty God? Do I go somewhere to be alone with Him? Do I search for Jesus (eg. in God's Word?) Do I recognise preaching with God's Power and Authority? Do I fulfill the Mosaic Law 'as a testimony to others'? Do I tell all I meet of Jesus' Power and encourage them to meet Him personally?

Dec 12th 2009, 05:28 PM
Mark 2:1-17

What does the text say? - when Jesus returned to Capernaum many people came to the house where He was staying. Four men carried a paralytic to Jesus, but couldn't get near Him, so made a hole in the roof and let him down in front of Jesus; seeing their faith in Him Jesus Forgave the paralytic's Sins. The scribes thought He had blasphemed as only God can Forgive sins; Jesus knew their thoughts so, to demonstrate His Deity and Power and Authority to Forgive Sins,He told the paralysed man to get up and walk - which he did. On His way to teach a crowd by the sea Jesus saw Levi collecting taxes and said "Follow Me" - which Levi did. Jesus dined at Levi's house with other tax collectors and Sinners horrifying the Pharisees. Jesus said He came to call Sinners to repentance.

Application? Do I go where Jesus is working, or expect Him to come to me? Do I take those in need to Jesus? Do I take them in my car? Do I take them in prayer? Do I overcome obstacles on their behalf? Does my faith in Jesus enable others to be Healed? Do I invite all those I know to meet Jesus? As my life has not always pleased God am I determined to turn away from all my Sin and all those who tempt me to Sin? Does self-righteousness prevent me receiving the Forgiveness God longs to give me?

Dec 13th 2009, 05:18 PM
Mark 2 18 28

What does the text say? - the Pharisee's disciples, and John's disciples wanted to know why Jesus' disciples didn't fast as they did. Jesus likened Himself to a bridegroom whose friends don't fast while He is with them, but will fast when He is taken away. Jesus likened His Good News not as a patch for the old religious system but as bubbling new wine that will burst out of an old stiff wineskin. The Pharisees said Jesus disciples acted unlawfully when they plucked heads of corn to eat as they walked on the Sabbath, but Jesus told them He was Lord of the Sabbath and had designated it for mankind's refreshment.

Application?:- Do I think every other Christian must do as I do to be acceptable to God? Do I fast from apparently good things that come between me and the Lord? Do I regard my faith in Jesus Christ as a ‘patch’ on the life I choose to live? Does the Life of the Kingdom bubble so fiercely in me since I became a Christian that my life has been completely changed?

Quote:- (Henry H. Halley) "Jesus did not attach a great deal of importance to fasting as generally practiced(Matt.6 16 18). . . The 3 metaphors, the bridegroom, the rent garment, the old wineskin, seems to mean there are occasions when fasting is proper, but that it is out of place in ordinary life, especially as a regular practice to advertise one's holiness."

Dec 14th 2009, 05:12 PM
Mark 3:1-19

What does the text say? One Sabbath when Jesus entered the synagogue the Pharisees watched to see if He'd Heal a man with a withered hand. Jesus asked them if it was against the Law to do good or evil, to save life or kill, but they didn't reply. Jesus was angry because of their hard hearts. Then He told the man to hold out his hand and it was Healed. After that the Pharisees plotted to destroy Jesus. Jesus and His disciples went to the sea where He preached, Healed and cast out demons; He was followed by a multitude who came from far and wide. Jesus chose 12 disciples to be with Him all the time, to learn from Him and to work with Him, they were Simon Peter, Andrew, James and John the sons of Zebedee, Philip, Bartholomew, Matthew, Thomas, James the son of Alphaeus, Thaddeus, Simon the Canaanite and Judas Iscariot who betrayed Him.

Application? Am I annoyed if Jesus overturns my pre-conceived ideas of what should, or should not, be done? Am I one of Jesus' disciples? Do I allow Jesus to continue His earthly Work through me? Being one of Jesus disciples does not necessarily mean always making the right choices, or being Saved for Eternity if wrong choices are made in future.

Dec 15th 2009, 06:14 PM
Mark 3:20 - 35

What does the text say? Jesus and His disciples didn't have time to eat, as so many people who needed Healing were surrounding them. Jesus family thought He was deranged, and the Scribes said He was possessed by Satan. Jesus asked them how Satan could remove Satan, saying a family divided against itself would collapse, and made clear that He was stronger than Satan, or he would not be able to release Satan's captives. Jesus also made clear that those who attribute the work of the Holy Spirit to Satan would never be forgiven. When Jesus' mother and half brothers couldn't get near Him when He was in a house surrounded by people, they sent Him a message, then He made clear they were no more important to Him than anyone else who does God's Will.

Application? - Am I always able to discern the source (God, Self or Satan) of people's words and actions? Have I ever attributed the Work of the Holy Spirit to Satan, or words and actions from some other source to the Holy Spirit? Do I do all possible to keep my family (physical or spiritual) united? Could my words or actions be divisive? Do I hold any of Jesus' earthly family in higher regard than anyone else who does His Will? Why, when Jesus obviously didn't allow any of them to influence Him regarding His Work.

Dec 16th 2009, 06:53 PM
Mark 4

What does the text say? - A great multitude gathered when Jesus as teaching by the sea, so He sat in a boat facing them telling them many parables (earthly stories with heavenly meanings). Jesus said a sower's seed may be eaten by birds, land on ground with no depth of soil so it withers quickly, among thorns that choke the plants, or on good ground where it will yield a good crop. When His disciples were alone with Jesus He told them the meanings of the parables. The seed refers to the Word of God and the determination of the hearers to act on it, having sown the seed the sower can do no more until the harvest is ready. The seed of the Kingdom seems insignificant but will grow out of all expectation. Jesus explained the significance of each parable to His disciples when they were alone. He was asleep in a boat on the way across the sea when a fierce storm arose, the disciples were afraid so they woke Him, then he calmed the storm and asked why they had been afraid.

Application? Do I ensure all I am speaking to can hear me? (sitting on the water would have amplified Jesus' voice). Do I get discouraged when all those I tell of Jesus either don't respond to Him or fall away, or do I realise that is 'normal' and my responsibility is to sow and harvest willing souls, the hearts of those who hear me is not my responsibility. Do I understand the full significance of each parable? Do I realise it is the spiritual meanings of Jesus' parables that are concealed from those who are not His, not the physical meaning?(some 'intellegent' folk seem to enjoy working out links to their own pet theories). If I am doing as Jesus tells me (going across the sea with Him) there may well be grave difficulties, but as He is in command what He has said will be accomplished, what He has said will be fulfilled.

Dec 17th 2009, 05:32 PM
Mark 5:1-20

What does the text say? When they arrived at Gerasa a mad man with demonic strength ran to Jesus and worshipped Him, calling Him 'Jesus the Son of the Most High God'. Jesus sent the demons from the man into a herd of about 2000 pigs nearby and they all ran down a steep slope into the sea and were drowned. When the people of Gerasa heard what happened they found the formerly naked, crazy man clothed and sane, and pleaded with Jesus to go away. As Jesus got back into the boat He told the man He had set free to go and tell his friends what the Lord had done for him - which he did.

Application? - Do I recognise Jesus for who He is and worship Him? Jesus has more than sufficient Power and Authority to release me from all Evil controlling my life. Does Jesus want me to tell of His Greatness in my own area, even though I'd prefer to go elsewhere with Him?

Quote:- (Henry H. Halley) "Paul says the Christian's struggle is against Evil personalities of the unseen world (Eph. 6:12) but Jesus is our Strength in the struggle; Satan and his Evil spirits are helpless against the Name and Power of Jesus.

Dec 18th 2009, 04:51 PM
Mark 5:21 - 43

What does the text say? - A great multitude was with Jesus by the sea of Galilee when Jairus, a leader of the synagogue, knelt at His feet begging Him to go and Heal his dying daughter - so Jesus, and the crowd, went with him. On the way a woman, desperate for the Healing she knew only Jesus could give, touched the hem of His garment and was Healed. Jesus knew and asked who touched Him. When the woman told Jesus the whole truth He said her faith had made her well. While Jesus was speaking to her someone arrived to tell Jairus his daughter had died., but Jesus told Jairus to keep trusting Him; then only allowing Peter, James and John to go with him continued to Jairus' home where He held the dead girls hand telling her to get up - and she did, then He said she needed food.

Application? - Do I make a point of being with Jesus? Do I go to Jesus with all my problems? Do I trust Him with the results even when the situation seems hopeless, even when I've tried all that modern medicine can offer and still suffer? Do I go to Jesus trusting Him to Heal me? Is my faith in His ability total with no doubts? Do I trust Jesus to raise me to Life after my death? Jesus knows when I need food.

Dec 19th 2009, 02:27 PM
Mark 6:1-12

What does the text say? - Jesus and His disciples went to Nazareth. On the Sabbath Jesus taught in the synagogue, astonishing, and/or offending, those who had known Him while He was growing up, with His wisdom and miracles of Healing, their unbelief limited what he was able to do there. Jesus went round the villages teaching the people. Then Jesus sent out His 12 disciples in pairs to preach repentance, with Power to cast out Evil spirits and heal the sick in His Name; He told them not to take any luggage but to accept the hospitality offered by those who heeded their words, but to accept nothing from those who wouldn't listen to them. They cast out many demons and Healed many people (Matt.10).

Application? - Do I follow Jesus wherever He goes or expect Him to follow me where I want to go? Am I amazed how the Lord works through those I've known since childhood? Does my total obedience to Jesus allow Him to use me for His Glory? Do I limit Jesus Ability by my unbelief/doubts? Do I ensure all 'wisdom' is Biblical before accepting it?(there are some very strange things on TV/internet etc.from folk purporting to be Christians). Am I using the Power Jesus has given me to use in His Name? Do I accept money from those who do not accept Christ's teaching to do His Work? Do I freely offer others the benefits of entry into, and growth in, Christ's Kingdom as it has been given me?

Dec 20th 2009, 04:37 PM
Mark 6:13 - 29

What does the text say? - Herod had been incensed when John the Baptist said he had acted unlawfully in marrying his brother Philip's wife so imprisoned him, Herodias wanted to kill John but Herod protected him and enjoyed listening to him, even though John perplexed him. When Herodias' daughter pleased Herod with her dancing in front of his guests he recklessly offered to give her whatever she wanted, so Herodias told her to ask for John the Baptist's head on a plate. Even though it distressed him, Herod ordered John beheaded. When Herod heard folk saying Jesus was either Elijah or an other famous prophet, he was convinced He was John the Baptist returned to life.

Application? Does inflamed passion persuade me to act foolishly, even unlawfully? Do thoughtless promises when excited lead me to either actions I will regret or 'losing face'? Do I scheme to eliminate those who tell the truth re. my guilt, like Herodias? Does the knowledge of my guilt haunt me?

Dec 21st 2009, 05:14 PM
Mark 6:30 - 44

What does the text say? - When the apostles returned to Jesus they told Him all they had said and done, then He said they'd go to a deserted place to rest awhile. The crowd saw them leave by boat, knew where they were heading, and ran there; Jesus knew they were like sheep without a shepherd so He taught them for the rest of the day. When His disciples wanted Jesus to send the people away to get food He told them to feed the people, but the only food available was 5 loaves and 2 fish. Jesus said the people must sit down, then He Blessed the food and broke it, then everyone had enough and there were 12 baskets of leftovers.

Application? - Do I discuss everything I say and do wit Jesus? Does Jesus want me to rest and just 'be' with Him for a while? Do I make every effort to be with Jesus? Is being with Him more important to me than food? Do I always bless food, in Jesus Name, before I eat it?

Quote :- (Henry H. Halley) "The sea of Galilee is 13 miles long, 7 wide, 680 feet below sea level, surrounded by hills . . . The hills are now bare, but in Jesus' day were heavily wooded according to Josephus. It's shores teemed with the population of 10 cities of not less than 15,000 people each . . . The north end was the principle scene of Jesus' earthly Ministry.

Dec 22nd 2009, 05:34 PM
Mark 6:45 - 56

What does the text say? - Jesus urged His disciples to row ahead of Him to the other side of the sea of Galilee, while He sent the multitude away and spent some time in prayer. During the night there was a strong wind making rowing hard work for His disciples, Jesus came to them walking on the water. They thought He was a ghost and were troubled, but Jesus said "take courage it is I". When He went into the boat the wind ceased; they were all amazed because they hadn't understood His Power 'because their hearts were hardened'. They arrived at Genesaret, the people recognised Jesus, and wherever He was teaching they brought those who were sick to Him. As many as touched Him were Healed.

Application? - When Jesus urges me to do something He always has a good reason. Do I spend time alone in prayer? When I am in difficulty Jesus will come to me. Courage is not automatic, I must 'take courage' to do as Jesus tells me, trusting Him with the outcome. Do I really understand the extent of Jesus' Power? Is my heart hardened against some aspect of Jesus' Work? Do I go to Jesus and touch Him or expect Him to come to me and touch me?

Dec 23rd 2009, 03:51 PM
Mark 7

What does the text say? - Some Scribes and Pharisees from Jerusalem found fault with Jesus disciples for eating without ceremonially washing their hands. Jesus quoted Isaiah saying people honour God with their words but not in their hearts, so their 'worship' is meaningless, and He gave examples of keeping traditions instead of God's requirements. Jesus told the crowd that what is put in the stomach cannot defile them, but what comes from their heart will if they allow thoughts of evil, sexual immorality, theft, murder, adultery, greed, wickedness, deceit, lustful desires, envy, slander, pride and foolishness, to separate them from God. In Tyre a gentile woman pleaded with Jesus many times to cast a demon out of her daughter. He insulted her but she didn't take offence, so Jesus Healed her daughter and, elsewhere, He Healed a deaf person with a speech impediment.

Application?- Do I consider good hygiene, that is essential for health, a necessary requirement for my relationship with God? What thoughts does God see in my heart? Do I ask Jesus just once and trusting Him for what I need and know only He is able to give, or do I keep asking?

Dec 24th 2009, 06:43 PM
Mark 8

What does the text say? - On one occasion an enormous crowd had been with Jesus for 3 days and had nothing to eat, so He multiplied 7 loaves and a few small fish, so everyone had sufficient and 7 baskets of leftovers were gathered. Jesus’ disciples still didn't understand the extent of His Power. In Bethsaida a blind man was brought to Jesus to be Healed, Jesus took him out of the town and spit on his eyes’ then the man could see 'men like trees walking', so Jesus laid His hands on the man's eyes enabling him to see clearly. Jesus asked His disciples who people thought He was, and was told maybe John the Baptist or Elijah or a prophet, then He asked who they thought He was and Peter relied "the Christ" Jesus told them not to tell anyone. When He told them He would be rejected and suffer Peter rebuked Him, so Jesus rebuked Peter saying he was allowing Satan to influence his mind instead of God. Jesus said whoever follows Him must deny themselves, take up their cross and obey Him, and that He will be ashamed of anyone who is ashamed of Him and His Word.

Application? - Do I really understand the extent of Jesus' Power? Do I know when I can only partially understand what Jesus requires of me? Do I need Him to constantly clear my mind and fill it with His Truth? Do I understand that it was my Sin that nailed Jesus to the cross, and it was for love of me that He endured the suffering? Am I ashamed to be known as a Christian with Christ-like principles? Am I ashamed to let folk know I believe all of His Word to be true? My cross is not something thrust upon me, but something abhorrent to me that I willingly ‘take up’ because Jesus is my Lord and Saviour.

Dec 27th 2009, 06:44 PM
Mark 9:1-32

What does the text say? - Jesus said the Kingdom of God coming in Power would be seen by some of His hearers before they died. Peter, James and John were the only disciples present when Jesus was transfigured, He talked with Elijah and Moses, and a Voice said "this is My beloved Son, hear Him". Coming down the mountain Jesus commanded them to tell no one until He was raised from the dead. The disciples couldn't cast a demon out of a deaf and dumb boy who had fits because they hadn't fasted and prayed and because the boy's parents didn't really believe they could.

Application? - Have I seen the Kingdom of God's transforming Power in my life? (have I experienced my personal Pentecost?). Am I convinced Jesus Christ is God's unique Son? Do I heed all He said? Do I fully prepare myself for the ministry the Lord has given me? or do I try to take short cuts in the necessary preparation? Do I really believe Jesus' disciples capable of being able to help me in His Name? or is asking them to help a sort of experiment?

Quote (Henry H. Halley) "One of the purposes of the Transfiguration was to confirm the faith of the disciples in the Divinity of Christ against the shock of the troubled days ahead. Peter never forgot it. It gave him a sense of surety as he was facing his own martyrdom(2 Peter 1 14 18). Also it was a sort of grand climactic testimony direct from heaven that Jesus was the One in whom all Old Testament prophecies converged and found their fulfillment.

Dec 28th 2009, 07:29 PM
Mark 9:33 - 50

What does the text say?- Jesus asked His disciples what they were arguing about as they walked - knowing it was which of them was the greatest - when they didn't answer He said those who desire to be great will be everyone's servant, and whoever welcomes a small child in His Name welcomes Him, and whoever welcomes Him welcomes His Father God. The 12 disciples thought they were the only ones who could do miracles in Jesus' Name but Jesus rebuked them, saying anyone who does anything in His Name will be rewarded, but whoever causes believers in Him to Sin would be in serious trouble, ending up in the unquenchable fires of Hell. Everyone of His disciples will be tested with fire, must have the qualities of salt, and live at peace with each other.

Application? - When Jesus asks me a question about my behaviour it is usually so that I will realise it doesn't please Him. Do I try to outdo others by the things I 'do for Jesus'? Am I content to serve Him in unnoticed ways? Do I welcome the 'simple' or 'unlovely' people into my circle of friends? Do I act as though 'my' denomination is the only one Jesus works through? Does anything I do, or don't do, cause others to turn away from Jesus? Do I recognise tests of my faith in Jesus as normal occurrences in the life of a Christian, or expect a trouble-free existence?

Dec 29th 2009, 05:54 PM
Mark 10:1 – 31

What does the text say? - When Jesus was in Judea Pharisees 'tested' Him by asking if it was lawful for a man to divorce His wife, He answered that on marriage man and wife become one flesh, so what God has joined together no one can separate (except Matt. 19:9). Afterwards He told His disciples that a partner in marriage who re-marries commits adultery. Jesus said whoever does not have a child-like faith(total trust) in Him will not enter His Kingdom. A rich young man who had always kept all the Commandments, asked Jesus what he must do to inherit eternal Life; Jesus replied that he should sell all his goods, take up his cross and follow Him - the man left. Later He told His disciples it is almost impossible for a rich person to enter the Kingdom of Heaven, but what is impossible for man is possible for God, and those who leave earthly wealth for His sake and the Gospel's will receive much more, with persecutions, and Eternal Life.

Application? - If God joins couples together, physically and spiritually, when they consummate their marriage; in what sort of a mess does that leave those who are promiscuous? Are they spiritually fragmented? What may be impossible for me to comprehend is not impossible for God, and He is able to Cleanse and Heal. Am I willing to give up everything and everyone to obey Jesus?

Dec 30th 2009, 02:02 PM
Mark 10:32 - 52

What does the text say? - As Jesus and his disciples travelled to Jerusalem He began to tell them of His forthcoming betrayal, torture, crucifixion and resurrection. James and John asked for Jesus' assurance that they would sit at His right and left in Glory, but He declined that request; the other disciples were annoyed at their request, then Jesus said in his 'upside down' Kingdom those who desire to be greatest will not exercise authority over others but serve them; even He came to serve, not to be served, and to give His life to ransom many. Going out of Jericho blind Bartimaeus, begging by the roadside, pleaded with Jesus for mercy. When Jesus asked what he wanted Him to do Bartimaeus asked for sight, and received it because of his faith in Jesus' ability; then he followed Jesus.

Application? - Do I realise Jesus was betrayed, tortured and crucified in my place because of my Sin? and that as He was raised to new Life I can be too? Do I have illusions of grandure because I'm a Christian? Am I willing to serve others or do I expect others to serve me? Am I willing to give what is precious to me to ensure some folk will be Saved? Do I plead with Jesus for what I know He is able to give? Am I gratefully following Him?

Dec 31st 2009, 05:21 PM
Mark 11:1 - 19

What does the text say? - Jesus sent 2 of His disciples to fetch a colt tied by a door and to say if challenged "the Lord has need of him". They took the colt to Jesus and He rode it to Jerusalem, with a crowd throwing their clothes or palm branches for the colt to walk on, or waving branches and shouting "Hosanna" (save us) "blessed is He who comes in the Name of the Lord". Jesus went into the Temple where He looked round, then went to Bethany with His disciples for the night as it was late. Next morning He cursed the fig tree as it had no mature or immature fruit. Then Jesus went into the temple where He drove out all who bought, sold or carried goods to sell, saying it was the House of Prayer and they had made it into a den of thieves.

Application? - Is all that I have (home, car, time, money etc) available for Jesus' use whenever He chooses? It is incredible that a colt (young and untrained) would walk quietly (a) with someone on their back (b)and walk over garments on the ground (c)and not bolt away from palm branches waved near it (John 12 13) demonstrating Jesus' Power and Authority. Do I wait for the best time to act when something displeases me as Jesus did, or lose my temper and achieve nothing worthwhile?

Jan 1st 2010, 05:34 PM
Mark 11:20 - 33

What does the text say? -In the morning the fig tree Jesus had cursed had dried up from the roots, Jesus used this to demonstrate the Power of unquestioning faith in God to supply what is requested from Him. Jesus also said it is important that you forgive everything held against everyone so that God may also Forgive you. When they arrived in the Temple the chief Priests, Scribes and Elders asked Jesus under what authority He acted, so Jesus asked them whether John the Baptist's authority came from heaven or men? Because they refused to answer Jesus' question, He refused to answer theirs.

Application? - If I am not producing fruit for Jesus will I 'dry up from the roots' too? Do I pray in faith or presumption? Do I expect God to Forgive me when I sin against Him, even though I have not forgiven everyone for every hurt against me? (even though the perpetrators are now dead). Sometimes it may be wise to ask questions of my questioners before answering, especially if I suspect the question has an ulterior motive.

Jan 2nd 2010, 04:34 PM
Mark 12:1-17

What does the text say? - Jesus told the crowd a parable, an ‘earthly story with a heavenly meaning’, of a man who let his vineyard to tenant farmers. At harvest time he sent his servant to collect the rent due, but he was beaten instead, so the owner sent a succession of servants but they were all either wounded or killed. In the end he sent his son who was also killed, so the owner will destroy his tenants and give it to others, and quoted Psalm 118:22-23. The religious leaders would have arrested Jesus as they knew His parable was against them but they were afraid of the crowd. Later some Pharisees and Herodians asked Jesus if it was lawful to pay taxes to Caesar, hoping to use His answer against Him, either with the crowd or the Romans. Jesus told them to give to Caesar what was due to him, and to give God what was rightfully His.

Application? - Do I ever tell earthly stories with heavenly meanings to illustrate Truth, knowing that those to whom it applies will understand my meaning? Do I give the Lord everything He is entitled to? Does my life produce Fruit for God's Kingdom? Do I ever ask apparently simple questions as a trap? Am I wary when answering questions in case my answers could be used against me? Do I seek the Lord's Wisdom on each occasion that I am questioned?

Jan 3rd 2010, 04:05 PM
Mark 12:18 - 34

What does the text say? - Some Sadducees, who say there is no resurrection, told Jesus a tale of a woman married to each of 7 brothers in turn, and asked Him who she'd be married to in the Resurrection. Jesus said they neither knew the Scriptures of the Power of God, as there is no marriage in Heaven, and God is the God of the Living not the Dead. The Scribes asked Jesus which is the first Commandment, He replied "The Lord your God is One, you shall love the Lord your God with all your heart, soul, mind and strength", and "you shall love your neighbour as yourself."

Application? - Do I believe that after I die I will Live again? If not, am I really trusting Jesus? Am I Alive in Christ now? If I attain Heaven my husband and I will be individuals there, not a married couple. God is only the Lord of those Alive in Christ, not those whose allegiance is to other gods. Do I love God with all my heart, soul (personality), mind and strength? Do I love my neighbour (anyone who needs help) as much as I love myself?

Quote (Henry H. Halley) "Sadducees were the materialists of that day. They were not numerous but educated, wealthy and influential; they did not believe in the resurrection. The question by which they tried to baffle Jesus involved a case that would require polygamy in heaven."

Jan 4th 2010, 05:41 PM
Mark 12:35 - 44

What does the text say? - Jesus was teaching in the Temple and asked why the scribes say the Christ is the Son of David for David, inspired by the Holy Spirit, calls Him Lord? Then He told the people to beware of the Scribes who rob the poor, make long prayers for show, expect the best places at feasts and the synagogue, and expect to be treated as exalted personages. Jesus was sitting opposite the offertory box, when a poor widow put in a tiny amount, but Jesus said she had given more than the rich who'd put in large amounts they'd never miss, whereas she'd given her necessary living expenses.

Application? - Do I realize that Jesus Christ, though born a man is, and always has been, God? Do I ensure that those I honour live exemplary lives, or do I just 'follow the crowd'? Do I only give to the Lord's Work what I can easily afford?

Quote:- (Henry H. Halley) "it was His(Jesus) last act in the temple, after a day of controversy. He took time to pay this glowing tribute to the dear old widow who gave all she had. Then He left the Temple, never again to enter."

Jan 5th 2010, 04:37 PM
Mark 13:1 - 13

What does the text say? - As they left the Temple one of Jesus’ disciples remarked on the enormous size of the stones the buildings were made of, and Jesus replied that the whole lot would be destroyed (they were, in AD 70). Later Jesus told Andrew, Peter, James, and John not to be deceived by those claiming to be the Messiah, or by the many signs indicating the end of the Age is close. Jesus' disciples must be aware that they will be persecuted and tortured, but they must not worry about what to say for the Holy Spirit will tell them, and that even though family members will betray them, those who remain faithful to the end will be Saved.

Application? - God's Kingdom cannot be destroyed, even when magnificent buildings dedicated to Him are destroyed. Do I ensure I am not deceived by those claiming , wrongly, to act, or write in Jesus' Name?(there are some very 'readable' books in circulation that lead unsuspecting Christians into deception.) Do I realise I may well be persecuted if I am true to Christ? Do I allow the Holy Spirit to Guide me in all I do and say each day? If not, I may not recognise His Guidance when I need it most! Am I always faithful to Jesus Christ? Does my Christian 'walk' need improving?

Jan 6th 2010, 05:00 PM
Mark 13:14 - 37

What does the text say? - Jesus said "when you see the abomination of desolation Daniel spoke of" (Daniel 9:27+ 11:31) those in Judea must not stop for anything but flee to safety. In those days there would be great suffering, false Christ's and false prophets, whose miracles will even deceive some of those who might otherwise have been Saved. After that time the sun will be darkened, the moon will give no light and stars will fall - then the Son of Man will come with great Power and Glory. He will send His angels to gather His people, wherever they are. This will surely happen. Ensure you are not spiritually asleep.

Application? - In 167BC Antiochus Epiphanes sacrificed a pig on the altar in the Temple, and put an altar to Zeus over it. As Jesus was speaking 200 years later He was presumably prophesying that a false god would be worshipped in the Temple, or on the Temple mount(?)(Rev. 13:14). Could the light from the sun being blotted out be due to nuclear fall-out? If I remain faithful to God through Jesus Christ, alive or dead I will be gathered to Him. Am I aware of the 'signs of the times' or spiritually asleep?

Jan 7th 2010, 04:01 PM
Mark 14:1 - 17

What does the text say? - Two days before Passover the chief Priests and Scribes tried to find a way to kill Jesus without inflaming the people. Jesus sat at Simon the Leper's table when a woman brought her flask of expensive fragrant oil and emptied it on Jesus' head; some folk criticised her, saying the oil should have been sold and the money given to the poor - but Jesus defended her, saying they could give to the poor anytime, but He wouldn't always be there, and she had anointed Him ready for burial. Then Judas went to the chief priests offering to betray Jesus. On the day the Passover lambs were sacrificed Jesus sent two of His disciples to follow a man carrying a water jar (men didn't fetch water as a rule) who would show them where to prepare their Passover meal. Jesus and the 12 disciples went there in the evening.

Application? - Do I try to find a way to get Jesus out of my life without others knowing? Do I invite Jesus to spend time with me? Do I 'waste' on Jesus what is most precious to me? Do I consider, wrongly, giving money to charity better than giving what is most precious to me to Jesus? If I denigrate any part of God's Word, or Jesus' actions in the world today, I betray Him. Do I make preparations for Jesus at the place, and in the way He desires?

Jan 9th 2010, 06:52 AM
Mark 14:18 - 31

What does the text say? - As Jesus and His disciples ate the Passover meal He said one of them would betray Him, and although that betrayal would not stop Him fulfilling prophecy, it would have been better for His betrayer never to have been born. Jesus Blessed and broke some bread and gave each of them a piece, saying "this is My body", He gave thanks for the wine and when they had all drunk said "this is My Blood of the covenant shed for many." They sang a hymn and went to the Mount of Olives. Jesus told His disciples what Isaiah prophesied (53:5-10) was about to happen, and after He was Risen He would go ahead of them to Galilee. Peter insisted he would never deny Jesus, to be told he would, 3 times, before the cock crowed next dawn. The others all insisted they would never deny Jesus.

Application? - Would I ever betray Jesus Christ? Did Jesus choose Judas to be His disciple knowing Judas could be relied on to betray Him? Or was Jesus obeying the Holy Spirit, but with no deeper iinsight at the time He chose Judas? Do I always do the good things Jesus relies on me to do? Jesus (God) came to earth to pay the penalty for my (and your) Sin on Calvary, and nothing could deter Him from that task. Jesus ensured His disciples would always remember His Sacrifice by likening His body and blood to the bread and wine they would consume each day. Even then Jesus knew not everyone accept His offer of Salvation, as He said His Sacrifice was "for many" not "all". Where must I go to meet with Jesus? Where, on earth, has He gone ahead of me to? Since I became a Christian have I ever denied Jesus is my Lord? If I truly repent (not just feel remorseful) Jesus will Forgive me and use me in His Service.

Jan 10th 2010, 04:28 PM
Mark 14:32 - 52

What does the text say? - At Gethsemane (the wine press) Jesus told His disciples to "sit here and wait while I pray". He took Peter, James and John a little further, and told them to "stay here and watch" He went a little further and said "Abba, Father, all things are possible for You, take this cup away from Me, nevertheless Your Will be done, not Mine". He awoke His 3 disciples, disappointed they could not watch with Him for even one hour, and told them to "watch and pray lest you fall into temptation, the spirit is willing but the flesh is weak". The 3rd time Jesus found His closest friends sleeping He told them to get up as His betrayer had come. Judas arriving, with a crowd armed with swords and clubs, he kissed Jesus whose disciples ran away, including an unnamed, naked, young man (Mark?) whose robe was grabbed.

Application? - Jesus was as scared as I would be if I knew I was going to be tortured and crucified. But for Him, I imagine, the greatest fear was knowing that as He carried my Sin He would be separated from His Father, God. Whatever happens to me in the future I will never be separated from Him, unless my actions indicate that I choose to be. At times of stress do my desperate prayers for relief also ask for God's will not mine? Do I sleep instead of learning from my Lord? Is my spirit willing, or not very willing, to obey my Lord

Jan 11th 2010, 04:01 PM
Mark 14:53

What does the text say? Jesus was led to Caiaphas, the High Priest, chief priests, elders and scribes who tried to find witnesses against Him, but none of their witnesses agreed; during their accusations Jesus had said nothing. Eventually the High Priest asked Jesus if He was the Christ and He answered "I Am (Ex. 3 14). And you will see the Son of Man sitting at the right hand of the Power and coming with the clouds of Heaven." The High Priest said Jesus blasphemed, and they all condemned Him to death. Then they treated Him shamefully. Meanwhile Peter had followed Jesus at a distance and was sitting in the courtyard with the servants; he was accused 3 times of being with Jesus, which he denied vehemently, cursing and swearing that he didn't know Him. The third time he denied Jesus the cock crowed . . . and Peter wept.

Application? Would I be wise not to try to justify doing God's Will to 'outsiders'? Do I follow Jesus at a distance, hoping no one will realise He is my Lord? If asked direct questions do I always give honest answers, even when doing so will get me 'crucified'? Do I seek the Lord’s Will regarding replies I give? Have I ever denied that I know Jesus by my words or actions? Has denying Him distressed me to the point of weeping?

Quote (Henry, H. Halley) "They condemned Him on the charge of blasphemy from His own acknowledgment that He was the Son of God. Then while waiting for daylight they mocked Him. This was when Peter denied Him. The session being in the night, was, by their own law, illegal”.

Jan 12th 2010, 03:01 PM
Mark 15:1-20

What does the text say? - In the morning, after the chief Priests and Scribes met with the full Council, Jesus was taken to Pilate, who asked Him if He was the King of the Jews. Jesus answered "It is as you say". The chief Priests accused Jesus of many things, but Jesus said nothing which amazed Pilate. At the Feast of Unleavened Bread it was Pilate's custom to release one prisoner and wanted to release Jesus, but as the crowd wanted Barabbas, a notorious criminal, Pilate released him and ordered Jesus to be scourged(beaten with a leather 'cat of nine tails' with pieces of bone fixed to the ends) and crucified to please the crowd. The soldiers took Jesus to the Governor's headquarters where they dressed Him in a 'royal' robe and crown of thorns and mocked Him, then took Him to be crucified.

Application? - Is Jesus my King? Do I obey Him? Am I condemned because I am a Christian (because I trust and obey Jesus) or because I don't live up to His standards? Am I afraid of repercussions if I stand up for Jesus, like Pilate? Bar-abbas means 'son of the father', Jesus was the Son of the Father. Jesus was condemned to die in Barabbas' place. Am I mocked because I am a citizen of God's Kingdom? Am I more interested in pleasing God or other people? Do I apparently treat Jesus as King while mocking Him?

Jan 13th 2010, 04:01 PM
Mark 15;21- 47

What does the text say? - Simon, a Cyrenian, was passing and the soldiers forced him to carry the cross that Jesus, after His torture, was too weak to carry. At Golgotha they offered Jesus drugged wine, but he wouldn't take it. It was 9 o'clock when Jesus and two robbers were crucified, then the soldiers gambled for his clothing. The sign over His head said "the King of the Jews" and many mocked Him. There was darkness over the land from midday to 3pm, then Jesus called out "My God, My God, why have You forsaken Me?" and died. The veil in the Temple(Ex. 26 31:33) was torn in two from top to bottom (humanly impossible). The centurion (who had undoubtedly seen many men die) said "This was the Son of God". Many women who had gone to Jerusalem with Jesus were watching from a distance. Joseph of Arimathea, a member of the Council that had condemned Jesus to death, asked Pilate for His body (which would otherwise have been thrown on the burning rubbish dump) wrapped it in linen and put it his own tomb hewn from rock, and closed it with a rolling stone.

Application? - Have I ever felt forced to do something for Jesus and afterwards been grateful I'd had the opportunity to serve Him? Jesus had no respite from the pain and separation from God He endured for me. Have I ever mocked Jesus? Because I acknowledge Jesus paid my penalty God will never forsake me! There is no barrier to God's Presence for those trusting Jesus' death on their behalf. Will I stay with Jesus wherever He goes? Have I condemned Jesus and then realised Who He is? Do I give Him all it is possible for me to give?

Jan 14th 2010, 04:59 PM
Mark 16

What does the text say? Very early on the first day of the week Mary Magdalene and Mary, the mother of James and Silome, took spices to anoint Jesus' body. They found the stone rolled away, Jesus' body gone, and an angel who told them "...He is Risen, go and tell His disciples, and Peter, that He is going ahead of you to Galilee where you will see Him, as He told you." They were afraid. Jesus appeared to May Magdalene, out of whom He’d cast 7 demons, she told His disciples, but they didn't believe her. After that, Jesus appeared to two disciples as they walked in the country; they told His disciples, who didn't believe them either. Jesus appeared to His 11 disciples and rebuked them for their unbelief and hardness of heart, and told them to preach the Gospel in all the world, that those who go on believing will go on being Saved, and in His Name they will be able to cast out demons, speak with other tongues, be protected from harmful substances and heal the sick. Later, Jesus went up into heaven and sat at the right hand of God, He worked with His disciples accompanying their preaching with His signs.

Application? Do I desire to be with Jesus early in the morning? It seems that Peter stopped being Jesus' disciple when he denied knowing Him, so if I deny Jesus I will stop being His disciple too! I must go where Jesus tells me to go, and do what He tells me to do. I may be disbelieved, even by Christians, when I tell of my meeting with Jesus. Will Jesus rebuke me for my hardness of heart and unbelief, or commend my prudence, when I don't believe everything every Christian tells me is from Him? Do I need greater discernment so I don't make any mistakes? Do I preach the Gospel wherever I go in word and/or deed? Have I been baptised as a believer? Do I go on believing in, and trusting, Jesus? Do I speak with other tongues? Do I cast out demons in Jesus' Name? Are people Healed when I lay hands on them? Does Jesus work with me as I tell of His Sacrifice, Resurrection and Power?

Quote (Henry H. Halley) "The final Commission to 'Go into all the world . . etc.' may have been a summary of final Instructions which Jesus repeated over and over during His 40 day post resurrection Ministry. "In substance it is repeated 4 times, at His first appearance (Mark), at His Galilean appearance (Matt.), at His final appearance in Jerusalem (Luke) and at His Ascension (Acts).

Apr 26th 2010, 03:54 PM
According to one Bible account, Jesus answers his disciples: “Let us go somewhere else, into the village towns nearby, that I may preach there also, for it is for this purpose I have gone out.” Even though the people urge Jesus to stay, he tells them: “Also to other cities I must declare the good news of the kingdom of God, because for this I was sent forth.”
Yes, Jesus came to earth particularly to preach about God’s Kingdom, which will vindicate his Father’s name and permanently solve all human ills. However, to give evidence that he is sent by God, Jesus performs miraculous healings. In the same way Moses, centuries before, performed miracles to establish his credentials as God’s servant.

Apr 26th 2010, 04:02 PM
The former demonic man begs Jesus to allow him to come along. But Jesus tells him: “Go home to your relatives, and report to them all the things Jehovah has done for you and the mercy he had on you.”
Jesus usually instructs those whom he heals not to tell anyone, since he does not want to have people reach conclusions on the basis of sensational reports. But this exception is appropriate because the former demoniac will be witnessing among people that Jesus now will probably not have opportunity to reach. Moreover, the man’s presence will provide testimony about Jesus’ power to work good, counteracting any unfavorable report that might be circulated over the loss of the swine.
In keeping with Jesus’ instruction, the former demoniac goes away. He starts proclaiming throughout the *Decapolis all the things Jesus did for him, and the people are simply amazed

*Crossing the Sea of Galilee, Jesus entered the Decapolis, or ten-city region. Though these cities undoubtedly had large Jewish populations, they were centers of Greek or Hellenistic culture. There, in the country of the Gerasenes, Jesus freed from demon possession a man who “had his haunt among the tombs.”

May 4th 2010, 06:51 PM
Is Mark one of the true books of the bible? You know I did a bit of comparative studies about which books of the new testament were accurate, and which ones were not..and I found somewhere that "Mark" was found to bv very innaccurate. I can't find the exact source, can anyone offer any references.

May 5th 2010, 02:13 PM
Is Mark one of the true books of the bible? You know I did a bit of comparative studies about which books of the new testament were accurate, and which ones were not..and I found somewhere that "Mark" was found to bv very innaccurate. I can't find the exact source, can anyone offer any references.


How about this;

2 Timothy 3:16-17 All Scripture is given by inspiration of God, and is profitable for doctrine, for reproof, for correction, for instruction in righteousness, that the man of God may be complete, thoroughly equipped for every good work.

I suggest you set aside the comparative studies and their authors, and retain the book of Mark. :)

May 5th 2010, 05:05 PM
I agree Amos............................................