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Saved 1982
Mar 25th 2010, 04:42 PM
I remember back when I was a child growing up in Texas and all our water for drinking, cooking, washing clothes, washing our bodies, and all the water we used came from a water well behind our house. Now it was good water, nothing added to it, just good God given water.
Now sometimes in the summers when the rains didnít come for a few years and it got hot and dry, our well would go dry. Then we had to haul our water from the city, we lived about five miles from.
The old saying goes, we donít appreciate some things in life until itís gone.
I know now days, there are some Christians who are like the water well, feel in their heart, soul, and spirit that they have gone dry.
At one time they were on fire for our Lord, they were a mighty witness for our Lord, as the living waters of the mighty holy Spirit bubbled up out of them.
Then came the persecution and heavy attacks from Satan and his crowd. When Iím talking about his crowd, Iím not just talking about demons, or evil spirits, Iím also talking about the evil human spiritís the devil uses to try to destroy the Christians.
Sometimes we feel like we are all alone, sometimes it seems like no one really cares anymore anyway. Then all the bad news now days and it seems like whatís the use, I tried, I failed, so whatís the use.
Sometimes we donít even feel like praying, sometimes we donít even feel like reading the Bible.
Sometimes we would just as soon just stay in bed and pull the covers over our heads and never come out. O, my God, is there any hope for me?
There is hope, hope for the water well and hope for the ones who seem like God canít use them anymore. We must put all our hope in the Lord God almighty!
The water well will come back as the good Lord sends rains that brings the water level back up.
Hope for the ones who feel like our Lord canít use them anymore, who feel like they have drifted to far from God to ever come back.
Many pray for a revival, not for their church, but for themselves.
Yes, we do need a revival to come, to come into our hearts, soul and spirit, to bring back the living waters to flow up inside us as the Holy Spirit moves in us and through us.
One thing I will say right here, I believe every Christian will go through a dry spell, I have been there.
I feel for a person to really write something from their heart they have to experience it.
Sometimes we get down, sometimes we feel like what is the use, I have tried, O, my God, where are you, I need you, please help me my Lord.
Then we do the wrong thing. We start trying to work out the problem ourselves. Of course we pray and ask God for help, but then we start thinking, what am I doing wrong? We walk around all day worrying about what is wrong with me? We get so caught up in our minds we get out minds off of where our helps comes from. The Lord Jesus Christ.
The more we think about our lives the more confused we get, we think there has to be something wrong, we even ask ourselves. Does God even love me anymore? Why does God seem so far away? Why does heaven seem like brass and I canít get through?
Believe me the enemy will try and put all kinds of thoughts into our minds to confuse us, to try and make us give up and walk away form God. We wrestle with ourselves in the inner man, trying to work everything out. We do this and nothing happens. Right?
Then what do we do? There are some real good gems hidden in Godís Holy Word if we take the time to pray and search for them. I mean some of them are in very small books of the Bible, the books we seldom even read. One of them is in Titus.
Titus 3:5, Not by works of righteousness which we have done, but according to His mercy He saved us, by the washing of regeneration , and renewing of the Holy Ghost.
Notice the last words of the above verse, and renewing of the Holy Ghost.
You see when we go through a dry spell, we have a tendency to try and work it out our self. We struggle and think, what have I done to make God angry with me? Is it some secret, dark thing inside me that displeases God. We try to change this about ourselves, we try and change that about ourselves, but nothing works.( Now if it is some sin that God is displeased with, then we need to repent of it and put it under the blood of Jesus. 1 John 1:9, If we confess our sins, He is faithful and just to forgive us our sins, and to cleanse us form all unrighteousness)
But if no sin convicts your heart then stop trying to work out getting a refreshing and a new renewing of the Holy Ghost.
Ask for it! As we can see from reading from the book of Titus our Lord Jesus paid for us to have it.
God our Father wants us to have it, our Lord Jesus paid for it, so ask for it, ask in faith and believe that you will receive it and it will come.
Stop beating yourself up, I donít care what kind of past you have had, if you have repented of all your sins they are gone and God remembers them no more. ( Psalm 103:12) They are put under the blood of Jesus Christ our Lord.
If your going through a dry spell then look up, call out to God our Father, ask for Him to send you a regeneration and a new renewing of the Holy Spirit in the holy Name of Jesus Christ our Lord.
Our Lord Jesus told us in John 14:18,I will not leave you comfortless: I will come to you.
How will He come to us? He sends the mighty Holy Spirit to dwell in us, to be our comforter, our guide, and to teach us all things pertaining to the Kingdom of God and to make our Lord Jesus Christ very real to us. To give us a peace that passes all understanding.
It is He, the Holy Spirit who teaches us how to live our lifeís pleasing to God, and how to be over comers.
That well might be dry now, but a Holy Ghost rain is beginning to fall and itís time to step out on faith and say, my Father Iím tired of being a dry well, please Father in Jesus holy name, send that Holy Ghost rain upon me, let it soak down into my inner most being. Fill me till my cup overflows, let it bubble up in me and let the Holy Ghost power flow form me to touch the hearts of others.
Itís was bought, and paid for by the blood of Jesus Christ our Lord, itís for you and itís for me, and for everyone who will open their heart to receive it.
Praise the holy name of Jesus Christ our Lord! To God our Father, be all the glory.
Saved 1928 ( Bill)