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Saved 1982
Mar 28th 2010, 03:39 PM

St. Matthew 3:8 Bring forth therefore fruits meet (Fitting, becoming, proper) for repentance.
This was when John the Baptist was preaching in the wilderness of Judea.
I suppose this scripture means different things to different people, but this is what it meant to me.
When I was about 16 years old I worked in a grocery store every Saturday from 7:00 A.M. until 7:30 P.M.
I worked all these hours with thirty minutes off for lunch and about a fifteen minute break at six in the afternoon, for $5.00 dollars a day. Also Social Security was taken out of my pay so I took home $4.89 every Saturday.
I felt this wasn’t enough pay for the work I done so I would take things from the store, not big things mostly food, candy, gum, etc, just things I could sneak our without getting caught.
This store belonged to my Uncle and his brother-in-law. I worked there until I got out of school two years later and moved on with my life.
Years later when the Lord set me free from being a drunkard and saved my soul, and I had forgotten all about stealing things from the store, but the Lord starting bringing this up to my mind.
Every time I would pray I would see the store, my uncle, his brother-in law and the things I had taken.
I prayed for the Lord to forgive me, but it wouldn’t go away it was a big burden on my heart,
and my prayers wasn’t being answered.
One day the Lord ask me, you want this to go away ?
I cried out yes Lord please may it go away, He replied go and make it right. I said Lord how do I do that it was a long time ago and I have no idea how much stuff I took.
He said $50.00 will more than pay for it all, then my mind flew into high gear, I said Lord I will do it, next Sunday I will put $50.00 in the offering plate for it, He said no that won’t work you must take it and give it to him. (Now at this time my Uncle had already passed away only his brother-in-law was alive.)
He was a big man about six foot four and weighed about 275 pounds and none of it fat.
Do you know that for a few weeks I tried my best to get around taking the money to the man personally.(,pride got in the way.
Putting it in the offering plate didn’t go with God, so I said Lord I will write out a check and mail it to the man and write a letter and explain want it is for. The Lord said No.
Each day my life got more miserable and my heart got more burdened down as the Holy Spirit was convicting my heart so bad.
So one day I put fifty dollars in my wallet and said Lord I will do it, but still pride was at work in my heart, when I went to town from the country where I live I had to go right by this mans house. I said Lord if the man is out in front of his house in the yard I will stop and give him the money.
Guess what ,when I got to where his house was he was in the front yard ,I drove right on by and went on to town to shop.
All this time my heart was burning and I was under heavy conviction ,still I argued with the Lord, I said if he is still in the yard on my way home I will stop and give the money to him.
Guess what he was still in the yard and I drove on by for about a quarter of a mile, then pulled off the highway and put my head on the steering wheel and broke down and sobbed..
I said Lord I will do it, I turned around and drove back and stopped in his driveway, I walked up to him shaking and said I must tell you something, I then told him what I had done and that I must pay for it.
He said thank you for being honest, but I don’t want the money, my heart was so burdened down and I was under such conviction and shaking so bad I took his hand and forced the money into it, I said God told me I must do this and I must, if you don’t want the money just throw it away or give it away, but please, please take it.
He said o.k. then he walked up to me and hugged me so tight like a big old bear and said I forgive you.
I got into my car driving home shouting, praising ,crying, and glorifying the Lord I believe I could have floated up to heaven I was so free.
I believe with all my heart it wasn’t the money, our Lord was teaching me obedience and there are some things we must do after salvation to make things right to some we have done wrong or hurt.
Although my Uncle was passed on he was a good Christian man and I know he has forgiven me.
If anything keeps coming up to your mind when you pray and it’s something that is standing between you and the Lord go and make it right. Put pride in your back pocket and obey the voice of our sweet Master Jesus. Bring forth fruits worthy of repentance it will really bless your heart and life.
God bless,
Saved 1982