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May 18th 2010, 06:17 PM
John’s Gospel
Quote:-“Is not written so that readers might start believing that Jesus is the Son of the living God, but to provide readers with what they needed to know in order that they might continue having Life through ongoing trust and obedience”. The book is written for mature Christians, to help them hold onto their faith . . . in order that they may go on believing and therefore go on having Eternal Life.”(Rev. David Pawson)

John 1

What does the text say? – Jesus was the Word of God prior to the Creation of the Universe and everything in it, which was all Created through Him. Life came through Him. His Life brought light to the darkness and can never be extinguished. He became a man and lived on earth. God sent a man called John to bear witness to that Light. All the people who believed, and accepted Him, Jesus gave the right to become children of God. They are re-born, not with a physical birth resulting from passion or plan, but a spiritual Birth that comes from God. God’s Law was given through Moses, but God’s unfailing Love and Faithfulness came through Jesus Christ Who made God known to mankind. John said his was the voice of one shouting in the wilderness, preparing the Way for the Lord’s coming, and to that end he immersed people (who repented) in water. Next day John proclaimed Jesus to be the ‘Lamb of God Who takes away the Sins of the world’, he recognised Him when he saw the Holy Spirit descend on Him like a dove (a flash of light?) and remain on Him, saying He will baptise(immerse) in His Holy Spirit. Jesus is the Son of God. Next day two of John’s disciples followed Jesus one, Andrew, fetched his brother Simon, Jesus said he would be Cephas(a stone). Next day Philip brought Nathaniel to Jesus who proclaimed Him to be King of Israel; Jesus told him he’d see angels ascending and descending to Him from heaven.

Application? – Do I believe Jesus Christ is the Word of God? Do I believe He Created the Universe and everything in it? Do I believe His Word, the Holy Bible, to be true? Do I believe He Created everything in 6 x 24 hours(Gen. 1:1- 2:7) ? if not, do I really believe in, and trust, Jesus Christ? Or only as far as my ‘education’ allows? Have I been baptised (immersed in water) – an outward indication of my change of heart and mind, and submission to Jesus my Lord? Do I take others to Jesus?

May 19th 2010, 04:15 PM
John 2

What does the text say? – Jesus, His mother and His disciples were at a wedding in Cana when the wine ran out. Jesus told the servants to fill 6 x 20-30 gallon water jars with water; then He told them to draw some of it out and take it to the master of ceremonies who, not knowing where it had come from, declared it the best wine. This was the first time Jesus revealed His power/ Shekina Glory and His disciples believed in Him. Then they went to Capernaum. Near Passover Jesus went up to Jerusalem, in the Temple were merchants selling cattle, sheep and doves for sacrifices, and exchanging money; He made a whip and drove them out of the Temple, telling them to stop turning His Father’s house into a marketplace. Jesus’ disciples remembered Psalm 69:9. The Jewish leaders demanded a miracle to prove God had given Jesus His authority, Jesus replied that He would destroy the Temple (His body) and rebuild it in 3 days. Because of the miracles He did in Jerusalem many believed (began to trust) in Him, but Jesus didn’t trust them because He knew human nature.

Application? – Jesus provides the best for each situation. He is concerned with our ‘small’ problems. Do I just ‘believe in’ Jesus, or fully trust Him to always provide the best possible in every situation (even if it doesn’t seem like it at the time)? Do I buy or sell anything in church? If so, what is Jesus’ opinion of that? Does zeal for His Work consume me? If not, why not? Does Jesus trust me or have cause to doubt me? Have I allowed Him to change my nature?

May 20th 2010, 04:39 PM
John 3

What does the text say? – Nicodemus, a Pharisee, went to Jesus at night and said the miracles He performed proclaimed that He came from God. Jesus assured him no one could see the Kingdom of God unless they were born-again, of both water and spirit. Jesus said that He had come from Heaven and, just as the children of Israel, when bitten by snakes in the desert had to have faith in a bronze snake God told Moses to put on a pole, so He must be lifted up so that everyone who believes in/trusts in Him will not perish but have Eternal Life. For God had sent Him into the world not to condemn the people, but so that those who go on believing in /trusting Him will go on having Eternal Life. John the Baptist was baptising people who went to him in Aenon where there was plenty of water. Jesus and His disciples were in Judea baptising more people, which concerned John’s disciples, but John acknowledged that his work must decrease and Jesus’ Work increase by the Power of the Holy Spirit. Those who believe in Jesus have everlasting Life, but those who do not trust Him will not experience true Life but remain under God’s Judgement.

Application? – Am I trying to keep my enquiries about Jesus Christ secret? Is my personal faith in what Jesus did for me on the Cross sufficient for me to be spiritually born again? Do I trust Him with, and in, every area of my life? Could verse 15 refer to before Jesus was crucified and verse 16-21 be John’s comment (instead of all said by Jesus)? Am I willing to allow what Jesus does to take me out of my comfort-zone?

May 21st 2010, 06:28 PM
John 4

What does the text say? - Jesus went to Galilee going through Samaria. At Jacob’s Well he sat down while His disciples went to buy food in Sychar. A woman came for water and Jesus asked her for a drink, she was amazed, as Jews have nothing to do with Samaritans. Jesus said that if she’d known Who He was she would have asked for, and received, Living water. Whoever drinks H2O becomes thirsty again, but the Water He gives becomes a spring within them giving Eternal Life. Jesus told her to fetch her husband, she replied that she had no husband, He said she’d had 5 husbands and the man she lived with was not her husband. Jesus told her He is the Messiah, and that God is Spirit and those who worship Him must do so in spirit and truth. The woman returned home and Jesus told His disciples ‘one sows and another reaps’. Many of the Samaritans believed in Jesus because of the woman’s testimony; they urged Him to stay, so He stayed for 2 days. Then they said now they knew He was the Christ, the Saviour of the world. Then Jesus continued to Galilee, even though He had said a prophet has no honour in his own country. A nobleman met Jesus and pleaded with Him to Heal his son. Jesus said his son was alive, and he began to get better at that moment.

Application? – Did Jesus wait alone at the well knowing the woman would come? Have I asked for, and received, His Living Water? Jesus knows every detail of my life too. Do I worship God in Spirit and truth? Do I tell others of Jesus and encourage them to meet Him? Have I invited Jesus to stay with me? For ever? Perhaps I shouldn’t be surprised if those who know me best disregard what I say(?). Do I plead with Jesus on behalf of others.

May 22nd 2010, 05:11 PM
John 5

What does the text say? – Jesus went to Jerusalem for one of the Feasts. By the Pool of Bethesda lay many blind, sick, paralysed or lame people waiting for the ‘moving of the waters’ when the first person in the water was Healed. Jesus Healed a man who had waited there for 38 years. The Jews persecuted Jesus because He Healed the man on the Sabbath and made Himself equal with God, and said He could only do what God was doing, and in the same way; as God was able to raise the dead, so Jesus gives Everlasting Life to those who heed Him. The Father has given all Judgement to the Son; whoever doesn’t honour the Son does not honour the Father who sent Him. All the dead will hear His Voice and rise to either Eternal Life or Judgement. Jesus is Righteous because He does the Will of the Father instead of His own Will. Jesus’ miracles prove that God is in control of all He does. The Scriptures, including Moses books, which His hearers revered, point to Jesus yet they (His hearers) didn’t honour Him.

Application? – Jesus Healed the man who had demonstrated faith for a very long time, but none of the others. Do I always expect a ‘quick fix’ for my problems? Do I think that Jesus, who is God, should do things in the way and at the time I choose? Have I accepted the Everlasting Life Jesus offers? Do I honour Almighty God, the Father of Jesus Christ, by honouring His Son? As all the dead will hear Jesus Voice, will everyone who has ever lived without having heard of Him have the opportunity to be Saved? Do I seek my own will or the Will of God? Do I recognise Jesus in all of the Old Testament?

Note:- The disciples were rowing to Capernaum, apparently 3 – 4 miles from shore when Jesus approached them walking on the water.

May 23rd 2010, 08:35 PM
John 6:41-71

What does the text say? – The Jews who heard Jesus preach in the synagogue in Capernaum grumbled because He said He came down from Heaven, when they assumed they knew His parents. Then Jesus said no one came to Him unless the Father drew them, and He would raise them up on the last day. Those who believe in Jesus have Eternal Life; He is the Bread of Life, those who do not eat His flesh and drink His blood have no Life, those who feed on Him will Live because of Him. Jesus said the Spirit, not flesh, gives Life – what He says gives Life. From that time many disciples left Jesus; He asked the 12 if they wanted to leave Him too, but they believed He was the Holy One of God. Jesus said one of those He had chosen was a devil (Judas Iscariot).

Application? – Do I really believe Jesus Christ is God and only He bestows Everlasting Life to those who trust Him? If I believe Jesus is the Bread of Life I will want to be constantly nourished by His Word. As the bread I buy won’t stop hunger unless eaten, so Jesus’ Words won’t nourish me unless I act on them, and through them develop my personal relationship with God; is my relationship with Him more important to me than food? If so I will receive all Jesus accomplished in the flesh. I must be very discerning even regarding ‘the chosen’ as all are not necessarily totally submitted to doing God’s Will but may have their own agenda.

Quote:- (Henry H. Halley)”While He (Jesus) had spent much time ministering to men’s bodily needs the real purpose of coming into the world was to save men’s souls. When He told them that they began to lose interest.”

May 24th 2010, 05:37 PM
John 7

What does the text say? – Jesus stayed in Galilee because the leaders in Judea wanted to kill Him. Jesus’ (half) brothers didn’t believe in Him, so told Him to go to the Feast of Tabernacles (October) in Judea so His actions could be more widely known; but Jesus said He was hated there because He spoke of their evil ways. Later, Jesus went to Judea secretly. In the middle of the Feast He went and taught in the Temple saying what He taught was from God and asking why they wanted to kill Him; saying they should not judge by appearances but with righteousness. Many of the people believed in Him because of His miracles and teaching, others were surprised the Jewish leaders allowed Him to speak publicly because He hadn’t been trained by them. Jesus told the men the Chief priests had sent to arrest Him, and were awed by Him, they would not be able to find or follow Him when He went to the One who had sent Him. On the last day of the Feast Jesus declared that whoever was thirsty should go to Him to drink, (Jer. 2:13, 17:3, Ps. 36:9) and that those who believe in Him will have rivers of Living water flowing out of their heart, He was speaking of the Holy Spirit those who believed on Him would receive after His crucifixion. The rulers of the Pharisees denied that Jesus could be the Christ as He came from Galilee, even though Nicodemus said they judged on hearsay evidence.

Application? – Am I always wise regarding my movements? Do I always ensure I am in the centre of God’s Will at each moment? Do I make the mistake of assuming only those who’ve been to a Bible College can have a message from God to impart? Do I realise which Bible College a person has been to, almost inevitably, colours the way they view Scripture? Will I follow Jesus to the One who sent Him to earth? Am I willing to learn more from Jesus ? Do I believe and trust in Him? Have I received the Holy Spirit at my personal Pentecost with similar results? Do I judge people by what I know about them, or make full investigations first? (eg. Jesus was born in Judea not Galilee).

May 25th 2010, 05:55 PM
John 8:1-30

What does the text say? – Jesus went from the Mount of Olives to the Temple very early in the morning and taught the people. The Scribes and Pharisees took a woman to Him they’d caught in adultery (where was the man?) and asked if she should be stoned as the Law stated. Jesus didn’t reply but wrote in the sand, when they continued asking He said the one who had committed no Sin must throw the first stone. Jesus and the woman were left alone, then He told her to go and Sin no more. Jesus told the people He is the Light of the world, those who follow Him will have the Light of Life. The Pharisees said Jesus’ testimony was not valid, but He replied His Father, God, testified to that Truth, if they’d known Him they’d also know His Father. Jesus warned the people that He would go away, and although they’d search for Him they wouldn’t be able to go there too, but would die in their sins unless they believed He was Who He claimed to be. Jesus said that when they crucified Him they’d know He was God and did only as Father God told Him. As He was always obedient to Father God He, Who had sent Jesus, would never dessert Him.

Application? – Do I heed Jesus’ teaching? Do I always recognise loaded questions and ask the Lord how to answer them? Or give an answer that makes things more difficult for myself and/or others? Has the Lord ever said to me ‘Go, and Sin no more’? Have I obeyed Him? Is Jesus the Light of my world? Do I believe Jesus is God? Does my obedience or disobedience to the Lord demonstrate what I say I believe? Do I search for Jesus? Have I found Him? Do I know Him? Am I always obedient to God? If I am obedient to Him He will never dessert me.

May 26th 2010, 04:13 PM
John 8:31-59

What does the text say? – Jesus told those who believed in Him that if they remained faithful to His Teaching they were His disciples, then they would know the Truth and the Truth would set them free from the power of Sin. God is the Father of those who love Jesus who He sent. Those who do not accept His Word, which is Truth, are slaves of the devil, the father of lies. Those who are faithful to Jesus’ Word will not be separated from God. Abraham was glad when he looked forward to Jesus’ arrival on earth. Before Abraham was born Jesus was God(Ex. 3:14). The people were going to stone Jesus for saying He was God, but He hid, then went away.

Application? – Am I faithful to all Jesus’ Teaching? or do I exclude parts I don’t like because it would be difficult? Jesus only promised freedom from the power of Sin for those faithful to all of His teaching – does that really include me? God is only my Father if I truly love Jesus Christ. Am I really free from the power of Sin? Or am I the physical and/or spiritual slave of the devil? Do I look forward with joy to Jesus’ 2nd Coming? Is Jesus really my God? Do I obey Him in all things?

May 27th 2010, 03:53 PM
John 9

What does the text say? – Jesus ‘ disciples asked Him whether a man was born blind because he, or his parents, Sinned. Jesus said ‘neither’, it was so that God’s works could be demonstrated. He also said He is the Light of the World. Jesus made mud with His spittle and rubbed it into the man’s eyes, telling him to go to the pool of Siloam to wash – he did and could see. The Pharisees excommunicated the formerly blind man because he said Jesus Healed him, and they said He could not have done as He was a Sinner who worked on the Sabbath. The formerly blind man said ‘one thing I know, once I was blind now I see’ . . . ‘ it is unheard of that anyone opened the eyes of anyone born blind. If this Man were not from God He could do nothing.’ Jesus then found the man and asked if he believed in the Son of God, when the man realised Jesus spoke of Himself He worshipped Him. Jesus said He had come into the world for Judgment and to be the Light of the world, so those who do not see may do so, and those who see may be made blind. Some Pharisees asked if they were also blind; Jesus replied that if they were blind they would have no Sin, but because they said they could see their sin remained.

Application? – Are my infirmities allowed so that God’s Works may be demonstrated? Is Jesus the light of my world? What unlikely means of Healing me does the Lord employ? Do I accept His methods? Or reject them and deny myself wholeness? Do I know about Jesus, or know Him for Who He really is? Do I ask the Lord to enable me to see Him clearly through each situation I encounter?

May 28th 2010, 05:26 PM
John 10

What does the text say? - Jesus said those who don’t enter the sheepfold by the door are thieves and robbers. The owner goes in the door, he calls his own sheep by name and leads them out, they follow because they know their owner’s voice; they will not follow anyone else. Jesus’ disciples didn’t understand what He meant so He explained that He is the door and would give His life for the ‘sheep’ He owns; He has other sheep who will recognise His Voice and join His original flock. No one would take His life from Him, He had Power to relinquish it and Power to resume it again. At the Feast of Dedication in winter Jesus was in the Temple when He was asked if He was the Christ. Jesus replied that He had told them and the things He did bore witness, but they didn’t believe because they were not His sheep; if they had been they’d have followed Him, He’d have given them Eternal Life, they’d never perish and no one would snatch them from Him. Jesus and the Father are One. The Jewish leaders accused Jesus of blasphemy and would have stoned Him, but He escaped and went beyond the Jordan, and many people went to Him and believed in Him.

Application? – Have I entered the Kingdom of God by repentance and believing that Jesus is God and came to earth and paid the penalty for my Sins when He was crucified? or have I assumed that a ceremony I went through was sufficient to ensure my admittance? As a Gentile am I one of the ‘other sheep’ Jesus spoke of? Do I always follow Him or go my own way? Do I recognise His Voice above the clamour of the other ’voices’ today including of my own spirit? Jesus was not forced to die instead of me, He chose to. Do I know His Voice? Do I always follow Him? Jesus offers me Eternal Life, do I obey Him to demonstrate my thanks? No one can ever snatch me from Him but my disobedience may ensure I wander away from Him without realising.

May 29th 2010, 05:01 PM
John 11

What does the text say? – Lazarus was sick so his sisters, Martha and Mary, sent someone to tell Jesus; He told His disciples the sickness would not end in death, it was so that the Son of God would be Glorified. He stayed where He was 2 more days, then told His disciples Lazarus was asleep but He was going to wake him up. When they arrived in Bethany Lazarus had been dead 4 days. Martha went to meet Jesus and He assured her Lazarus would rise again, saying “I am the resurrection and the Life. He who believes in Me, though he may die, shall Live” and asked Martha if she believed that; she said she believed He was the Christ, the Son of God. Jesus went to Lazarus’ tomb, prayed to God then called Lazarus to come out. When he came, still bound hand and foot, Jesus told those there to release him from the grave clothes and let him go. Then He went to Ephraim. When the Jewish leaders heard about this they were very worried, Caiaphas said it was expedient that one man should die for the people, so the nation didn’t perish. The Passover was near and many people converged on Jerusalem. The Chief Priests and Pharisees had commanded the people to report Jesus’ whereabouts so they could arrest Him.

Application? – Do I believe Jesus is the Resurrection and the Life and that those who die trusting Him to be God’s Son will rise to Everlasting Life? When anyone comes to Jesus and is Saved they, almost inevitably, need releasing from the ‘grave-clothes’ of their former life by His disciples. Do I help, or hinder, in this task? Do I believe Jesus died to enable all people to be Saved?

Quote:- (David Pawson)John describes the Life which Jesus offers as present continuous Life. Eternal Life includes quantity – it is everlasting; but also quality – it is abundant. It is not just an insurance against Death but a Life we are to enjoy here and now.

May 30th 2010, 05:44 PM
John 12:1-26

What does the text say? – 6 days before Passover Jesus went to supper with Lazarus and his sisters. Mary anointed His feet with a pound of costly spikenard, and the perfume filled the house. Judas Iscariot complained because it wasn’t sold and the money given to the poor (so he could help himself to it!). Many people believed in Jesus because of Lazarus, so the chief Priests plotted to kill him too. Next day a large crowd went to meet Jesus with palm branches, waving them as He rode into Jerusalem on a donkey (Zech. 9:9). Jesus said the time had come for the Son of Man to be Glorified; when a grain of wheat dies and is buried it produces much grain. Those who love this life will lose it, but those who lose this life for His sake will have Eternal Life. Those who serve Him will be honoured by His Father.

Application? – Have I ever done something for Jesus that others thought wasteful? Will Eternity reveal a different story? Do I expect to gain from what others give to the Lord for His Work? Has anyone tried to kill my reputation because of the New Life I have in Jesus? Do I publicly proclaim that Jesus is my King? Is Jesus glorified in my Life? Am I encouraging others to become Jesus’ disciples? Am I serving Jesus, or myself?

May 31st 2010, 05:58 PM
John 12:27-50

What does the text say? – Jesus said He was distressed and was tempted to ask God to save Him from the pain that awaited Him, but as it was the purpose of His life on earth, He asked Father God to Glorify His Name. A Voice came from Heaven saying ‘I have Glorified it, and will Glorify it again.’ Jesus said the ruler of this world(the devil) would be cast out; also, if He was crucified He would draw all peoples to Himself. Jesus said His Light would not shine for much longer, so the people must walk in the Light so the darkness would not overtake them and prevent them from following Him. Most of the people still didn’t believe in Jesus(Is. 51:3 + Is.6:9-10), but some believed including some of the Jewish leaders, but they feared the Pharisees would expel them from the synagogue – human praise being more important to them than praise from God. Jesus shouted that those who trust Him also trust God who sent Him; He had come to this dark world as the Light and Saviour, not the Judge, but all who reject His Message will be Judged by the Truth He has spoken at the command of Father God, whose commands lead to Eternal Life.

Application? – When I ask God to save me from physical or mental pain am I willing to endure it if that should be His Will, and serve His Purposes? Do I ask Him to Glorify His Name in whatever way He chooses? If I don’t keep living to please the Lord the darknessof worldliness will overtake me and blind me, so I will lose the path of Light. Which is more important to me, praise from people or praise from God? Do I really trust Jesus? Do I accept or reject His Message in it’s entirety?

Jun 1st 2010, 05:27 PM
John 13

What does the text say? – Knowing He had come from God and was going to God, Jesus washed His disciples feet. Simon protested, but Jesus said if He didn’t wash Simon’s feet he wouldn’t belong to Him; a person who has bathed all over only needs their feet washing, though not all of the 12 were clean – because Jesus knew Judas would betray Him. Jesus said that by washing their feet He had given them an example to follow, as slaves are no greater than their master, nor messengers more important than the one who sent them. Jesus also said those who welcome His messengers welcome Him and therefore Father God too. Jesus said one of His special disciples would betray Him, and indicated Judas Iscariot, telling him to do what he was going to do quickly – and Judas went. Jesus then said the time had come for the Son of Man to be Glorified, and gave a new Commandment – to Love each other in the same way that He Loved them. Simon Peter said he was ready to die for Jesus, but Jesus replied that before next dawn Peter would have denied Him 3 times.

Application? – Knowing who I am in Christ should enable me to happily do any menial task to the best of my ability for Him, or does my pride prevent me? Has every area of my life been washed in the cleansing Power of Jesus’ Blood, because of my heartfelt repentance and faith in what He achieved on the Cross? Do I constantly come to Jesus to be cleansed from worldly contamination? Have I ever betrayed Jesus? Do I welcome Him and Father God by welcoming Jesus’ messengers? Do I demonstrate love for all Jesus’ disciples? Does anything in my life demonstrate a denial of love for Jesus? Is there anything I need to repent of now?

Jun 2nd 2010, 05:42 PM
John 14

What does the text say? – Jesus said trusting God and Himself is the antidote for a troubled heart. There is room for all who trust in Jesus in God’s Kingdom where He has prepared a place for them; and He will come again to meet His disciples. Jesus is the Way, the Truth and the Life. Knowing Him is the same as knowing Father God. Those who truly believe in what Jesus taught about Himself will be able to do the same miracles He did on earth – they may ask Him for anything He would have done and He will do it. Those who truly love Jesus will keep His Commandments, He will reveal Himself to them and send His Holy Spirit to lead them into all Truth. Jesus and His Father will abide with those who demonstrate their love for Him by obeying Him. Jesus Promised that the Father would send the Helper/Comforter to remind them of all Jesus had said; He left His Peace with them and admonished them to be neither troubled nor afraid. The ruler of this world (Satan) had no hold over Jesus because He always obeyed Father God.

Application? – Am I trusting Jesus and Father God enough to relinquish all stressful situations to them? Am I eagerly waiting for Jesus’ return? (Heb.9:28). Do I know Jesus (as opposed to knowing about Him)? Do I really believe in His ability and trust Him to Work through me? Do I obey Him in every way and area of my life? Do I limit what Jesus can do through me by my lack of trust or obedience? Have I received all Jesus wants me to of His Holy Spirit? Do I always experience the Peace Jesus gives? Do I trust Jesus or fear the future? Do I ensure that Satan has no hold over me?

Jun 3rd 2010, 05:41 PM
John 15

What does the text say? – Jesus likened Himself to a Vine, Father God as the Vine-dresser, and His disciples as the branches. He said every branch in Him that does not bear Fruit will be removed and burnt, and every branch that does bear Fruit will be pruned to ensure more Fruit. Disconnected from Him no one can bear fruit. Those who abide in Him will ask for, and receive, what will Glorify God. Jesus Commands His disciples to love each other; He chose and appointed each one to bear Fruit for Him, and so that His Father may give whatever they ask for in His Name. Because they hate Jesus and don’t know Almighty God, who they hate also, the world may hate Jesus’ disciples too . The Holy Spirit, the Spirit of Truth, will testify of Jesus, and His disciples will also bear witness of Him.

Application? – Does my life bear Fruit for Jesus? I must expect to suffer, and my ‘ministry’ be pruned, to ensure future Fruit for the Lord of better quality. Do I ask for, and receive, what will bring Glory to the Lord? Do I demonstrate love for all my brothers and sisters in Christ – including those I don’t like much? Do I tell others what difference knowing Jesus has made to me? If not, why not? Do I ask the Lord how I should pray in each situation so I may ask for, and receive, what He wants to give?

Note:- If my grapevine is not pruned hard, back to the stem each year after fruiting it will, at first produce inferior fruit, then no fruit at all.

Jun 4th 2010, 05:03 PM
John 16

What does the text say? – Jesus Christ told His disciples many things so they won’t abandon their faith in Him; as the time is coming when whoever kills them will think they serve God, because they have never known either the Father or Himself. Jesus said if He didn’t go away the Helper He would send would not come; He, the Holy Spirit(14:26), will convict of Sin, Righteousness and Judgement. Sin, because they don’t believe in Jesus; Righteousness, because He’d gone to His Father; Judgment, because the ruler of the world has already been Judged. When the Spirit of Truth has come He will Glorify Jesus by telling the disciples what Jesus says. Before that the world would rejoice, and they would weep but their sorrow would turn to Joy. Jesus said, ‘ask and you will receive . . . and have abundant Joy, but He will not ask the Father on His disciple’s behalf. Jesus came from Father God and was leaving the world to return to the Father. When His disciples scattered He would not be alone for the Father would be with Him. The world gives many trials and sorrows, but Jesus has overcome the world.

Application? – People are tortured and killed today because of their faith in Jesus Christ. Am I totally convinced of Who Jesus is, and what He has done on my behalf, of Jesus’ Power and of my life with Him after death? Do I allow the Holy Spirit to Guide my life moment by moment? Do I pray to God in Jesus’ Name? Or make the mistake of praying to Jesus? As Jesus has overcome the world, if I am obedient to Him the trials and sorrows I experience have been allowed by Him; if I have not been 100% obedient they may well be due to my disobedience, my stupidity. Do I heed His still, small, Voice?

Jun 5th 2010, 04:30 PM
John 17

What does the text say? – Jesus prayed for Himself, and said Eternal Life is knowing the only true God and Jesus Christ whom He sent into the world. He said He had finished the Work He had been given to do, and asked to regain the Glory He had with His Father before the world began. Jesus prayed for His disciples, those who had accepted His Word, and knew every ability He had is a Gift from the Holy Father God and asked that they may be protected from the Evil one by the Power of His Name, and be made holy by the Truth. He asked that His disciples then and in the future, , who the world hates because they do not belong to the world, would experience perfect unity.

Application? – Do I know Jesus Christ (as opposed to knowing about Him)? Am I doing the work God has given me to do for Him? or only the parts of that work I choose? Do I accept all Jesus’ Word? Do I fully realise every ability Jesus had on earth, from the Holy Spirit, is a Gift available to His present day disciples? If I am Jesus’ disciple I will be protected from the Evil one by the Power of His Name, and will be made holy by accepting the Truth. Do I experience perfect unity with all Jesus’ other disciples? If not, is the fault mine?

Jun 6th 2010, 05:09 PM
John 18

What does the text say? – Jesus led His disciples over the Kidron valley to the garden where Judas betrayed Him to those sent by the chief Priests and Pharisees to arrest Him; they all fell to the ground when Jesus acknowledged that He was Jesus of Nazareth. Simon Peter cut off the ear of Malchus, the High Priest’s servant. Jesus said He would ‘drink the cup’ His Father had given Him. Peter and John followed as Jesus was taken to Annas, the High Priest’s father in law. As John was known there, they went into the courtyard too. A servant girl asked Peter if he was Jesus’ disciple – he denied it. Annas asked Jesus about His disciples and doctrine, Jesus replied that He had always spoken openly, so those who’d heard Him could answer that. Annas had Jesus taken to Caiaphas. Peter denied twice more being Jesus’ disciple, then immediately the cock crowed. Jesus was taken to the Governor’s headquarters to be sentenced to death for being an evil person. Pilate asked Jesus if He was the King of the Jews. Jesus replied that His Kingdom is not of this world, and that everyone who loves truth knows everything He said is true. Pilate said He found no fault in Jesus so, as it was customary to release a prisoner each Passover, Pilate offered to release Jesus; but the crowd shouted for Barabbas to be released instead – Barabbas was a robber.

Application? – Do I feel I have to defend Jesus, like Simon Peter? Have I ever denied that I am Jesus disciple? Peter’s ‘excuse’ for denying Jesus was fear of execution – what is mine? Jesus knew Simon would deny Him in advance (Luke 22:32) and Forgave him; Jesus will Forgive me too if I turn from fear of possible consequences to faith in Jesus’ Ability and offer Him true repentance. When Jesus acknowledged Who He was, did He make those who’d gone to arrest Him fall to the ground so they’d know He had the Power to resist arrest if He’d wanted to?

Note:- Jesus was the Son of His Father – ‘Barabbas’ means ‘son of his father’.

Jun 7th 2010, 05:37 PM
John 19

What does the text say? - Pilate had Jesus flogged (the leather thongs had pieces of jagged bone or stone inserted). The soldiers put a crown of thorns and purple robe on Jesus and mocked Him. Pilate told the crowd he found Jesus innocent. The chief Priests insisted Jesus must die, as He said He was the Son of God. Pilate went back to Jesus, who said Pilate would have no power over Him if God had not allowed it. Pilate wanted to release Jesus but feared that he might suffer politically if he did. Jesus was crucified at Golgotha, the sign over Him said ‘Jesus of Nazareth, King of the Jews’ which upset the Chief Priests. The soldiers cast lots for Jesus’ clothes. Jesus gave His mother into John’s care. Knowing His Work on earth was accomplished Jesus said ‘it is finished’ and died. Because it was Preparation for Passover day soldiers broke the legs of the two crucified with Jesus to hasten death, but as Jesus was already dead stuck a spear in His side, releasing blood and water. Joseph of Arimathea, a formerly secret disciple, buried Jesus’ body in a new tomb and Nicodemus took 75-100lbs of myrrh and aloes and wrapped His body in long strips of cloth as was customary.

Application? – Do I fully realise what Jesus suffered to give me the opportunity to have Eternal Life?(Matt. 27; Mark 14:10-15:47; Luke 23) Have I accepted His offer? Is Jesus my King? Do I instantly obey Him in every detail of my life? Do I keep what Jesus owns intact? Am I more concerned about the welfare of those who love me than my own pain? Will I complete the Work God has given me to do?

Jun 8th 2010, 05:57 PM
John 20

What does the text say? – Very early on the first day of the week(Sunday), Mary Magdalene found the tomb open, so went and told Peter and John, who ran there and found the linen strips that had bound Jesus’ body separate from the neatly folded cloth that had been round His head. Then John believed Jesus had risen from the dead as He’d forecast. After they’d gone home Jesus appeared to Mary who was weeping outside the tomb, He told her to say to His brethren “I am ascending to My Father and your Father, to My God and your God.” That same evening Jesus entered the locked room where His disciples were gathered and said “Peace be with you” . . “As the Father sent Me I also send you” and breathed on them and said “receive the Holy Spirit if you forgive anyone’s Sins they are Forgiven, if you retain the Sins of anyone they are retained”. Thomas was not there and said he would require proof before he believed. 8 days later Jesus appeared again, behind locked doors, and offered Thomas the proof he’d thought he needed. Thomas acknowledged Jesus his Lord and God. Jesus said “Blessed are those who have not seen, yet have believed”. These things were written so folk may go on believing Jesus is the Son of God and so go on Living in His Name.

Application? – Jesus will reveal Himself to me wherever I happen to be if I am open to Him and if His Father is my Father and His God is my God. Do I tell others that Jesus is Alive? Do I offer His Peace to others? I received Jesus’ Breath when I first acknowledged Jesus my Lord and my God (a small initial impartation replacing the Breath of God [Gen.2:7] lost by Adam’s disobedience?) Have I forgiven all those who have hurt me? If I truly trust Jesus I am Blessed by Him. If I go on believing/trusting Jesus I will go on having Life in His Name.

Jun 9th 2010, 05:14 PM
John 21

What does the text say? – Later, seven of Jesus’ disciples went fishing on the Sea of Galilee, but caught nothing all night. As they were not far from shore, a man on the shore told them to cast the net on the other side of the boat – they did, and caught 153 large fish. John told Simon Peter it must be the Lord Jesus. Peter got out of the boat to get to Jesus as quickly as possible, leaving the others to bring the boat and fish to the shore. Jesus was cooking fish, and told them to bring some of the fish they had caught. The net was not broken even though there was a large catch. Jesus distributed cooked fish and bread for His disciple’s breakfast. Then Jesus asked Simon 3 times if he loved (agape)Him, Simon said he did love (philio)Jesus, He said ‘feed My lambs’. Jesus asked again and got the same reply. The third time Jesus asked if Peter loved Him He used ‘philio’(brotherly love). Jesus forecast how Peter would die and said “Follow Me”. Peter asked if that applied to John too, Jesus replied that what happened to John was nothing to do with Peter.

Application? – Do I sometimes feel discouraged and do some secular activity that I think I’m good at to cheer myself up? Do I need to ask the Lord’s Help in even those things? Am I aware that Jesus’ Ability in every field is far superior to mine? Jesus will use what is gained when I follow His Advise. I will always meet Jesus in unexpected situations. Do I like Jesus? Love Him as my brother? Or love Him sacrificially as my Lord? Will I follow Jesus no matter what pain may be the result?

Quote:- (Henry H. Halley) “Was Jesus twitting Peter for his three-fold denial? Or was He gently chiding him for returning to the fishing business? ‘Lovest thou Me?’ Jesus uses ‘agapan’ Peter uses ‘philio’ – two Greek words for ‘love’. Agape expresses a higher type of devotion, Peter refuses to use it. The third time Jesus comes down to Peter’s word . . . The idea seems to be ‘Peter do you love Me more than this fishing business? Then you’d better be giving your time to the care of My flock; to my business rather than yours.”