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May 27th 2010, 05:51 PM
First, I started my faith walk in the summer of 1994, when I was 32, and fresh out of college. In short it started with a couple of evangelists knocking on my front door to share the gospel, like a few had tried before in college. I figured this time I would just tell them what the wanted to hear and they would leave. They discussed my salvation with me and lead me through the sinner's prayer. And then they left, just like I had planned. Little did I know, God takes things a little more serious than I did. A few weeks later I had a dream that shocked me to my core.

At the time I was a science junky. My faith consisted of thinking that people were merely machines responding to their environment. Yep, I'm an engineer. My relationships with family were not the best. My Mom was, and still is, very manipulative. One night I was dreaming that I was in a college professor's office telling him about the problems I was having with my mom. It seemed to go on a long time. The whole time my professor did not seem to be really paying much attention to what I was saying (kind of like when we pray, God doesn't always seem to be listening). He just kept typing on his computer while I talked about my mom. When I finished talking he turned to me and looked me dead in the face and said, "People are not machines! They require forgiveness!" Then I woke up wondering where THAT came from. Since then It's been a great walk with a few hard learning experiences. A pastor in the late 90's helped guide me some with my relationships.

I still enjoy science, but it is no longer a religion for me. Jesus is the God of relationships and a Master of forgiveness!

Jun 1st 2010, 02:16 AM
Great testimony! Sometimes, we forget that God is all about relationships. Thanks for the reminder.