View Full Version : Prayer for health!

Aug 16th 2010, 03:39 AM
I've been battling severe stomach pains and other things for the past 3-4 weeks. Tests have been done, medication given, yet the pain is still there and getting worse. Complete and total loss of appetite has occured and weakness. I go in for an appointment with another doctor tomorrow afternoon, so I'm praying I'll at least get some kind of answers. I'm 24 and have always been in pretty good health, so this whole thing is very scary and I don't even know what it feels like to feel normal anymore. Please pray for whatever is going on in this body, patience, and strength. Thanks <3

Aug 16th 2010, 03:51 AM
Yes, certainly bringing you before the Lord right now, asking for a clear diagnosis to these stomach pains and a full resolution. Praying for relief from immediate pain and for the rest you will be needing, and lifting tomorrow's appointment up to the Lord.

Looking for complete and lasting deliverance from this worrisome malady.

Aug 16th 2010, 07:45 AM
Prayers of healing and peace of mind sent for you....

Aug 16th 2010, 05:32 PM
Praying that you receive an accurate diagnosis, and given discernment to know if the course of action recomended by the doctor is right for you.

Aug 16th 2010, 08:02 PM
Praying that the Lord grants wisdom to the doctors and healing and peace for you LT.