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Feb 2nd 2011, 05:18 PM

Quote (Rev.David Pawson) “In Paul’s day Philippi was a large and prosperous city due to it’s location on a major east-west route called the Ignatian Way. Gold and silver deposits nearby added to it’s wealth. In the early 1990s an archeologist found a tomb in Philippi full of golden treasures – a find 2nd only to Tutankhamen’s tomb in Egypt. It was the tomb of Philip, the king of Macedonia (northern part of Greece) after whom the city was built, his more famous son was Alexander the Great . . . Philippi’s location meant it was . . . a gateway to Europe.

Philippians 1
What does the text say? – Paul gave thanks for all the Christians in Philippi, his partakers in spreading the Good News of Christ, and expressing his certainty that the Lord would complete the Work He began in them. Paul prayed that their love for Christ would result in greater knowledge of Him and discernment so they would live pure and blameless lives, filled with the righteousness that flows from Salvation. Paul said everything that had happened to him in prison had helped to spread the Gospel and he was more concerned that Christ was preached than the motives of the preachers. Paul’s desire was to die and be with Christ, but because he knew that if he lived he’d be able to do more work for Christ he was torn between the two desires, and was convinced he would live to help them grow and experience the Joy of their faith. Paul asked that their conduct would be worthy of Christians, so that all he heard of them would indicate their partnership with him; they must not be intimidated by their enemies for they had been given the privilege not only of trusting in Christ but of suffering for Him too.

Application? – Do I pray for all those I know of, who have been converted to Christ, or are growing in the knowledge of Him, through me? Is my love for Christ, and knowledge of Him, increasing? Do I keep discerning His Will more fully? Is my life filled with the Fruit of righteousness? Do I realise that ill-treatment of Christians (including me) can result in a greater spread of the Gospel? Do I tell others the Good News of Jesus Christ from selfish ambition or sincerity? Is the reason I am here on earth to tell others of Jesus Christ and help them to know Him better? Does all my conduct bring Glory or dis-honour to Christ? Do I join with other Christians to make the Good News of Christ more widely known?

Quote (David Pawson) “. . . there is a difference between being ‘eager to be with the Lord, but willing to stay’ and ‘willing to go to be with the Lord, but eager to stay.”

Feb 3rd 2011, 04:39 PM
Philippians 2
What does the text say? – Paul said if his readers received any encouragement, comfort, love or fellowship in the Spirit from belonging to Christ, and if their hearts are tender and compassionate, he wants them to love one another, agree with each other, not be selfish, not to try to impress others, but to be humble, to consider the interests of others, to have the attitude of Christ Jesus, who gave up His Divine privileges to be born as a human and died a criminal’s death before God raised Him to the place of highest honour, so that everyone would honour His Name, and so Glorify God by declaring that Jesus is Lord. Paul’s readers must work out their own Salvation by obeying God, who is working in them, with reverence and fear. All things must be done without complaining or arguing, so that no one can criticize, and they must live clean, innocent lives so they will shine like bright lights among crooked and perverse people; and hold fast to the Word of Life, then on the day Christ returns Paul’s will know that his work was not in vain. Paul hoped he would be able to send Timothy to them soon, as he genuinely cared for them; in the meantime he was sending Epaphroditus back following his illness, when because of his work for Christ serving Paul he came close to death, and asking them to hold such people in high esteem.

Application? – As I have received encouragement, comfort and fellowship as a Christian I must not do anything through selfish ambition or conceit but humbly, not thinking only of my own interests. Do I confess that Jesus Christ is my Lord? Does the way I live demonstrate my obedience and reverence for God and Glorify Him? Am I using the Power God has given me to please Him, knowing He will not be pleased if I complain, argue or criticize? If I live an innocent, clean life I will shine for Christ in this world of crooked and perverse people? (that contrast will upset some folk!). Do I genuinely care about people in other places? Do I serve Christ by serving others in ‘ordinary’ ways? Do I esteem those who do ‘ordinary’ things for Christ? (eg. clean the meeting place or replace the loo rolls)
Quote: (David Pawson) “ Paul’s prayers did not lead to his (Epaphroditus) healing. . . Healings in the New Testament are usually associated with evangelism and not with healing Christians. A number of Paul’s associates had physical problems that were not healed. . . the healing ministry in the New Testament was not to keep Christians fit but to demonstrate the Gospel in evangelism.”

Feb 4th 2011, 05:27 PM
Philippians 3

What does the text say? – Paul said we must rejoice in the Lord, whatever happens, to safeguard our faith in Him. Beware of those who say you must be circumcised to be Saved. Those who worship God by His Spirit, are relying on what Christ has done, and put no confidence in human effort are truly circumcised. Paul has more reason to boast than others as he was circumcised at 8 days, a Benjamanite, a Pharisee, so zealous that he persecuted the Church, blameless according to the Law – all things that he considered valuable before Christ came, but now considered worthless. Because of what Christ has done Paul considers everything is worthless compared with the infinite value of knowing Him as Lord. Paul no longer counts on his own righteousness through obeying the Law, rather he became righteous through his faith in Christ, not that he had already attained that righteousness that leads to the resurrection from the dead, but he pressed on to posses the Salvation for which Christ Jesus possessed him. Paul was pressing on to the end of the race and to receive the prize for which God, through Christ, has called us. There are many (Christians) whose conduct shows they are really enemies of Christ and heading for destruction, because they do shameful things and think only about life on the earth; but the citizens of Heaven are eagerly waiting for Jesus Christ to return as their Saviour. Then He will transform our mortal bodies to conform with His glorious body, using the same Power that will bring everything under His control.

Application? - I am wrong to think I am a Christian because I have been through a ceremony – whatever it may have been. I am only a Christian when I for me. I am only righteous through faith in Christ, although I have not already achieved that perfection. Do I continue trusting Christ for Salvation and living to please worship God, by His spirit, relying on what Jesus Christ has done on the Cross Him so that I hold onto the progress I have already made? Does my conduct show that I belong to Christ, or that I belong to His Enemy and am heading for destruction? Am I eagerly waiting for Jesus Christ to return to earth, bringing everything under His control?

Feb 5th 2011, 01:24 PM
Philippians 4

What does the text say? – Paul urged the church to stay true to the Lord. He appealed to Euodia and and Syntche, who had worked hard with him, to share the Good News with those whose names are in the Book of Life, to get over their disagreement - and asks others to help them. Paul said his readers must rejoice always; and should ensure they are known for their consideration of others, remembering that the Lord is coming soon. Do not worry about anything and pray about everything, telling God what you need, and thanking Him for all He has done. Because you trust Jesus Christ you will experience God’s Power to do His Will. Think only about things that are honourable, just, pure, lovely and admirable, excellent and worthy of praise, putting into practice everything learned from him, then the God of Power will be with you. Paul said he’d learned to be content with whatever he had, whether it was almost nothing or plenty, knowing he could do anything through Christ who gives His Strength. However he was grateful for help when in difficulty. The Philippians were the only ones to give him financial help when he travelled from Macedonia, he says they will receive a reward for their kindness. At that time he had all he needed, and knew the Lord would supply all they needed from His riches, which are given through Christ Jesus, for which God will always receive glory.

Application? – Do I make every effort not to argue about trivialities? ? Do I rejoice in remembering that Jesus is my Saviour whatever situation I’m in? Am I guided by the Peace of God or do I rush ahead doing what I think is best without waiting for His Guidance ? Am I sure my name is in God’s Book of Life? Do I confine my thoughts and actions to wholesome things? Do I express my appreciation when others demonstrate their care for me? Have I learned to be content in any financial or physical situation? Do I really believe Christ will enable me to accomplish all He requires of me, and act in that belief? I am Blessed when I give to those in need. God will supply all I need (not necessarily what I want) to Glorify Christ.

Quote(David Pawson) – “ . . . the major thrust in the letter is not what the Lord does in the believer but what the believer needs to do in response. Many of the promises of the letter are conditional, and it is clear that we must play our part. Of all the letters it (Philippians) gives the clearest insight into the level of partnership that Paul’s ministry generated – a partnership that . . . was to sustain Paul himself in his hour of need.”