View Full Version : Reference material?

Mar 5th 2011, 01:40 AM
Is there a section for reference material? I was wondering about picking up a good book(s) about history. Mainly the acient Jewish, times of Jesus, Temple facts, King David and King Saul historical descriptions. I think it would help out alot with Bible study to be a ble to reference in the old Jewish tradition and practices. Learn about the Temple(s). Learn about Roman occupation. Just history of the Bible ,but in great detail. Any ideas?

Mar 5th 2011, 04:55 AM
For Christmas I gave my girlfriend a doorstop of a book entitled Christianity: the First Three Thousand Years. It obviously goes into post-New-Testament history as well but also, from what I've seen of it, has good accounts of the Judaic origins of Christianity and of the development of the new religion itself. It seems to be quite well-regarded (it just came out last year) and very scholarly and thorough. I'm looking forward to reading it myself, which is part of the reason I gave it to her.