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Mar 18th 2011, 03:44 PM
As you probably know I have run a website for a few years now. This week I have added a guest page. Would you be interested in writing a post or article for me, I will say. There are lot's of people as you Know, who are interested in stories that include Jesus. I will be writing to all my friend's to see what they think?
This has reminded me of a time when I was a Deacon, and one of the great lesson's I learnt was not to try to do everything on your own. On a Wednesday every week I would have a meeting in the basement of a large building, were one of the member's of the main Church lived. There was about 20 people who would attended, to be honest I was out of my depth, I couldn't or didn't have the ability to speak a message to them as was expected of me. There were member's of the main Church who offered to come and speak or take over the leader ship, but I turned them down and relied on people in the small group to give a message.There was one point at this time, when I had led the meeting a visitor had asked to speak at a future date and I heard these word's " you want the best for your people" and guess what I didn't ask him. I think he was very disappointed, I found out later.
There was one particular person in the group who was trying to take over, who had come from an aggressive group of people from outside the Church. I believe the Pastor of the main Church new about the person, and he said to me the Lord was going to do something spectacular about the person causing aggro. At this point I bottled out, also I was told the covering of the Church was to be withdrawn because of this person, and asked the question do you want to carry on?
There was an older person in the group who took over the lead in giving us a message each week. And eventually he closed the group because the member's decreased to three of us. The group started in our own house and closed in our house.
There was something that happened in the middle of all this and perhaps I shouldn't say? when we were running the meeting in our house the whole of the Church seemed to be attending, whether there was a jealousy on the Pastor's part? the people from the next village who attended were not allowed to attend the meeting.Our house was full to the rafter's so to speak it was so wonderful, you know what sticks out in my memory is the chief Elders face smiling away by our book-case, standing above everyone.
The Elder, Alan went on to Canada to christians there were he died in a tragic accident on a four-wheel motorbike, the Lord must have wanted him home. There is alway's someone wiser in the Lord than our selves, they could probably see I was struggling with the meetings, so it wasn't the Pastor's jealously but rather the Lord's Wisdom. Alan:)

Mar 20th 2011, 09:13 AM
I would have liked to change the Title of this post to, keep walking..... Yesterday I met a friend while visiting Llandudno, he was sitting waiting for his Wife to pick him up from the main high street. At first I didn’t see him till he called out to say hello. I greeted him and asked why he was using crutches, his hip had collapsed due to his arthritic condition. He said to me keep walking Alan, and didn’t elaborate on it further. Late last night it suddenly came to me, that’s the title of this week’s post, I would have got up then and there to alter it, but I didn’t want to wake the Missus. Alan:)

Mar 20th 2011, 09:49 AM
Hello Amencorner,

I am sure that there will be those willing and able to take part.

God bless you!